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Published on February 20, 2008

Author: Danior



Reorientation and Reintegration :  Reorientation and Reintegration The deployment cycle continues Why are you here?:  Why are you here? Make homecoming a joyful occasion Identify common homecoming concerns Recognize changes in personal and interpersonal relationships Identify and address potential challenges Help differentiate expectations from realities What is Reintegration?:  The PROCESS is the returning of personnel back into a stable and “normal” environment PREPARE families for the changes to their home life when the deployed members return. Remember upon your return you will achieve a NEW normal Reintegration is a SLOW process What is Reintegration? Practical Issues:  Practical Issues In-Processing Unit Deployment Manager Commander’s Support Staff Personnel Department Medical Life Skills Support Center ■ Dental Clinic Family Practice/Flight Medicine ■ Public Health Family Advocacy Legal Terminate powers of attorney Claims Practical Issues:  Practical Issues Financial Matters File travel voucher/change entitlements Gov Travel Card Family or personal budget Utilities (phone, gas, water, electric) AAFES (layaway, Military STAR Card) Vehicles Registration and maintenance Insurance Driver’s license Slide6:  Crisis or threat Avoidance Denial Blaming others Fear Hidden opportunity Acknowledgement Action Personal responsibility Face it – it’s constant Expectations of Change Reintegration:  Possible thoughts and feelings … Proud of accomplishment Want to reestablish living situation Financial concerns Social life / significant other Work reunion Singles are often overlooked ! Reintegration Singles and Reintegration :  Practical tips: Put your house back in order New roommate New residence Recognize changes in yourself and in others Different living environment Social circle Assess relationships Friends Family Singles and Reintegration Singles and Reintegration :  Reaction to deployment by family and friends Loneliness Family and significant others Involvement in community Develop/renew outside interest Limit your use of alcohol Focus on the present and the future Be patient with yourself and with others Singles and Reintegration Marriage and Reintegration:  Anticipation Changes at home Trust / Fidelity Communication The “Who had it worse” game Marriage and Reintegration Slide11:  Intimacy and sexual relationships may be a major adjustment Re-establish this relationship slowly and naturally Talk about how you feel or think Be sensitive to how your partner feels or thinks about intimacy and your sexual relationship Intimate Relationships Slide12:  From the desert to the front porch Redeployment / reintegration…sounds easy, natural, normal NORMAL may be quite stressful! Help is available: chapel, unit, friends, life skills, medical personnel, family support center, etc. Stress and Reintegration Slide13:  Physical Behavioral Cognitive (Thinking) Emotional Signs of Reintegration Stress Slide14:  Physical Signs Upset stomach, nausea Diarrhea, constipation Heart pounding, dizzy or lightheaded, out of breath, cold sweat, dry mouth, or pale skin Headaches, migraines Vague aches and pains Impotence Behavioral Signs:  Behavioral Signs Changes in eating habits Changes in sleeping patterns Fatigue, lack of energy Jumpiness Frustrated, irritable, angry Bad personal hygiene Crying spells Avoidance of others Increase in alcohol use Disregard for rules, regulations, social norms Cognitive Signs:  Cognitive Signs Poor concentration Difficulty making decisions Flashbacks Unwanted thoughts Nightmares “Spaced out” or trouble focusing Memory problems Emotional Signs :  Emotional Signs Loss of motivation Loss of “purpose” or direction Loss of trust/confidence in leaders Quick to anger, impatience Depression, sadness Frustration, irritability Worried, anxious, keyed up Guilt, shame Numb (don’t feel anything) Thoughts of hurting self or others Significant Signs of Distress :  Significant Signs of Distress Post Traumatic Stress Definition Signs Recent study Bizarre or unusual behavior Domestic violence Abuse of alcohol Thinking about suicide Solutions :  Take care of yourself! Mentally Physically Emotionally Communicate, don’t clam up Develop or renew outside interests Allow for space and time Establish realistic expectations Think positive thoughts Seek help Solutions Resources:  Chain of Command / Supervisors Family Support Center Medical Group Life Skills Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) MILITARY One Source Chaplains Legal Red Cross Family and friends “Outside” or off-base agencies Resources Children and Reintegration:  Normal Developmental Reactions Infant (Birth to 1 year) Toddlers (1 – 3 years) Pre-School (3 – 5 years) School Age (5 – 12 years) Teenagers (13 – 18 years) Children and Reintegration Slide22:  Children and Reintegration Birth to One Year Infants: • Their world is very small • Eat, sleep, cry, and eliminate – often! • Depend on parents for everything • Grow rapidly • Senses develop quickly Reactions to parent’s return: • Cry or fuss • Pull away from parent • Have problems with elimination • Change their schedule (eating and sleeping) Children and Reintegration One – Three Years:  1 - 3 Years Excitement Very active Independent Self Centered Repeats words and phrases Reactions to parent’s return: Shy Avoid returning parent Cry, pull away Temper Tantrums Children and Reintegration One – Three Years Children and Reintegration Three – Five Years:  3 - 5 Years Very active Imitates adults Active imagination Asks lots of questions Reactions to parent’s return: Anger Need proof you are real Compete for attention Act out Still need warm-up time Children and Reintegration Three – Five Years Children and Reintegration Five - Twelve Years:  5 - 12 Years Appetite and growth have increased High energy level Daydream Very sensitive to criticism and evaluation Reactions to parent’s return: Joy, excitement Anxiety of changing roles Child compete with parent(s) Desire recognition Attention seeking Attempt to split parents Children and Reintegration Five - Twelve Years Children and Reintegration Thirteen - Eighteen Years:  13 - 18 Years Responsible one minute & irresponsible the next Moody Experienced rapid changes Independent, but still need guidance Reactions to parent’s return: Relief Excited Guilty Concerned about rules and responsibilities Children and Reintegration Thirteen - Eighteen Years Suggestions for Returning Parents:  Suggestions for Returning Parents Go slow Don’t give into demands because of guilt Observe Be flexible Be realistic Seek information on child development Communicate Make special time with your loved one Be giving of your time and energy Single Parents and Reintegration :  Custodial parent Non-custodial parent Strategies Communication Caregiver Child Bottom Line: Go Slow Single Parents and Reintegration It’s all about change:  Changes in work environment Change of work pace Mission/duty changes Resentment from co-workers Added work load due to TDY Deployment war stories Not part of “real” mission Staff turnover It’s all about change Slide30:  Deployments are a way of life in the military a Stumbling Block or a Building Block The strength of our force and our families depends on you making the right choice

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