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Published on February 13, 2014

Author: HiraPrasad



An example of Integration of Technolog

DECIMALS NAME Aman Desai Vikram Vijay Jimmy Khanna Dev Khubani Raghav Bhalotia

Hi friends! I am SHEROO, I am here to guide you in the journey to the world of ‘DECIMALS’. So guys fasten your seat belts ,READY… STEADY… GO.

Hey kids!Come on this school bus.It will only cost you RS 5.09 and you will reach your school in 20.05 minutes.

Hi friends!!!I am CATTY,i love reading books.In a day i read for 1.30 hours.Start reading books to gain more intelligence and learn new words.

Hi ,I am JOLLY and this is my friend LILLY.JOLLY is too fat and her weight is 40.09 kg and whenever she steps on a weighing machine , it brakes.

This is my favourite dog,JIMMY and he loves to walk everyday.He walks 3.06 km in a day.

I am JOCKEY and I like to drink lots of milk.In a day I drink 2.56 lts. of milk.This gives me lots of strength and energy.HA-HA-HA.

So bye friends, meet you next time. HAPPY PUJAS

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