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Published on February 15, 2014

Author: hotware

Source: authorstream.com

DC-AC LinkChamp Energy: DC-AC LinkChamp Energy Battery Chargers Solar Controllers Inverters Solar Inverters / Controller Pure Sine-Wave Inverter /Auto-Transfer / Charger Jan 2014 Solar Inverters / HYBRID Controller -5kw: Solar Inverters / HYBRID Controller -5kw LS600 LS1000 - LS1500 and now up to 5000 watt 5Kw LS2000 , LS2500, LS3000, LS4000, LS5000 LS300 – LS400 When battery becomes too low,[ by sun down and no solar output] the inverter will automatically switch to AC power for auto transfer to Utility power to keep the device on LOAD AC side alive. PWM-Solar Controllers : PWM-Solar Controllers SC 10 SC15 SC 20 SC 30 SC40 12-24Vdc – 12-24Vdc 10-40Amp Intelligent Controller MPPT-Solar Controllers : MPPT-Solar Controllers SC 20 SC 30 SC50 12-24Vdc – 12-24Vdc 20-50Amp MPPT Intelligent Controller Inverter /Auto-Transfer / Charger : Inverter /Auto-Transfer / Charger SP300C SP400C SP600C SP1000C SP1200C SP1500C SP2000C SP2500C SP3000C SP4000C SP5000C and custom SP20,000C 20Kw Intelligent Microprocessor controlled output waveform Input 12-24Vdc Output 110-240Vac 150-5000Watts.- 20kw , Auto-transfer from Utility to inverter. For Big Long lasting UPS Systems, Brown out preventer, Boats, RV, Business outages, Camps , Inverters : Inverters SP150 SP150 USB SP300 SP300 USB SP400 SP600 SP1000 SP1200 SP1500 SP2000 SP25000 SP30000 SP4000 SP5000 - 20kw Input 12-24Vdc Output 110-240Vac 150-5000Watts Custom order up to 20kw Intelligent Microprocessor controlled output waveform Pure Sine-Wave : Pure Sine-Wave SN150 SN300 SN600 SN1000 Pure Sine-wave for Medical Equipment or delicate instruments . Input 12-24Vdc Output 110-240Vac 150-1000Watts Battery Charge: Battery Charge AD 2012 AD 5012 AD1524 AD3024 For Boats , RV, Battery Banks on Solar or storage systems, Bus, farm machinery , Input 110-240 VAC Automatic Microprocessor controlled Output 12Vdc or 24Vdc , 20A,50A,15A,25A,30A AD0624 , AD1012 Intelligent Microcontroller DC-DC Converter: Intelligent Microcontroller DC-DC Converter DC 12V-24V-10A DC 12V-24V-15A DC 12V-24V-20A DC-10A DC-15A DC-20A DC-30A DC-40A Factory Cables Available: Factory Cables Available Solar Accessories Telco Grade : Solar Accessories Telco Grade Solar Accessories Economy Grade : Solar Accessories Economy Grade Monocrystalline  cells are cut from a single crystal of silicon- they are effectively a slice from a crystal.  In appearance, it will have a smooth texture and you will be able to see the thickness of the slice.  These are the most efficient and the most expensive to produce. They are also rigid and must be mounted in a rigid frame to protect them. Polycrystalline (or Multicrystalline ) cells are effectively a slice cut from a block of silicon, consisting of a large number of crystals.  They have a speckled reflective appearance and again you can you see the thickness of the slice.  These cells are slightly less efficient and slightly less expensive than monocrystalline cells and again need to be mounted in a rigid frame.  P156-18V, 45W Poly, 18V, 45W, 690x510x35mm P156-18V, 85W Poly, 18V, 85W, 1000x670x35mm P156-18V, 135W Poly, 18V, 135W, 1000x992x35mm P156-36V, 220W Poly, 36V, 220W, 1480x992x35mm M156-18V, 45W Mono, 18V, 45W, 690x510x35mm M156-18V, 85W Mono, 18V, 85W, 1000x670x35mm M156-18V, 135W Mono, 18V, 135W, 1000x992x35mm M156-36V, 220W Mono, 36V, 220W, 1480x992x35mm PowerPoint Presentation: www.dc-ac.tw business@dc-ac.tw http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/hotware-1757089-linkchamp-dc-ac-2013-rev-vehicle-electrical-power/ http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/hotware-1757090-transport-truck-fleet-solutions-linkchamp-2013-rev/ http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/hotware-1757092-linkchamp-dc-ac-2013-rev-rv-electrical-power/ http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/hotware-1757093-marine-electrical-power-2013-rev1/ http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/hotware-1757094-emergency-vehicle-power-ambulances/

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