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Published on October 12, 2007

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Slide1:  Bioenergy in the Baltic Sea Region and N W Russia ***** http://www.cbss.st/basrec/organisation BASREC Bioenergy Working Group 2003-2005 Slide3:  Baltic Sea Region Energy Co-operation (BASREC) Initiative by Baltic Sea Region energy ministers in 1998 decision in October 1999 of a three year programme 2000 - 2002 11 countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden) + EC Working groups with governmental officials from energy ministries (electricity & gas markets, energy efficiency, climate and from 2003 also bioenergy) BASREC Ministerial Meeting in Vilnius 19-20 November 2002 decisions: - New mandate for BASREC for the years 2003 – 2005 Establishing of Testing Ground for climate projects Approval of the proposed programme for Bioenergy development in the BASREC Region Ad hoc Working Group on Bioenergy 2002 Proposals & Recommendations for future BASREC activities 2003 – 2005 ::  Ad hoc Working Group on Bioenergy 2002 Proposals & Recommendations for future BASREC activities 2003 – 2005 : 1. Strengthening Bioenergy Capacity Building - Evaluate and generate learning material for knowledge development and effective methods for knowledge transfer in order to increase knowledge about production and use of bioenergy among all players in the bioenergy sector and improve the communication between them. Development of Standards and Market Harmonisation - Establish contacts with relevant Technical Committees within CEN and contribute to ongoing activities on Biofuel standards - Investigate possibilities for common rules regarding for biofuel production, equipment, combustion techniques etc. Proposals & Recommendations for future BASREC activities 2003 - 2005:  Proposals & Recommendations for future BASREC activities 2003 - 2005 Joint Implementation of Bioenergy Projects - Prepare and implement one or more bioenergy project(s), in close co-operation with the BASREC Climate Group, that can serve as demonstration and reference project(s) for Joint Implementation in the Baltic Sea Region 4. Research, Development, Demonstration & Innovation Projects - Provide and improve co-operation and information exchange between national bioenergy RD&D programmes in the Baltic Sea Region and international bioenergy networks in order to develop cost-efficient solutions for key RD&D bioenergy networks. Activities 2003 - 2005:  Activities 2003 - 2005 Budget for 2003 and 2004 allocated by the Nordic Council of Ministers (and indications for 2005) Steering Group appointed by the Nordic Council of Minister for the more detailed planning Co-ordination with the Barents EWG Task Force on Bioenergy The BASREC GSEO decided on 17 June 2003 to establish the BASREC Bioenergy Group and approved the proposed Mandate for the group Slide7:  Barents Euro-Arctic Region Slide8:  Important tasks for the Bioenergy Group: Avoid duplication of work and find ways and means for co- operation i.a. by Establish contacts with existing and planned activities in other fora, including bilateral activities and projects in order to make it possible for countries in the BASREC region that are not participating in ongoing projects to be connected as participants or observers and to be able to make use of results from such projects Establish closer co-operation between the energy sector and the forestry & agriculture sectors to secure i.a. the supply chain of biofuels Slide9:  For example activities within: - Nordic Energy Research Programme, NEFP and the Nordic Forestry Research Programme, SNS EU-projects, like the Standardisation work on solid biofuels and Wood-En-Man Co-operation within IEA and other international organisations - World Bank Programmes in Russia for Forestry Development and for Renewable Energy Bilateral projects between the countries in the region (including experiences from already implemented projects) Slide10:  The main tasks of the first meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania 20-22 October 2003: Review present proposals related to the Actions 1-4 in the 2002 proposals & recommendations: Discuss and decide on prioritised activities taking into account the strategies and priorities in the Member countries as well as available financing Lay the foundation for the work during 2004-2005 Settle a timetable for the future work Recommend nomination of experts from the forestry and/or the agricultural sector Slide11:  Result of the second meeting of the Bioenergy Group in Tallinn 8-9 March 2004 Assigned the Tallinn University of Technology to prepare a plan for Action 1. Capacity Building to be presented in early April – funding is available Input from all member countries is important! Action 2 on Standards and Market Harmonisation has started its work – will be presented later on. Nordtest has been contracted for the project. Contact persons from Russia are most welcome to the activity! Slide12:  Result of the meeting in Tallinn (continued) Action 3 Joint Implementation – Consultant for the work on the development of a sector specific baseline for bioenergy- based JI projects has been selected by the Climate Group together with the Bioenergy Group, ECON Norway. Arkhangelsk Oblast has been selected to be the Pilot Region. The work will start soon and is expected to be implemented during 2004. A reference group to be nominated by the Climate and Bioenergy groups will follow the work Decision has been made as regards Action 4. on R,D,D&I. Nordic Energy Research Programme will be contracted for the implementation. Next Meeting of the Bioenergy Group to be held in connection with Baltic Development Forum in Hamburg, Germany on 12-14 September 2004. Slide13:  Thank you for your attention! Gudrun Knutsson, co-chairman of the BASREC Bioenergy Group E-mail: gudrun.knutsson@stem.se

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