Decalogue for reducing water pollution

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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: mbio


DECALOGUE FOR REDUCING WATER POLLUTION (Music) Hi, good morning. For all of you, HidroMuxía radio programme. We have Sandra Duarte controlling the sound and this is Darío Lago speaking! (Music) You have just listened to the song “O son do ar”, by Luar na Lubre, brilliantly played by the first of ESO students Adriana, Alberto, Darío, Martín, Raúl and Rodrigo. (Music) Did you know that 25 million people die every year in the world from drinking polluted water? Did you know that almost half the world’s population lacks safe drinking water? Did you know that every year 443 million children don’t go to school due to problems caused by water pollution? Today we are presenting our tips to reduce water pollution: 1. It is important to take used batteries to a proper recycling container. 2. You should take used cooking oil to your nearest recycling bin. 3. Don’t throw medicines into the trash bin. 4. Paints and solvents must not be poured down the drain. 5. You should use just the required amount of detergent and dishwasher. (Music) Here there are 5 more tips: 6. It is always better to use organic fertilizer in the garden. 7. Try not to throw wipes, sanitary towels or tampons in the toilet. 8. Try to use natural products against pests. 9. After washing spray devices, pour the water down the specific drain. 10. Tell people about these useful tips and put them into practice. It is important to look after water! (Music) Take into account that… -Only one battery in nature pollutes 167 litres of water. -Each litre of used cooking oil that we pour down the drain pollutes 1000 litres of water and, just in Spain, we throw away 350 million litres of used oil a year. (Music) And here, at HidroMuxía, we look after water every day! We close this programme with The Earth Song, by Michael Jackson.

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