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Published on January 13, 2008

Author: Marcell


DEALING WITH COMPLAINTS :  DEALING WITH COMPLAINTS PROJECTING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE! THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT BUT...:  THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT BUT... the customer is always the customer and this means simply that solving the problem is often more important than who is right If you can solve their problem without blaming yourself or others, you will reduce stress, everyone will feel better and you will be on your way to CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TYPES OF DIFFICULT CUSTOMERS?:  TYPES OF DIFFICULT CUSTOMERS? ANGRY NASTY DEMANDING CRITICAL NON-STOP TALKER ODDBALL INDECISIVE SARCASTIC INTOXICATED SHIFTY ARGUMENTATIVE WHY ARE THEY DIFFICULT?:  WHY ARE THEY DIFFICULT? THEY ARE OFTEN EXPRESSING A NEED BUT ARE CHOOSING AN APPROPRIATE AND IMPOLITE WAY TO COMMUNICATE THIS NEED THEY ARE DIFFICULT FOR THEIR OWN REASONS - NOT BECAUSE OF YOU COMMON REASONS FOR BEING DIFFICULT:  COMMON REASONS FOR BEING DIFFICULT tired or frustrated confused or overwhelmed defending their ego unfamiliar with situation feel ignored under influence of drink or drugs don’t understand in bad mood in a hurry other reasons….. Most common complaints...:  Most common complaints... Wrong information poor service accommodation unsatisfactory overcharged HOW DO I DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE?:  HOW DO I DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE? “this job would be great if it weren’t for the difficult people” FREQUENT FRUSTRATIONS:  FREQUENT FRUSTRATIONS Others blame you for problems over which you have not control people pressure you with last minute requests superiors don’t understand your job you don’t get the right info or materials needed to do job properly people change their minds BELIEFS ARE OFTEN A BARRIER TO PROBLEM SOLVING:  BELIEFS ARE OFTEN A BARRIER TO PROBLEM SOLVING !! SO HOW CAN I COPE WITH THESE DIFFICULT PEOPLE?:  SO HOW CAN I COPE WITH THESE DIFFICULT PEOPLE? ? APPROACH THEM PROFESSIONALLY AND NOT PERSONALLY:  APPROACH THEM PROFESSIONALLY AND NOT PERSONALLY TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY CAN HURT YOU AND OTHERS TAKING A SITUATION PROFESSIONALLY PAYS OFF FOR EVERYONE REMIND YOURSELF!:  REMIND YOURSELF! This is my job and I’m going to do it professionally If it were not for these customers I would not have a job every time I solve a problem I will feel better reinforce this by saying… “I like the job, not because it’s easy, not because there are no difficult people, not because there are no frustrations but because people are part of any job and I can make things easier by taking things professionally LISTEN FOR THE SIGNALS THAT YOU ARE TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY:  LISTEN FOR THE SIGNALS THAT YOU ARE TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY !! WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMON COMPLAINTS?:  WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMON COMPLAINTS? DO YOU KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THESE? WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? HANDLING COMPLAINTS:  HANDLING COMPLAINTS TAKE ASIDE LISTEN REPEAT APOLOGISE ACKNOWLEDGE EXPLAIN ACTION THANK FOLLOW UP REMEMBER TO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY REMAIN CALM FOCUS ON PROBLEM AND NOT PERSON TURN UNHAPPY PERSON INTO HAPPY CUSTOMER CHECK YOU CUSTOMER SERVICE ATTITUDE:  CHECK YOU CUSTOMER SERVICE ATTITUDE !! ATTITUDE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS:  ATTITUDE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS ATTITUDE IS YOUR MENTAL POSITION ON FACTS - OR MORE SIMPLY, THE WAY YOU VIEW THINGS FIVE POINTS ABOUT ATTITUDE TO REMEMBER:  FIVE POINTS ABOUT ATTITUDE TO REMEMBER your attitude towards customers influences your behaviour. You cannot always camouflage how you feel your attitude determines the level of job satisfaction your attitude affects everyone who comes in contact with you tone and body language reflect your attitude your attitude is not fixed. The attitude you choose to display is up to YOU SUMMARY:  SUMMARY be positive take things professionally and not personally aim for customer satisfaction, not just service solve problems without blaming yourself or others remember attitudes are caught, not taught and finally:  and finally THINK OF HOW MANY LIVES YOU INTERACT WITH EACH DAY - PROFESSIONALLY AND PERSONALLY AND CONSIDER THIS: “there never was, there isn’t now, and there never will be again another person specifically powerful like me who could have influenced that life in that moment of time uniquely the way I could have…” Fermanagh TIC:  Fermanagh TIC Telephone 028 66 323110 Email Website Open Monday to Friday 9am- 5.30pm (To 7pm July and August) In Addition Saturdays 10am-6pm (mid March to Sept) Sunday 11am-5pm (Easter to Sept) Saturday & Sunday 10am to 2pm (October) Most Bank Holidays 10am - 5pm

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