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Published on October 17, 2007

Author: Shariyar

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  RDD&I-Projects through International Co-operation and Networks: BIOENERGY Gunnar Wilhelmsen, Nordic Energy Research, Oslo, Norway Slide2:  Capacity Building Communication between different Sectors (energy, agriculture, environment etc) Parts of the value chain (e.g.”forest to the power plant”) Decision-making levels within one operation Slide3:  Capacity Building Lack of knowledge to aid the development of cost-efficient products and processes: Affects attitudes Affects technical, biological and economic competence One answer: Network development Slide4:  Criticisms Few derived business effects Non-professional knowledge transfer and copying of best practise Institutional and legislative matters obstructing project investments Slide5:  Needs Involvement of all levels of capacity building Effective information dissemination Horizontal and vertical networking Slide6:  Needs Improvement of international co-operation and information exchange between national bioenergy programmes in the BASREC-region Work on the potential to include more countries in the region into one or several of the already existing networks Slide7:  NETWORKS PURPOSE AND PLATFORM Geographic Institutional Sectorial Subject / Product Trade / Branch Databases IEA Bioenergy Structure:  IEA Bioenergy Structure Secretariat Executive Committee (www.ieabioenergy.com) Slide9:  Tasks and Operating Agents - 2004-2006 29. Socio-economic drivers in implementing bioenergy projects /Croatia 30. Short rotation crops for bioenergy systems /Sweden 31. Biomass production for sustainable forestry/Canada 32. Biomass combustion and co-firing / The Netherlands 33. Thermal gasification of biomass / USA 34. Pyrolysis of biomass /United Kingdom 36. Energy recovery from municipal solid waste / United Kingdom 37. Energy from biogas and landfill gas /Switzerland Slide10:  38. Greenhouse gas balances of biomass and bioenergy systems / Austria 39. Liquid biofuels from biomass / Canada 40. Sustainable international bioenergy trade: Securing supply and demand / The Netherlands Email and Web addresses for each Task are listed in the manuscript or - www.ieabioenergy.com Tasks and Operating Agents 2004 - 2006 Slide11:  Participation 20 countries or organisations participate in 11 tasks: Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Croatia Denmark Finland France Ireland Italy Japan Netherlands New Zealand Norway Sweden Switzerland U.Kingdom United States EU Annual budget of 1.3 mill USD for Task management to utilize the results of the national RD&D programmes of the participating countries Slide12:  Strategy Strategic Plan 2003-2006: Platforms: Provide platforms for international collaboration and information exchange in Bioenergy RD&D Networks: Provide new networks Information: Dissemination of information Industry: Involvement of industry Membersship: Encourage new countries to become members of this IEA Agreement Slide13:  IEA CADDET Renewable Energy (www.caddet-re.org) Centre for the Analysis and Dessimination of Demonstration Energy Technologies Exchange of information on commercial renewable energy projects. Database with details of more than 2000 international applications of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. 11 countries participate with national teams. Many CADDET products can be downloaded free from the Website: www.caddet-re.org Slide14:  EU - WOOD-EN-MAN (www.flec.kvl.dk/wood-en-man) Operational management guidelines for sustainable utilisation of biomass from conventional forest for energy Provide national and regional policy recommendations for increased use of wood-based biomass for energy Participants: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia Slide15:  EU ECHAINE (www.echaine.org) Energy wood productions chains in Europe Key issues in the identification and evaluation of economical, environmentally and socially friendly supply chains for utilisation of energy wood sources for heat and power Participants: Spain, Sweden, Greece, Finland, Portugal, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania Slide16:  EU WOODWISDOM.NET (www.woodwisdom.net) or (www.tekes.fi) Networking and integrating national programmes in the area of wood material science and engineering - bioenergy included: Optimize use of research funds Create common research platforms Prepare and implement agreements for joint calls of transnational programmes Participants: 12 participants from 5 countries (Finland, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden) Slide17:  EU EUBIONET (www.eubionet.vtt.fi) The European Commission has established European Bioenergy Networks LAMNET (www.bioenergy-lamnet.org) Latin America Thematic Network on Bioenergy is a trans-national forum for the promotion of the sustainable use of biomass in Latin America, China and Africa, - funded by the European Commission Slide18:  EU AGRICULTURE European Energy Crops Internetwork (www.eeci.net). 19 institutes representing 14 EU countries involved in RD&I activities of energy crops. TRANSPORT THERMIE (//Europa.eu.int/comm/dgs/energy_transport/) ENVIRONMENT European Environment Agency(EEA) (www.eea.eu.int) including its network EIONET(www.eionet.eu.int) Slide19:  NORDIC ENERGY RESEARCH (www.nefp.info) The present programme for 2003-2006 includes the Baltic Sea Region and the Nordic countries and has financial support from the Nordic countries’ energy ministeries and from the Nordic Council of Ministers. The programme include 15 projects of which two are related to bioenergy: Nordic Graduate School of Biofuel Science and Technology Bio Hydrogen Slide20:  FAO FAOs programme on wood energy (www.fao.org/ forestry) is designed to promote sustainable wood energy systems (SWES): Strengthen institutional capacity Reduce poverty and improve food security Mitigate climate change Forestry Energy Forum (www.fao.org/forestry/site) is a biannual newsletter. The entire range of fuels that can be derived from forest biomass. Slide21:  AEBIOM European Biomass Association (www.ecop.ucl.ac.be/aebiom) AEBIOM is a group of 28 national bioenergy/biomass associations with membership open to representatives of the European Union, Central and Eastern Europe. Biomass : All renewable and animal matters that can be used for industrial (fibre, chemicals) or energy production (heat, electricity and fuel). Almost all the BASREC countries are members: DANBIO, Denmark; EBA, Estonia; FINBIO, Finland; BBE, Germany; LATBIO, Latvia, NOBIO, Norway; POLBIOM, Polen; RBA, Russia and SVEBIO, Sweden Slide22:  USA The newsletter Biomass Research and Development Initiative provides frequent updates on bioenergy programmes, proposed regulations, awards, roadmaps for bioenergy technologies, etc in the US. (www.bioproducts-bioenergy.gov/) Slide23:  CONCLUSIONS Significant need for new knowledge as well as co-operation between countries sharing common interests Insufficient communication Numerous international energy research networks where bioenergy is included, as well as pure bioenergy networks More countries in the BASREC-region should be included in one or more of the already existing networks

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