Dean Aston LBI: How Important is Linkedin to Hiring?

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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: deanaston



LinkedIn-How Important Is It?
How important is your online presence? Companies are consistently
switching to online methods of recruitment and are starting to rely on it to hire new employees. The software company Opower relies on LinkedIn almost exclusively to hire new employees.
The company helps utility customers save on energy bills and is competition
for engineering talent with other technology companies. Opower recently needed to hire 71 new employees and all of these positions were advertised on LinkedIn and the job-listings site Indeed. By the end of the year Opower hopes to add 150 employees in total. In order to find people to fill these positions, the company hosts Talent Tuesday every week, in which the recruitment team combs through their LinkedIn networks for friends and former colleagues with proper qualifications.

LinkedIn-­‐How  Important  Is  It?     How  important  is  your  online  presence?  Companies  are  consistently       switching  to  online  methods  of  recruitment  and  are  starting  to  rely  on  it  to  hire  new       employees.  The  software  company  Opower  relies  on  LinkedIn  almost  exclusively  to       hire  new  employees.       The  company  helps  utility  customers  save  on  energy  bills  and  is  competition       for  engineering  talent  with  other  technology  companies.  Opower  recently  needed       to  hire  71  new  employees  and  all  of  these  positions  were  advertised  on  LinkedIn       and  the  job-­‐listings  site  Indeed.  By  the  end  of  the  year  Opower  hopes  to  add  150       employees  in  total.  In  order  to  find  people  to  fill  these  positions,  the  company  hosts       Talent  Tuesday  every  week,  in  which  the  recruitment  team  combs  through  their       LinkedIn  networks  for  friends  and  former  colleagues  with  proper  qualifications.       Other  companies  are  following  the  online  recruitment  trend,  such  as  Eldridge       Capital,  an  asset-­‐backed  lender  based  in  Toronto.  The  company  recently  launched       Zillidy,  an  offshoot  of  Eldridge  Capital.  This  offshoot  needed  a  chief  appraiser.  At       first  advertisements  were  placed  in  local  media  and  gemology  programs  but  to  no       avail.  Then  the  company  typed  “gemologist  or  jewelry  appraiser  Toronto”  into  the       search  bar  on  LinkedIn  and  within  an  hour,  there  were  four  candidates.  One  of  the       candidates  was  hired  a  week  later.       Other  companies  have  some  key  insight  as  to  how  to  use  these  networking       websites  to  your  advantage.  First,  make  an  account  on  LinkedIn.  There  are  nearly       200  million  members  of  the  online  networking  site,  which  means  employers  have       a  centralized  place  to  find  the  majority  of  qualified  candidates.  Secondly,  think      

about  the  image  you  wish  to  project.  When  possible  employers  find  a  company,       they  click  on  the  link  to  the  company’s  website.  The  website  should  contain  content       that  conveys  a  message  about  your  company.  Also,  make  sure  your  employees     are  keeping  their  LinkedIn  profiles  current.  Have  them  post  job  openings  at  your       company  to  their  personal  page  as  well.  This  allows  the  opening  to  go  through  each       network  your  employees  have.  LinkedIn  provides  a  way  for  companies  to  narrow       down  candidates  but  in  the  end  of  the  process,  it  is  still  necessary  to  get  a  good  feel       for  a  employment  candidate  by  using  traditional  hiring  techniques,  such  as  calling     and  emailing.  

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