Dear American Citizens

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Published on July 7, 2009

Author: libbylow38


Dear American Citizens… : Dear American Citizens… DO YOU KNOW YOUR ENEMY? Slide 2: Terrorists? Chemical & Nuclear Attacks? : Chemical & Nuclear Attacks? Slide 4: Tainted food & Epidemics? Slide 6: Could it be our own Government?? Slide 7: Skyrocketing Unemployment & Home Foreclosures Slide 8: Special Interest Groups, Uncontrollable Gov’t Programs & Ever-Increasing Debt Slide 9: Silence is the Enemy! My Dear Americans…… Slide 10: Shout Out Loud! Slide 11: To Defend Our Freedoms! Slide 12: An interpretation of the American situation by Libby Bickford Inspired by the song “Know Your Enemy” by GreenDay. July 4, 2009 Slide 13: The End?

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