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Published on December 17, 2008

Author: aSGuest6934


Dealing With Tough Parents : Dealing With Tough Parents Presented by Wayne Erickson HPEC/CAHPERD Conference 2002 Are you prepared? : Are you prepared? CONTENTS : CONTENTS Historical Perspectives Why Do We Coach? Communication Conflict-Practical Solutions Case Studies Questions Code for Living Historical Perspectives-1960 : Historical Perspectives-1960 Historical Perspectives-1990 : Historical Perspectives-1990 Historical Perspectives-2000 : Historical Perspectives-2000 Historical Perspectives-Today : Historical Perspectives-Today Why Do We Coach? : Why do we do it? No one knows for sure; It can be abusive, addictive, no cure. The ups and downs make a bumpy ride; Feelings of anger; feelings of pride. Some things you handle, others make you hot; Dwell on the negative and your season is shot. You stomp and you shout and raise a big fuss; Sometimes it’s crazy going home on the bus. If you win, you’re the greatest, if you lose you’re a clown; One minute they love you, the next run you down. The ranting and raving, the feverish pitch, Decisions, decisions, and you never get rich. So why do we do it, rather than shove it? Because way down deep all of us love it Why Do We Coach? Three Rules for Success : Three Rules for Success Coaches there are three rules for success in sports. Rule #1. DO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE Rule #2. DO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE Rule #3. DO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE Expect the best and strive to get it! Communication : Communication Start it early Be prepared to talk at any time Be proactive Rules of Confrontation Location Time Be ready to listen Avoid win lose Conflict-Practical SolutionsToday’s Parent : Conflict-Practical SolutionsToday’s Parent Has survived in tense competition in school and work Has children later in life Dual careers Single parent Work requires extensive travel-absent Conflict-Practical SolutionsImplications : Conflict-Practical SolutionsImplications Parents want schools to fix any problems or difficulty their child encounters Parents feel incompetent and guilty,they need to feel affirmed and they’re okay. They are looking for a clear mission,sense of community,consistent, fair discipline, friendly moral people in charge, values and safety Conflict-Practical SolutionsBeing Proactive : Conflict-Practical SolutionsBeing Proactive Explain the mission in parent/student handbook.Refer to this statement in all of the presentations Have gatherings after games or preseason. Special nights or games Have handouts for parents Have discipline policies in writing Lead by example Emphasize values Case Studies : Case Studies Group Discussion Divide into groups of 5 or 6 and discuss the following: 1. True life example of a disturbed parent you dealt with and what resulted. 2. Suggestions from others in the group of other ways to deal with this or a similar situation. Questions or Comments : Questions or Comments Thank YouCode for Living-please pick up a copy as you leave : Thank YouCode for Living-please pick up a copy as you leave

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