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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: kerneng


DEBATE POINT I strongly believe that sex education should be taught in school. Sex education which also means that the education about sex taught in the school including sexual reproduction, birthcontrol, sexual anatomy and etc. the common avenue for sex education are parents, formal school and public health campaign. Sexuality is an important aspect for life of a human being and almost all people, including children wants to know about it. Some form of sex education is part of the curriculum at many schools. Adolescent should start to receiving the education, the amount of details which is revealed and topic dealing with human sexuality and behavior such as safe sex practice and masturbation and sexual ethics. Sex education in school should be supported by all aspect. Our team strong support that sex education should be taught in the school. Get curious Tee has known nth about sex Young is able to contact wig sex Do you get know who is sex? Let kid be innocent Keep their happiness Human development A lifelong conflict 56%woman receive instruction Sex crime happen increase Youngster will explore themselves Find website himself* Sexeducation can be done in different way Moral value Special thing anymore Bully from the school Sex is design by everyone Sex education won't help anything They know what they'd doing They know they losing protection is good All student are ready to think about sex A 2011 center of disease control and prevention(CDC) survey indicate that -more than 47 % of all high school student say they had sex before -15 % of high school student had sex with 4or more partners during life time. -Student who had sex I. 3month prior to the survey,60% reported condom use and 23%report birth control pill use during their last sexual encounter. -sexual activity has consequences. -3 in 10 girls will be pregnant at least once before their 20th birthday. -teenage mother will not finish high school and more likely than their peer to live in poverty and be in poor health. -their children's are more likely suffer health and cognitive disadvantages. The responsible: -It is a sensitive subject left to the parent

-Majority of the parents won't discuss the subject and children will not ask parents about the subject. -In US, most of the teenagers think that they know everything about sex and some of the parent think that it is too touchy of a subject to talk about to their children. -Nt enough parents are teaching their student, and the rise of unplanned pregnancy is ridiculous. -It is important because it is taught to like-minded people of the same age group -Which means it will be more personal and less uncomfortable for student -Sex education should be taught in the school so that adolescent can get the information "formally" from school rather that learn the knowledge from the adult website such as 99bb,red tube or etc. -These website will provide wrong information for the teenage as those content are under planning. Just the performance. -If sex education did not exist, I believe that would be many children pregnant from experimenting and there would be lots of STIS around. • More than 50% of all teens in age 15-18 have sex and half of them don’t know anything about contraceptives or sex in general. • Sexual education in school will provide them with knowledge that they need to have concerning sexual intercourse. • Although student thought they know everything about sex but they still need to be taught properly about sex and contraceptives to prevent pregnancy and diseases.

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