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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: nmanleyy1


My decision (Genre) The chosen genre of my magazine is going to be rock. This decision is mainly based on my previous research as I have looked at a lot of rock magazines. Rock will also be very fun to play around with and design a magazine for. The design and the photo shoots will be easy to do as rock has a unique and individual look, which is simple to re-create. Rock was not the most popular genre in my questionnaire however came a close third. I asked the question ‘What would you like to see in a music magazine?’ in my questionnaire and the most popular answer was ‘Upcoming events’. I have researched upcoming events in the music genre rock and found that they are very easy to come by which will be handy when including them in my magazine. There are many rock magazines about meaning mine will have to try and live up to many great ones, but on the other side this means I have lots of inspiration and examples to base my new magazine on.

My decision (Research for decision) The questionnaire I carried out previously will help me out when it comes to what to include in my magazine. It also helped me narrow down exactly what genre I thought would be best to do. Question 3 ‘What are your most preferred music genres?’ did not show me that Rock was favourite. However the following question still made me decide Rock was my best choice. The information most preferred to be seen inside the magazine was chosen to be upcoming events. These are easy to find when they are Rock events therefore it made sense that it would be easy to find information for my magazine if rock was the genre. When asked ‘How many concerts have you attended?’, the most popular digits were 6-8 which was an incredibly large number. I predicted that the people seeing this many concerts would most probably be rock lovers as they previously play gigs and concerts. Overall, I thought that a rock magazine would be the best to do based on all of my research.

My decision (Target audience) My magazine will be based on an audience of both male and females, roughly between the ages of 16-30. The audience is quite a wide selection, this is because the magazine does not target specific ages only, but anyone interested in rock music. Rock magazines have a unique and individual style, much like the audience it is aimed at. This means that the style of my magazine has to be different and must stand out from the rest, as this is the only way my magazine will become known.

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