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Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Jeremiah


Dead Reckoning System for Mobile Robots:  Dead Reckoning System for Mobile Robots Lee Fithian Steven Parkinson Ajay Joseph Saba Rizvi Dead Reckoning:  Dead Reckoning Navigation Method used for Centuries Based on Measurements of Distance Traveled from a Known Point Used by Columbus to Discover the New World Robots used Dead Reckoning Based on Odometers, Accelerometers Problem Statement:  Problem Statement Use a mobile robot to compare accuracy of dead reckoning using odometers and accelerometers The goal is not for us to build a robot The robot is the means by which we will reach our goal. Objective 1: Construct:  Objective 1: Construct Assemble a robot capable of Following a specified path using odometers Odometers based on a shaft encoder and a microcontroller Following a specified path using accelerometers and microcontroller Interfacing with a PC for programming and path data entry Objective 2: Experiment:  Objective 2: Experiment Specify a path for the robot to follow Record the path the robot actually follows Path specified will be drawn on butcher paper Robot will drag a marker indicating its actual path Objective 3: Analyze:  Objective 3: Analyze A grid will be drawn on the butcher paper used for trials Create a numerical comparison of accuracy between two navigation methods Area between actual path and specified path can be calculated Method of Solution:  Method of Solution Based on a Mark III Kit robot (pictured) Modifications: Shaft Encoders on each axle Accelerometers added Scoop removed Marker mount added Method of Solution:  Method of Solution OOPic Microcontroller Programmed using Java, C or VB Serial Interface EEPROM Onboard Well Defined Programming Interface Method of Solution:  Method of Solution 600CS-ND Incremental Shaft Encoders Clarostat Manufacturing Co. Digital Output 128 Pulses Per Revolution ADXL202E Accelerometer From Analog Devices Digital Output ± 2g Range, 200 mg accuracy Validation:  Validation Need to ensure the navigation systems work at some minimum level before testing. Robot will be required to follow a simple path with a right and left turn and three runs. Cost Analysis:  Cost Analysis Shaft Encoders: 2 @ $46.14 Mark III Complete Kit $98.00 Includes OOPic Accelerometer Kit $23.00 Total Cost: $360.06 PERT Diagram:  PERT Diagram Conclusion:  Conclusion Construction Mark III based robot with shaft encoders and accelerometers Validation to ensure systems work at a basic level Experimentation Use dead reckoning navigation in trials. Record trials on butcher paper Analysis Numerical analysis of which navigation method performs better.

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