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Published on July 11, 2009

Author: aliceinretrograde

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The chatpter that's not a real chapter but that has many cute pictures of cute kids.

I hadn’t planned on releasing this chapter yet. There’s less than fifty pictures and no plot at all. I was just playing the kids when I took all these pictures, kinda ignoring the whole Teal and Lore thing to appreciate just how prettyful Rivers, Oasis, Cinderella and Sweetness are. However, things are changing. I’ve been wanting to change my defaults for ages, but I have genetizised eyes, so it was kinda hard. But, my game has been flipping out for a while, and 20GB of CC is too much and is making my game uber slow. So, I changed the defaults and am in the middle of deleting a load of CC. But, to make the new defaults/genetizised eyes work, I am making a new neighbourhood and am also changing the Daze family’s eyes. So, after this chapter they will all look a little different, but I’m sure it’ll all be chill. I’m just in the mood for a more Maxis-match (I never thought I’d say that) look. So, this is not a real chapter, but it’s all I’ve got for a while. I hope you enjoy it regardless. It’s not the best, as I really was not feeling it, but whatever. ENJOY, and I will have a proper chapter ASAP.

‘You can dance if you want to.’ You can leave your friends behind. ‘Because your friends don’t dance.’ And if they don’t dance. ‘Then they ain’t no friends of mine.’ Safety Dance ftw.

‘Gads! That’s awful! Sweetness! You are awful!’ Your lack of nice points is showing there, Rivers. ‘But she’s awful!’ She’s three! No worries, Sweetness, I think you rock!

Upstairs we find the more ignored members of the family. Rock’n’Pop and Oasis. ‘Oh, hello Alice. Are you talking to me or stalking my identical brother?’ Bitterness is not attractive, Oasis. Actually, it apparently is. Despite being identical to Rivers, more people seem to prefer you and your unique brand of emo hotness. ‘For real?’ For real. ‘Wow. That almost makes up for the fact that my family hates me and I get next to no screen time-’ Sorry Oasis. More interesting stuff happening somewhere else.

‘She really does suck!’ Cinderella! Gods you and Rivers are bitches. ‘When you’re as pretty as we are, you can get away with it.’ Throwing my own words in my face. But really, be nicer to Sweetness. I sense an ironic plot twist in the future.

‘Hello little girl.’ ‘Listen Mr Paedophile American Bus Driver. I am Cinderella Daze, future heiress of the Daze legacy. You will drive me to school and you will do it silently, else I will feed you to Gregory the cowplant!’ ‘Yes Miss Daze.’ Cinderella was a very sweet little girl, you know that? She was a fairytale princess who no doubt did a lot of charity work. ‘I’m more of an antihero, and this is no fairytale.’ You got that right. If it was then an ogre would have eaten you by now.

While Oasis and Cinderella are at regular school, the private school has a snow day, letting Rivers catch up on his homework and pull overly cute faces. ‘I’m just a piece of meat to you, aren’t I?’ So long as it’s Quorn meat. I am a vegetarian.

Finally a Teal update. ‘Wow, the miracle of birth. Isn’t it great. I’ve always found a pregnant woman to be a spiritual and beautiful thing. *drool* Can I touch it?’ ‘Woah! Hands away from the waste of space you creep!’

‘This is my ticket to dating freedom, so leave it alone. Once I kick this ball of guts out, I get to date whoever and whatever I like.’ ‘So, can I have your number?’ ‘No. I’m gay.’ You can only use that excuse so many times. It didn’t get you out of marriage.

‘I won’t date him, but evil plans are forming.’ I feel that her evil side is growing more prominent. She may not be green, but she’s still a cackling mess of evil.

Hello Cinderella. Dare I ask how school was? ‘I’m already Head Girl because I am the greatest, prettiest and most charming girl in the entire school.’ You threatened the head teacher with Gregory, didn’t you? ‘Maybe a little bit.’

How about you Oasis? ‘My teachers are worried that I won’t make it to the end of the year, so they’re not wasting time on my grades.’ Oh. Well…what’s that? ‘Pro-Cinderella propaganda. She’s been handing it out all day to earn votes in the heir poll.’ I hate to think what’s going to happen when she doesn’t win. ‘Don’t you mean “if she doesn’t win”?’ No.

‘Alice, you are killing me! Why are you not paying attention to me!?!?!’ Gads! I spend one slide talking to Oasis and I go to hell for it. ‘No one cares about that emo oddball! I’m where it’s at and all shall love me.’ You know, Cinders, you’re getting a little annoying. ‘Whatever. At least I’m still pretty.’ Oh, we’ll see about that. ‘What?’ Nothing. Nothing at all. *evil grin*

‘EMO POWERS ACTIVATED!!!’ O_O Wait…what are emo powers? If they are anything like the powers my cartoon Emoman* has, then you’re just going to cut your wrists and cry. ‘*rage* I will destroy you all…with poetry and negative thinking!’ Shudder. *Emoman is a creation of mine, from back in the days when I was in GCSE Maths class. Rather than learning the pointless rules of trigonometry, I drew a little cartoon guy with a top hat, a cape and an emo fringe who looked a lot like my bestfriend Jamie. His sidekick was a spunky little girl called Suicide Girl. It was a warming and heartfelt series.

‘Hey, Cinderella, look! Your fans!’ ‘What? Where? I am not prepared! What am I talking about? I’m prefect from duck till dawn!’ Anyone want to adopt her and take her off of my hands? Please!

‘SNOW FACE FOR YOU!!!’ ‘NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not the Chanel coat! And this scarf is Dior! It’s hand washable only! HAND WASHABLE!!’ Anyone at all? I’ll actually pay you to take her away from me!

I forgot about the headmaster visit and as an exhausted and preggers Teal went to offer him a tour, Rock’n’Pop decided to attack a passing wolf. I don’t think it earned us any extra points, but the headmaster seemed to enjoy it.

The real shock? The scrawny runt that is Rock’n’Pop beat the crapola out of Mr Wolf. I guess that the laws of nature don’t transfer to pixels.

And here we join the eldest three Daze children in a marathon snowman building contest. Rivers is in the lead, but Oasis is catching up fast. Cinderella seems to have stalled at the gate, but with her spunk and moxie I’m sure that she may yet be able to catch up with the leaders.

And it’s a win for Oasis. ‘That’s such a crap snowman. I mean, evil snowmen? That is so last year! Everyone’s about the pretty nice ones now. That’s what the readers want.’ ‘Like you would know.’ ‘What was that?’ ‘I’m going to bury you under six feet of snow.’ ‘I’d like to see you try.’ Me too.

PUPPIES TIEM! Yeah, I was all excited, then I realized that when I move the family to another neighbourhood, I’ll loose the pets, so there is little point in getting excited. Next time they get cats, FYI. I hates dogs. Cats ftw.

It’s only one puppy, a girl named Twee Pop, which is a subgenre of the Alternative Rock genre according to Wikipedia (or Wrongipedia as it is affectionately known to me). Twee Pop sounds funny.

Cute dog interactions spam. I really did mean it when I said that I was not feeling this chapter and that none of the pictures really had any point. Had this been a real chapter, few of these pictures would have made it in.

‘HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP!!!” Finally, an appearance from the cowplant victims. Ghosts = much fun. Yes, I am one of those freaky players who likes ghosts…until they get my simself’s kids taken away so that I have to bring back one of my older kids to adopt them, making my children my grandkids and creating some weird incesty type crap. Yes, I am still pissed about that from the original Pokecy, all those years ago. How dare Sully have mine and Arcanine’s kids taken away just because he scared the one who looked like Jay Leno? AHHH!!!!

‘Oh noes! Alice, do not take a picture of-’ *click* Huh? Sorry. I don’t speak Manchester. *walks off whistling* What? Did you really think I could go an entire chapter without making fun of his accent?

We…we didn’t get into private school, did we, Lore? ‘Baaaa.’ No, we didn’t.

This is not going to help with his crazy plot to make Teal love him again, is it? Actually, this is likely to spur him on, slightly, if the damage is permanent. At least he’s still pretty, huh?

‘Ach! Vat seems to be ze problem?’ Well, overly stereotypical Freudian shrink, he is afraid that his Romance sim wife is going to cheat on him, which she probably is, he is the proprietor of a secret lab filled with potions and brainwashing paraphernalia amongst other things, his eldest child is a womanizing hottie with a mission to save the world, he has another son who is a physical clone of the first but who hates life, has a Manchester accent and who is a total emo because I pay him no attention and everyone seems to forget him, then there’s the daughters. One’s a pussy egotistical tyrant and the other’s a hippy who sees the good in everything. On top of all that, the twins just got rejected from private school. ‘ACH! Manchester accent? I’m out of here!’

‘But not before I make him cluck like ze chicken.’ Well…thanks. I guess.

I realised that because I made Cinderella drink one of the cowplant victims, she was a few days younger than her twin. We cannot be having that, so we kill another innocent (yeah right) townie and have little Oasis take a hit of immortality juice. Let’s just hope it’s not addictive.

‘More.’ No. ‘More! Now!’ Woah! Pace yourself. You can have all the immortality you want when you’re a spare rotting in the Sim Bin.

Because I can.

‘If only the answers to all the family problems were on this brick.’ But then what would I write about? ‘Happiness and rainbows and cute little furry animals and princesses!’ How about jealousy and anger and rabid little dogs and prissy stuck up bitches? That is more my style. Happily ever afters? I don’t roll that way.

‘Now this is a snowman!’ Cinderella finally finishes, a full day after the other two competitors. Is she slow, or just a total idiot? You decide.

‘Hey there kiddo. You have better be a fugly reject, else I’m going to hate you forever and ever and ever and make your life hell.’ Teal? Are you going to let her talk to the baby like that? ‘What? Can I date yet?’ Poor unborn foetus.

‘*sad face*’ That seems a little out of character Sweetness. ‘Whoopsie!’

‘There, all better. Happy happy happy.’ I sense that just below the surface, she’s as twisted as the rest of them.

Teal = cuteness. Nuff said.

Because I haven’t had one this legacy, a smustle montage, featuring Rivers.

Keg means only one thing!

Yup. Rivers becomes a teenager! And Pablo is here to blow his horn…wait…that came out wrong. And wrong is how I like it.

And that is where I will leave you, because that is the last picture I took before my computer crashed and I had to start this whole malarkey. Next time there will be new defaults and a new neighbourhood and new pets, but the same old Daze family. Hopefully it won’t be too long, but only time will tell and time hates me, so we’ll see. I love you all, and not just because I’m drunk.

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