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Published on March 25, 2010

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Slide 1: PRSENTED BY: PRIYANKA GOEL DECISION MAKING PROCESS PRIYANKA GOEL CONTENT: : CONTENT: -What is decision -Decision making process PRIYANKA GOEL DECISION : DECISION Choices among two or more alternatives PRIYANKA GOEL -in an organization all members together take decision. : -in an organization all members together take decision. PRIYANKA GOEL “Decision making” : “Decision making” Definition: The process of examining your possibilities options, comparing them, and choosing a course of action. PRIYANKA GOEL Six C of Decision Making : Six C of Decision Making 1. Construct. 2. Compile. 3. Collect. 4. Compare. 5. Consider. 6. Commit. PRIYANKA GOEL Slide 7: Decision making is a key role for any manager or leader. Surprisingly many people struggle when it comes to taking decisions. This might be due to: • Fear of failure • Lack of a structured approach • Lack of clarity PRIYANKA GOEL EIGHT STEPS DECISION MAKING PROCESS : EIGHT STEPS DECISION MAKING PROCESS PRIYANKA GOEL Slide 9: Identification of a problem Identification of decision criteria Allocation of Weights to criteria Development of alternatives Selection of alternatives Implementation of the alternative Evaluation of decision effectiveness Analysis of alternatives PRIYANKA GOEL . : . Eight-step process Step 1 - Identifying a Problem: what the problem is that you need to take a decision on. Step 2 - Identifying Decision Criteria: what is required in making a decision DECISION MAKING PROCESS PRIYANKA GOEL Slide 11: Step 3 - Allocating Weights to the criteria weight the criteria to give them appropriate priority in the decision DECISION MAKING PROCESS PRIYANKA GOEL DECISION MAKING PROCESS : DECISION MAKING PROCESS Step 4 – Developing Alternatives the improve alternatives that could resolve the problem. PRIYANKA GOEL Slide 13: Step 5 – Analyzing alternatives -each alternative is evaluated against the criteria Step 6 -Selecting an alternative -choosing the best alternative from among those select DECISION MAKING PROCESS PRIYANKA GOEL Slide 14:  DECISION MAKING PROCESS Step 7 – Implementing the Alternative conveying the decision to those affected by it and getting their commitment to it PRIYANKA GOEL DECISION MAKING PROCESS : DECISION MAKING PROCESS Step 8 - Evaluating Decision Effectiveness determine whether the problem is resolved decision may fail if it is not implemented properly PRIYANKA GOEL Thank you26.11.2009 : Thank you26.11.2009 Have a nice day. PRIYANKA GOEL

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