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Published on January 14, 2009

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Slide 1: 1 However, with the holidays comes the responsibility to each other. Drinking and driving, suicide awareness, electrical safety and much more. This is the time to ensure we watch out for your fellow neighbor, friend and shipmate. This is the time to cherish life and special moments with each other. Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday season My office accepts charitable donation drop offs for local support organizations. Please speak with Rieko Fujita at 242-4101 if you would like to make a donation. Hope to see you at the UPCOMING EVENTS! Lieutenant Commander R. E. de las Alas NEGISHI COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER HTTP://WWW.CFAY.NAVY.MIL -> Negishi DEC 2008 UPCOMING EVENTS 01 Dec – Tree Lighting Ceremony 6-7 Dec – Negishi Community Bazaar 10 Dec – Negishi Housing Holiday Light Contest 16 Dec – Christmas Party at Kotobuki Child Care Ctr 17 Dec – Christmas Party at Kawasaki Aijien Orphanage For information on how/where to participate in Community Relations Events, please contact Rieko Fujita at 242-4101 / email: AWARNESS NOTES -Taxi Services- Taxi service on base is available by the following company. Kanagawa Kojin Taxi: 045- 755-2111 -Speed- Please note posted driving speed. Tickets will be issued and violators may lose driving privilages. Remember to drive safe, watch for pedestrians, and don’t Drink and Drive. Navy College Survey Please take time to fill out the Navy College Survey attached to this newsletter. The information you provide will better help you and community for future educational goals and needs. NEWSLETTER CONTENTS 1 OIC’s Corner Upcoming Events Awareness Notes 2 Negishi Current Events and Activities 3 Yokohama (off base) Events and Activities What’s Going on Yokosuka Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society 4-5 Housing Office 6 Negishi CDC 7-8 Negishi MWR 9 Fitness Center All Hand’s Club 10 Post Office NAVFAC Environmental Chapel of the Rising Sun Welcome to Negishi – new residents 11 Byrd E.S. 12 New! Home to Work bus schedule Japanese Culture and Tradition 13 Yokohama Cuisine Corner 14 Celebrating the Month that Was-NOV OIC’s Corner Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. The Year is coming to its’ close. It is time to celebrate and enjoy. The community has done great things. From welcoming the GEORGE WASHINGTON to multiple charity events, the Negishi Community has every reason to be proud and joyful for the year. Slide 2: 2 Negishi Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Date &Time: 1 Dec (Mon) 1600-1700 Location: Flag pole side, out side of Negishi Community Center (19045) CDC children choir singing, Santa Clause, refreshments may be served Negishi Housing Holiday Lights Contest Judges come around the Negishi Housing and pick the places for winners. Lights must be turned on at 1730. Date &Time: Dec 10 (Wed) 1730- NEGISHI & YOKOHAMA CURRENT EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES Christmas Party at Kotobuki Child Care Center OIC office and volunteers visit the child care center and enjoy the craft and play with children (age 2 to 5, total about 60). We are going to provide cookies, hot coco, and small Christmas gift for each children. Looking for volunteers who love to play with children. Please sign up for volunteer at OIC office (Ph: 242-4101, email: Date: Dec 16(Tue) 1000-1130 (Leave Negishi 0930 – Come back Negishi 1200) Location: Kotobuki Child Care Center (about 15min drive from Negishi Base) Christmas Party at Kawasaki Aijien Orphanage OIC office, Byrd School and USMC work together and collect toys for orphans in Kawasaki Aijien Orphanage. We will deliver Christmas toy/gift and hand out to each children. Date&Time: Dec 17 (Wed) 1430-1600 Negishi Community Bazaar Perfect timing to find out Christmas gift for your family members or loving one. We will have Asian furniture, Pottery, Kimono, Wooden Toys, Jewelries, paintings and more! Date: 6 and 7 Dec Time: 6 (Sat) 0900-1700 7 (Sun) 1000-1700 Location: Negishi Gym Take Snapshots with the Animals! In this special event at the Kanazawa Zoo, you may take photos with the animals such as elephants and giraffes—a great Christmas or New Year’s card!Date&Time: Dec 6 (Sat) Time is undecided; will be postponed to Sunday in case of rain. Location: Kanazawa Zoo (On weekends, take a bus going to the Zoo from Kanazawa Bunko Stn of Keikyu Line.)Fee: Free (Admission is necessary for entering the Zoo.)To Apply: Please go directly to the Zoo. Inquiries: (045) 783-9101 (*J) One-Day Pass for the Municipal Bus Why not make use of the new system? This pass allows unlimited usage of the Municipal Bus in the Honmoku area on the 26 & 54 routes, from 10:00 to 16:00 everyday. It also offers discounts at some area restaurants and other facilities.Unlimited usage section:Yamashita park- Honmoku Shako or - Shinboru Tawa, Negishi Nanamagarishita - Honmoku Shako, or - D Tottei IriguchiDate: You may ask for them from your local bus driver or at pass centers at the Yokohama Stn East Exit or Kannai Stn.Fee: \210 for adults, \110 for childrenInquiries: (045)671-3210 (*J) Events at Hodogaya International Exchange Center Cross-Cultural Exchange (Introducing Japanese Culture)Date&Time: Nov 30 (Sun)10:00-13:00Location: Hodogaya International Exchange Center (3 min walk from Tenno-cho Stn of Sotetsu Line)Inquiries: (045)337-0012 Slide 3: 3 YOKOHAMA CURRENT EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES Experience Traditional Japanese Culture! Spend an afternoon listening to music composed for the classical Japanese harp, the koto, and stay afterwards to participate in a traditional tea ceremonyDate&Time: Dec 4 (Thurs) 13:00-15:00Fee: \300Limit: 30 non-Japanese people, first come, first servedLocation: Konan International Lounge (Yumeooka Office Tower 13F Kamiooka Stn of Keikyu or the Municipal Subway)How to Apply: Application starts from Nov 11 (Tue). Please phone, fax, e-mail or come to the Lounge to apply.Inquiries and Applications: Tel: (045) 848-0990Fax: (045) 848-3669 Winter Holiday Mini-Cruise for Families Take a marine cruise aboard the “Hamadori” in the Port of Yokohama.Limit: 100 people each time *Chosen by lotteryEligibility: Families with children. * Up to 5 per groupDate&Time: Dec. 25(Thu) and Dec. 26(Fri) ?10:30~11:30 ?13:30~14:30 ?15:00~16:00 *3cruises per day, 6 cruises in total *Cancelled in case of inclement weather.Boarding Place: Osanbashi Pier (5min walk from Nihon-Odori Stn of Minatomirai Line)Fee: FreeTo Apply: Send RPP (E, day and time you would like to attend (up till 2ndchoice),N and G of allparticipants(up to 5 people),A,N,T of the representative) to ?231-0002 Naka-ku, Kaigandori 1-1, Osanbashi Futo Bldg. 2F, Port of Yokohama Promotion Association *Entries must be received by Dec. 1. Lottery winners will be notified around Dec.5Inquiries: (045)671-7241(*J) What’s Going on in YOKOSUKA YOKOSUKA 1CHIBAN - A website aimed at helping the foreign residents in the area get information in English about many of the restaurants stores, hotels, and other places of interest in Yokosuka. This website is a result of the combined efforts made by Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Yokosuka city, and CFAY. Restaurants and stores with the stickers (see left) at the entrance represent their welcome to foreigners SPOUSE TUITION AID PROGRAM - STAP The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society offers a needs-based Grand program to assist Navy Spouses achieve their education. STAP offers grants of up to 50% of the tuition with a maximum of $350 for undergraduate and $400 for graduate per term. ($1750 and $2000 respectively per academic year) For more information on STAP, call NMCRS Yokosuka 243-7905/4450. Call today to find out which schools are accepted and how to apply. Enjoy Ice skating! Seasonal ice skate rink will be open by the Red Brick Warehouse. Open: 6 Dec 2008 (Sat) – Close: 15 Feb 2009 (Sun) ?Weekday?13:00~22:00/?Sat/Sun/JN Holiday?11:00~22:00?Dec 24 (Wed) 11:00~24:00 / Dec 31(Wed) 11:00~29:00 / Jan 1,2,3 - 11:00-22:00 Shin-Yokohama Performance 2008 Join us for this exciting event featuring food booths, a big flea market, live entertainment and much more!Date&Time: Nov. 29(Sat) and Nov. 30 (Sun), 10:00-20:00 Location: Nissan Stadium (13min walk from Shin-Yokohama Stn), the Brick St, Arena St., and the Square in front of Shin- Yokohama Stn.Fee: FreeTo Apply: Please go directly to the siteInquiries: (045)476-0747(*J) Slide 4: 4 NEGISHI HOUSING OFFICE HOUSING SHED #21031 Live tree Disposal site. The site is located next to the Housing Shed, bldg.#21031, behind the Negishi Housing Site Office. DISPOSAL OF CHRISTMAS TREES Off Base All Areas: Japanese trash disposal policy states that all types of tree branches and limbs need to be cut and tied (bundled) together in a group no longer than 20 inches long and a circumference no bigger than 8 inches. Christmas tree branches and limbs can be disposed of on the designated “Burnable Trash” pick up day for your neighborhood, if they are cut and bundled correctly! A special exception to the prohibition of disposing off-base trash on base is being granted for X’Mas trees only and they may be disposed on base by: Yokosuka: Placing them inside the Yokosuka Housing Self-Help Center’s dumpster. Ikego: Dropping them off in an SRF Storage Area which is directly after taking a right-hand turn past the portable toilet. Negishi: Dropping them off next to the Housing Shed, Bldg#21031, which is behind the Negishi Housing Site Office. On Base: Yokosuka: If you live in a high-rise unit, place the tree in your dumpster’s enclosure area – trees not placed INSIDE the enclosed area WILL NOT be picked up – sorry it’s a contract thing. Townhouse residents may set the tree next to their burnable trash container. Ikego: If you live in a high-rise unit, place the tree in your dumpster’s enclosure area – trees not placed INSIDE the enclosed area WILL NOT be picked up – sorry it’s a contract thing. Townhouse residents may set the tree next to their burnable trash container. Negishi: Set tree next to the roadside trash containers and dispose as bulk item. LIVE CHRISTMAS TREE DISPOSAL AT NEGISHI WIC – WOMEN INFANT AND CHILDREN is here to help you !!! WIC is available to: Members of the military and their family members who are stationed overseas DoD Civilian employees DoD Contractors Eligible: Pregnant women Post-partum / nursing moms Infants Children under the age of 5 Located in the Negishi Clinic Contact us: Tuesdays & Thursdays Phone no: 242-4849(base) 045-281-4849 (off base) WIC Program offers: Nutritious food Nutrition counseling Breastfeeding support Breastfeeding classes-Com. center Referrals to other health programs Slide 5: 5 NEGISHI HOUSING OFFICE Holiday Limited Service Services provided at the Yokosuka, Ikego, and Negishi Housing Offices, Warehouse and Self Help will be limited from 29 December 2008 to 2 January 2009, so please plan accordingly. Normal office operations will resume on 4 January 2009. Happy Holidays From your Housing Staff ? Simple tips for Candles Safety: Trim the Wick Trimming the wick to about 1/4 inches prior to each use will help the flame burn and produce less smoke. Use heat resistant surface Be especially careful with night lights and tea lights, which get hot enough to melt plastic. TVs are not fire-resistant objects. Use a proper holder Candles must be held firmly and upright, use a holder that is stable to keep candles from falling. Keep from flammable objects Do not place candles near curtains or other fabrics - or furniture. And keep away from drafts. Check what is above Heat may travel upward, so be sure there is at least three feet between a candle and any surface above it. Keep away from clothes and hair Do not place candle where you may accidentally catch your clothes or your hair on fire. Keep children and pets away Candles should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Keep candles apart Place candles at least four inches apart while burning. Take extra precaution for votive and scented candles These type candles liquefy to release a fragrance and belong in a glass or metal holder. While candle is burning Extinguish before moving, before leaving the area, or go to sleep. Never leave a candle burning in a child’s room. Use a snuffer or a spoon to extinguish It's safer than blowing flame, which may send sparks and hot wax flying. Double-check the candle when extinguished Candles that have been put out may go on smoldering and start a fire. Make sure they're completely out. HOUSING QUIET HOURS Excessive disturbances and noise will not be tolerated at any time. Quiet Hours are as follows: 2200 – 0800 Sunday through Thursday 2400 – 0800 Friday & Saturday Happy Holidays Tis the season for holiday festivity and much excitement! The Christmas lighting and trimming add a festive and we encourage decorating your home for the season; however, please adhere to the following guidelines when decorating the exterior of your home during holidays and always use extreme caution: Never walk on or place anything on the roof or the second floor ledge including storage sheds. Do not use tape or insert nails, screws or other hardware into siding, trim or stucco of the house, gutters or eaves. Instead attach lights, using S-Clips or similar inexpensive, non-destructive clips. Use only outdoor rated lights and heavy duty certified exterior extension cords. Decorative holiday lights are authorized to be on from dusk to 2200 hours only. No decorations of any kind may be in the common ground areas where grounds maintenance is preformed. For high-rise apartments, exterior decorating is authorized only within the balcony areas. Holiday decorations may be put up no earlier than 30 days prior to the holiday and must be removed 15 days after the holiday. The Housing Office Staff wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!? Slide 6: 6 NEGISHI CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER 2009 Parent Participation Plan 16 January HAT DAY 17 January SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1700 to 2300 13 February VALENTINE DAY CELEBRATION 21 February SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1700 to 2300 3 March HINA MATSURI CELEBRATION (Doll’s Festival) 20 March NUTRITION DAY 21 March SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 3 April CHERRY BLOSSOM PICNIC IN THE PARK 18 April SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1700 to 2300 20-24 April SPRING FLING WEEK 5 May CINCO DE MAYO LUNCHEON 1100 8 May MOTHER’S DAY CELEBRATION 16 May SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1700 to 2300 5 June DAIRY DAY 19 June FATHER’S DAY CELEBRATION 20 June SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1700 to 2300 3 July BLUEBERRY DAY 18 July SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1700 to 2300 20 July UMI NO HI CELEBRATION (Ocean Day) 7 August CLOWN DAY 15 August SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1700 to 2300 4 September PIZZA AND PAJAMA DAY 19 September SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1700 to 2300 21 September KEIRO NO HI CELEBRATION (Respect for the Aged Day) 10 October SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1700 to 2300 12 October TAIIKU NO HI (Health and Sports Day) 27 October TEDDY BEAR DAY 21 November SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1700 to 2300 25 November FAMILY DAY THANKSGIVING LUNCHEON 1100 11 December POINSETTIA DAY 12 December SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL OPENING 1500 to 2300 Schedule is subject to change without notice. Our next Special Opening will be held on SATURDAY, 13 DECEMBER from 1500 to 2300. This extended hours Special Opening is being offered to give parents a little extra time to prepare for the holidays. Dinner will be served to all children present during the scheduled mealtime. Reservation and payment must be made prior to noon on Thursday, 11 December. Contact the CDC at 242-4316 for details or reservations. The Negishi Child Development Center currently has openings for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age for full time services. HOURLY CHILDCARE IS NOW AVAILABLE! Reservations for hourly care can be made up to two weeks in advance by calling the CDC at 242-4316. Cost is $ 3.00 per hour per child. Hourly care is offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of 0900 and 1500. Hourly childcare is available on a space available basis only. For emergency situations requiring childcare, please contact Sue Proctor at 242-4139 or at Negishi CDC wishes everyone a very SAFE and HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! Slide 7: 7 Library The Basics of Retirement Planning Wednesday, 3rd, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Employment Overview Wednesday, 3rd, 9:00 am - 10:30 am Sponsorship Training Wednesday, 3rd, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Getting Started Teaching English Wednesday, 3rd, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Kid’s Craft Class Friday, 5th, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm Welcome To Negishi Wednesday, 17th, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Negishi Community Activities 242-4120 Negishi Community Events, Activities Tree Lights Festival Monday, December 1st from 1600 to 1700 CDC kids sing, hot coco and coffee, cookie may be served. Holiday Lighting Contest Wednesday, December 10th (Lights must be turned on by 1730) Breakfast with Santa Sunday, December 21st from 0900 to 1200 Santa’s Home Visit Wednesday, December 24th from 1800 to 2100 Negishi Bowling Center 242-4123 Sundays Family ProgramEvery Sunday from 1600~1800 and 1815~2000Bring your family for bowling entertainment. Please give us a call for more information. Tuesday – Thursday from 1500 ~ 2100 Friday from 1500 ~ 2200 Saturday from 1200 ~ 2200 Sunday and Holiday from 1200 ~ 2000 Negishi Theater Movie Line 242-4126 Movie Schedule Visit: Volunteer Opportunity Activity: MWR Negishi, Community Activities Volunteer Job Title: December - Santa Claus  Volunteer Job Description: We're looking for a cheerful and welcoming person to be Santa Claus.  Children will come to talk about their wish lists and to take photos with Santa.  A Santa Claus suit will be provided. Qualifications of Volunteer: Cheerful and enjoys being with kids!  No inappropriate language and actions.  Sensitive to the needs of small children (if they cry etc...). Minimum Age:27 Negishi SAC 242-4131 The Yokosuka, Negishi and Ikego School Age Care (SAC) Centers offer a recreational program for children of working parents, from first thru sixth grades. Bowling, skating, field trips, arts & crafts and games are part of the fun. A contract and prepayment is required for a standing reservation. Daily care is available on a space available basis. Weekly fees are based on total family income for before and after school care. Details….  Location of Volunteer Job:   Negishi Housing Time Commitment requested:     2 - 3 hrs Number needed:     1 or 2      Day(s) Volunteer Is Needed:    Monday and Saturday Hours:   Mon., Dec. 1st, from 16:00 to 17:00 and Sat., Dec. 6th, from 08:00 to 10:00 Volunteer position is for:  Special Event – “Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony”, on December 1st, and “Breakfast with Santa”, on December 6th. Benefits you are provided:     Beverages and Snacks (and the Santa Suit!) Christmas Tree Lighting DEC 1 in Front of Community Center 1600 Slide 8: 8 Negishi Youth Sports 242-4121 Youth Indoor Cheerleading Registration Coming Soon! Registration is December 01 - January 16th, and is open to all youth ages 5-15. Practice will start the week of February 2nd, and they will cheer at the Youth Basketball games. $40 for the first child and $35 for every additional child. PAYS members receive a $5.00 discount per child. Youth Sports Mission Statement To provide safe, fun, positive and high quality recreational sporting activities for the dependents of active duty personnel, and DoD civilians associated with CFAY Japan. The Program is dedicated to promoting sportsmanship, the development of fundamental skills, teamwork, and the support of the athletic & recreational needs of the youth community. PAYS FREE T-Shirt for PAYS members!!! Parents Association for Youth Sports meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month at 1700 in the Yokosuka Youth Sports office. Please sign up in advance to attend. Learn everything you need to know about the Youth Sports Program and the role you play as a parent. One time attendance entitles you for registration discounts for Youth Sports activities and membership into the national organization. Cost is $5.00. If you are already a member, bring your card to any of the Youth Sports Offices and claim your FREE T-shirt. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Youth Sports is always looking for volunteers, if you are interested in helping out by being a coach, sports official, team parent or just helping set up, contact your local Youth Sports Office. Yokosuka Junior Seahawks Swim Team. Year-round Youth Swimming Yokosuka Junior Seahawk Swim Team is a special interest group for swimmer under 18 years of age. They are recruiting all children interested in competitive swimming. For more information please contact Jodie Bean at: <> *This is not an MWR sponsored activity. Fit 4 Fun (aka: Personal Conditioning & Training - PCT) Registration is from December 01 to January 09. Registration fee is $20 (which includes a work out shirt, and some great incentive prizes). This program is in effect to help participants between 12-18 years of age understand: * Strength and Conditioning- We will be using free weights and weight training machines to increase muscular strength and endurance while also concentrating on speed and agility. * Cardiovascular Improvement- We will be using machines, aerobics classes, and aquatic training to improve cardiovascular endurance. * Nutritional Information- It does not just take exercise to get in good physical condition; a good diet will help with training effectiveness and long-term health and athletic goals. * PCT will also concentrate on sport specific exercises in order to improve athletic performance. We will meet 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning Wednesday, January 12 through Friday, March 6 from 1500-1630. The location will be in the New Fitness Center. Parents meeting will be at the New Fitness Center, on Thursday, January 8th, at 1700. Isaiah M. Mincks, CYSA Youth Sports Director MWR Yokosuka, Japan 241-2950 2007 NAYS Excellence in Youth Sports Award Winners! "It is just as important to instill in children proper nutrition as it is to introduce them to proper exercise." Youth Floor Hockey Season Registration! Yes, that's right, our second annual Floor Hockey season! Registration ends December 12th. Program is for ages 7-15 years of age, and age groups will be 7-8, 9-11 and 12-15, co-ed teams (age groups could change slightly due to participation numbers). Practices start the week of December 15th, and games start on Saturday, January 3rd. Season ends in early February. $40 for the first child and $35 for every additional child. PAYS members receive a $5.00 discount per child. Youth Basketball Registration Coming Soon! Registration for youth Basketball will be December 01 - January 16. Practice begins the week of February 2nd, and games begin on February 14th. $40 for the first child and $35 for every additional child. PAYS members receive a $5.00 discount per child. Basketball Start Smart program is available for 3-4 years old, which introduces youth to the fundamentals of the game. Children 10 and below will play in co-ed league with teams within the CFAY command. Children 11-15 will play in an all male and a separate all female league with the Kanto Plain Association. (Includes Zama, Atsugi, and Yokota). Slide 9: 9 *Negishi Massage Services by Mayumi 120 Min 90Min 60Min 30Min Traditional Thai Massage $90 $70 $50 $30 Thai Foot Massage $45 Lymphatic Facial $40 Body Care Massage $45 Reflexology $45 Lymphatic $45 Back and Shoulder $50 Herbal Ball Massage $60 Herbal Ball (Option) $50 $30 Aromatherapy Oil $110 $70 *Negishi Massage Services by Sheila 90Min 60Min 30Min Swedish $65 $45 $25 Deep Tissue $65 $45 $25 Aroma Therapy $70 $50 $30 Foot Massage $25 Massage services are available by appointment only.To make your appointment, please stop in our office or call 242-4120 Yoga Mondays, Dance Room from 1730 ~ 1830 Purchase cards from MWR in Library to participate. Corie Tyler Personal Trainer 242-4993  1-session = $25.00 3-sessions=$70.00 5-sessions=$115.00 10-sessions=$225.00 December 12th-24th 12 Days of Cardio before Christmas Location- Negishi Fitness Center, 2nd Deck Community Center Negishi Medical Clinic’s Jingle Bell 5K run/walk Sat. Dec 6th 0900 am @ the Negishi housing Byrd Elementary Start time: Registration: 8am-8:50am Byrd Elementary Parking Lot Entry fee: FREE POC HM2 Bolin 242-4161 -Must be 10 yrs old & in good health to participate. -Strollers allowed -gift basket for the best Christmas costume worn by a runner -prizes for the to 3 finishers in each age group. NEGISHI ALL HANDS CLUB Christmas Day The club will be open at 1100 on Christmas Day for Christmas Meal. There will be no Breakfast this day. This Christmas Day the club will try something new Whole family Fried Chicken pieces to go with a Baked whole Chicken with all the fixings and Christmas cake enough to Feed 8 people. Please call club for details or pick up flyer at the club. Salsa Night Saturday 27 December from 2100 to 0100 Adult New Years Eve Party Wednesday 31, December from 2130 to 0100. Please call club for details 242-4151 Back by popular demand Col. Popcorn and his magic Show on Tuesday 16 December from 1730 to 1930 in The dinning room, please bring the kids out for a fun Night of entertainment. Tuesday night is Steak night for Two with all the trimmings To include coffee and ice tea. Just $ 19.95 Come out on Wednesday’s and dine with us, we will be Featuring an all you can eat Pasta Buffet from 1700 to 2000. Every Thursday is Mongolian BBQ night 1700-200 with the House band playing from 1700 to 2100 Friday’s Special is Mexican Platter Served with Spanish soup, Taco salad, fajitas, burrito, enchilada’s Spanish rice, refried beans, vegetable of day, and flour tortillas. Saturday’s Special Prime Rib Dinner 8 oz’s of pure Beef Rib Eye served with salad, baked potato, Vegetable of day, coffee or tea. Sunday Brunch 0900-1400 An array of breakfast foods and lunch items, large salad bar, Assorted dessert bar. Omelets to order and coffee, tea, and juice bar. Negishi Fitness Center Soft Play Room available 24hrs 7days a week children 0-5ys old. Slide 10: 10 Ready. Resourceful. Responsive! HOLIDAY MAILING DEADLINES To ensure timely delivery of holiday cards and packages by December 25th to/from APO/FPO addresses and to international addresses, we recommend you mail your items by------ EXPRESS MAIL MILITARY SERVICE (3 DAY ) DEC 20 FIRST-CLASS MAIL (LETTER/CARDS LESS 13 OZ.) DEC 11 PRIORITY MAIL (OVER 13 OZ.) DEC 11 PARCEL AIRLIFT MAIL (PAL) DEC 4 The OIC’s Office delivered one newspaper and one white paper recycle bin to each department. Once the bins are full, you can empty them in the recycle dumpster next to the cardboard shed, across from the community center (theater side). Please keep in mind that: White paper bin is strictly white paper only (no colored paper or shredded paper). Newspaper bin is for newspaper, magazine, advertisement only. Newspaper bin is also located in front of Seahawk Box, across from the Post Office, Next to Pizza Stand in 19045. Thank you for your cooperation. ~PLEASE RECYCLE~ Paper Recycle Program NEGISHI CHAPEL OF THE RISING SUN Protestant Service: SERVICES—Every Sunday at 1030. BIBLE STUDY—Please call the Chaplain’s Office for dates and times. COUNSELING—By appointment 242-4183. CHAPLAIN—LT Michael Chaney, CHC, USNR Catholic Service: MASS—Sundays at 0800 and every third Sunday at 1700. ADORATION—Every Sunday from 1500-1700. BIBLE STUDY—Every Sunday at 1700. CONFESSION—Every Sunday prior to and after mass or by appointment. PRIESTS—Father Edward Vebelun and LCDR Donald Moss, CHC, USN. Upcoming Events: Negishi Chapel of the Rising Sun Vacation Bible Study Prayer Service: We will be holding a Prayer Service from 1200-1230 Monday-Thursdays each day after the Bible School classes are dismissed for the day. All Faith Groups welcome. Prayer Line If you need prayer or someone you know is in need of prayer, call our prayer line at 242-4482. All requests will remain confidential and only made known to the intercessory prayer team. MR. DODGE - AFSBNWEBYND LT CRISTENSEN - COMPACFLT MLU YOKOHAMA PETTY OFFICER FINK - USS GEORGE WASHINGTON SENIOR DEADWILEY - CFAY TPU Our Newest Neighbors! Welcome to the Negishi Community! Mr. BALENTINE - NORTHDOCK MR. ILMER - NORTHDOCK MR. SMITH - DECA MR. DIAZ - CDC NAVY EXCHANGE Kids Shopping Only December 5, 2008 0800-1000 Free Gift Wrapping Late Night Event December 5, 2008 1800-2200 Slide 11: 11 Richard E. Byrd Elementary School “PENGUIN PROFILES” Upcoming Events December is: National Read-A-Book-Month • 16 Dec - Tues - Winter Holiday Concert at 7:00 in the cafeteria-multi-purpose room. • 18 Dec - Thur - Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting at 6:30 PM in the school Information Center. • 24 Dec - 4 Jan 2009 - Winter School Vacation. January is: Rain Forest Recognition Month • 5 Jan - 2008- Mon - Classes resume. • 19 Jan - Mon - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday. No school. • 22 Jan - Thur - Combined School Advisory Committee (SAC) & Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting @ 6:30 in the school Information Center. • 22 Jan 09 - Thur - End of the Second Marking period (45 days). • 23 Jan - Fri - Teacher Workday, No school. • 26 Jan - Mon - Third Marking period begins. November 19, 2008 - Principal’s Announcements RICHARD E. BYRD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: “welcome to yokohama” DODEA Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) The Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) is administering its biennial Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) from November 1, 2008 through February 28, 2009. The CSS provides valuable feedback to DODEA from its most important customers -students and parents - about the quality of education it provides and areas needing improvement. The survey take approximately 20 minutes to complete and are available online, either school or on your personal computer, at (click on the CSS graphic link). December began with the wonderful feelings of thanks and gratitude that we all experienced these last several weeks while we celebrated our annual Thanksgiving Holiday festivities. Once again, we have so many reasons to be thankful, especially for our the having such wonderful students and supportive community members at Richard E. Byrd Elementary School. As we transition from one special holiday to the traditional winter holidays, we all need to keep in mind that our number one priority is our students: their overall well-being, and their positive, healthy instructional environment. December’s school activities will definitely highlight these special points. Likewise, to all of our community members, families and local Host Nation Japanese employees the very best for a safe and enjoyable winter break. It is our heartfelt wish that everyone celebrate the season in ways that best suit their family traditions and that recognize the contributions of all cultures to our society. We look forward to seeing everyone on January 5, 2009 when school resumes for the new year. We all welcome 2009 as we continue our efforts to live up to our school motto: “Together We Will Make A Celebrating 60 Years of Academic Excellence” and where our school mission is always: Academic Excellence. SCHOOL ADVISORY COMMITTEE (SAC) & PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION (PTO) MATTERS: December’s PTO meeting will be held on Thursday, December 18 at 6:30 PM in the Information Center.   SCHOOL FIELD STUDY TRIPS: Ms. Okada’s 4th/5th graders experience the Tokyo Science Museum on Wednesday, December 17 and travel to Toho Elementary School for an annual Japanese Culture school Exchange on Friday, 19.   AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Homework Club on Monday and Wednesday afternoons continues with many students taking advantage of this student-centered program. Student participation has increased and we welcome as parental or community support. Office- 242-4815 Fax- 242-4870 “Together We Will Make a Difference”.. Slide 12: 12 JAPANESE CULTURE AND TRADITION It is estimated that less than 1% of Japan's population is Christian. Also, December 25th is not a Japanese national holiday. Unless it is on weekend, Japanese people work and go to school on the day. Christmas is mostly a commercial event in Japan. Many people don't know exactly what the origin of Christmas is. The big corporations do the main decorating. They light their buildings and the trees. Many western customs in observing Christmas have been adopted by the Japanese. Lots of people decorate Christmas trees at home and hold parties around Christmas Day. Japanese people tend to find things of interest from abroad and transform them into something that is uniquely Japanese. It's a Japanese way to celebrate Christmas Eve by eating Christmas cakes. Also, Christmas Eve has become a night for lovers to go out and spend a romantic time together at fancy restaurants or hotels. It isn't easy to make reservations for such restaurants and hotels at the last minute on this day. In town, a lot of buildings, department stores, shopping malls have Christmas decoration and also they will be put the bright Christmas illuminations. This is not exceptional in Yokohama; Landmark Plaza, Queens Square, Red Brick Warehouse…You will see a lot of holiday illuminations. Besides exchanging Christmas gifts, there is a custom of sending oseibo (the end of the year gift) from business to business in Japan. December is the bounenkai (forget-the-year-party) season in Japan. Christmas parties tend to be mixed up with bounenkai. You see many drunk people on the street on December nights in Japan. Dec 23 is a Japanese national holiday (Emperor’s Birthday). For Japanese people, Christmas is an enjoyable day in the year, but Japanese New Year is more important than Christmas. ~Festivals and traditions in December~ Effective Monday 17 Nov 2008, the HTW will be as follows: Negishi to Yokosuka Starting 11/17 Bus Stop Location Bus1 Bus2 BOQ/BEQ 0530 0615 Community Center 0531 0616 Stop #19 – Race Track Rd 0533 0618 Stop #21 – Race Track Rd 0534 0619 Stop #22 – Race Track Rd 0535 0620 Stop #23 – Skyline Drive 0536 0621 Stop #24 – Skyline Drive 0537 0622 Stop #25 – Skyline Drive 0538 0623 Stop #26 – Skyline Drive 0539 0624 Yokosuka To Negishi: 1600 & 1700 Pick up locations at Yokosuka are: HRO, Main Gate, Harbor Master Pier, Berth 6 & 7, berth 8 & 9, Recreation Center, Commissary, and Hospital. Bus leaves final pick-up location at these times. Due to evening traffic congestion pick-up times may vary. For additional information, contact the CFAY, Yokohama Detachment Office at 242-4101 Slide 13: 13 YOKOHAMA CUISINE CORNER Okonomiyaki is known as a kind of Japanese-style pancakes or pizza. As the name indicates (okonomi means favorites in Japanese), you can add your favorite ingredients in okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki usually includes chopped cabbage and various toppings like thinly sliced pork, red ginger, yakisoba noodles, tenkasu (tempura crumbs), corn, green onion, squid, shrimp, dried bonito flakes, bean sprouts, and more. In some okonomiyaki restaurants, customers cook their own okonomiyaki on the iron table. Also, okonomiyaki can be fast food, and there are lots of venders selling okonomiyaki in Japan. In Japan, there are two areas where okonomi-yaki is very popular: Osaka and Hiroshima. Okonomiyaki is cooked differently in the two regions. In Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, chopped cabbage is cooked on top of thinly spread batter. Also, yakisoba noodles are usually added in Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. In Osaka-style okonomiyaki, chopped cabbage is mixed with the batter and cooked together. It might be easier for beginners to cook Osaka-style okonomiyaki than to cook Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. But both okonomiyaki taste really good, so try to make both! To eat okonomiyaki, cut it into bite-sized pieces and eat with okonomiyaki sauce or worcester sauce and mayonnaise. *Restaurants are previewed for review during the Welcome to Negishi/Day with OIC Tour. Directions: It is on the bystreet of Motomachi Main Street. By Bus: Take bus #21 from the bottom of the hill from the back gate, or in front of the fire station. Get on the bus towards Sakuragicho Station. Get off at the final stop – Sakuragi-cho station. By train: Go to JR Negishi station (or Yamate Station) take JR Negishi Line towards Yokohama and get off at Sakuragi-cho station. After passing the ticket gate, make left turn, and you will see landmark tower left-front of you. Slide 14: 14 CELEBRATING THE MONTH THAT WAS NOV 2008 Cemetery Clean Up Held on 5 Nov (Wed). The clean up was conducted for the Veteran’s Day in respect of fallen veterans. HAVE A GREAT MONTH! Food Donation Grandstand Tour Negishi OIC office conducted the Negishi Grandstand Tour with the help of the City of Yokohama on 11 Nov 08 (Tue). More than 40 people participated in the tour. VFW hosted the flag put out at the Yokohama Foreigners Cemetery and Negishi Foreigners Cemetery. OIC office sailors joind the event. VFW Veteran's Day Event OIC office and volunteers from FMC, Security, Clinic, and spouses feed homeless in Kotobuki-cho on 18 Nov 09 (Tue). Share your pictures for “The Month that Was” Please email to LCDR de las Alas, OIC –

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