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Information about Deafness
Health & Medicine

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: AstariAvisha


• Not being able to hear well

• Not being able to hear well •May not be able to hear some sounds nearby Teachers talking Friends laughing The school bell

What encyclopedia says Inability to understand conversational speech through hearing alone, without visual cues

 Immunizations for childhood diseases  Avoid high decibels  Have hearing tested  Use hearing protectors

To detecting hearing loss, adiologists use machines to detect and measure hearing loss. These machines assess the loudness required for the individual to hear and measure it in decibles.

Smell Sight Taste Touch

• Small electronic device – Stimulates auditory nerve • Provides “sense” of sound – Used by • Profoundly deaf • Children age 2-6 • Aided by speech therapy

A TTY user may contact another TTY user or access a relay service. This service features an operator, called a communication assistant, who speaks what the deaf person types and types what the speaking person says.

• British Sign Language; ASL (American Sign Language) • Two handed gestures • Facial expressions • Body language

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