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Published on July 17, 2019

Author: sathi130

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slide 1: Introduction to the Defense Base Act DBA Insurance Any employer who is undertaking military or non-military work-related tasks overseas on behalf of the United States government is required to have Defense Base Act DBA insurance. This particular insurance is able to help certain employees who have been injured as well as aid in other matters. DBA insurance is similar in some aspects to the general w o r k er s’ compensation coverage hence why they are often compared in order for employers to comprehend all the benefits that accompany it. Accidents Are Inevitable There are a variety of different issues that employees might face while working overseas on behalf of the U.S. government. One of the most common ones is that of injuries. There are times when they are inevitable no matter the variety of different safety procedures that are implemented to prevent them from occurring. They simply happen when both employers and employees least expect them. This is one of the main reasons why the U.S. government decided to extend the U.S. Longshore Harbor Workers Act to also cover DBA contractors regardless of nationality country of origin or job title. There was a noted positive change when this was implemented. Several different elements started to fall into place which was of great benefit for both employers and employees because it allowed them to progress in their work to a greater extent. What Exactly Does DBA Insurance Cover DBA insurance provides compensation for medical expenses that are related to an injury. This consists of every hospital treatment medical supplies cost of travel incidental mileage and etc. Employee is the one who selects doctor of choice not employer. Furthermore this insurance also covers lost wages due to disability. Now the wage paid might differ to the wage acquired before disability. Every case is reviewed in order to provide the best possible solution. If employee unfortunately dies there are death benefits that an eligible survivors slide 2: can benefit from. It is important to note that funeral expenses are covered to a maximum of 3000.00 USD. DBA Insurance Is Not Limited to the Defense Industry Contrary to popular belief this type of insurance is not limited to the defense industry it is required for employees at military bases outside of the United States on foreign lands utilized by the U.S. military employed under contract with the U.S. employed for public work outside the U.S. and even subcontractors of the prime conducting any of the aforementioned. DBA Insurance Continues to Aid in Great Measure Defense base act insurance has helped numerous of employees to get back on their feet when the inevitable occurred while being overseas working. Over the years there have been certain requests that have been made in order for this insurance to extend its coverage in several aspects. It would certainly not be surprising if changes were to be noted in the near future. The reason behind this is due to it being common for insurances to become adjusted to meet the needs and wants present in this day and age. Get in touch with a broker to get a dba insurance rates.

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