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Published on July 10, 2009

Author: aliceinretrograde

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The eagerly anticipated second chapter of "Daze Of Our Legacy" with more dancing, more phailing and the introduction of the adorable Pablo Honey.

Hai thar peoples! Welcome back to Daze Of Our Legacy, the only legacy endorsed by my black lace trilby. Yup. So, last time, the founder, Teal Daze, started college, dated a lot and even managed to fit in a few rounds of skilling. So, shall we continue and finish off Teal’s last two years of college? Yes. Yes we shall.

Using her funds, Teal left the dorm and moved into this little shack that will one day become the Daze Greek House. ‘This house isn’t even big enough for me, let alone future generations.’ It will grow as funds come in. It’s as good a start as any. ‘Your optimism is creepy.’ Good to know.

‘Alice, it really is tiny.’ Yeah, but all your pictures are here. Look, there’s you and various dates. Have you picked a spouse yet? ‘How about never?’ Nice try, but it’s mandatory. ‘Bottoms.’

So, back to dating. I was shocked that she hadn’t dated Cale yet, so we rectified that. ‘His blue hair is hypnotizing.’ What is it with you and hair? Red hair is magical, blue hair is hypnotizing. What about dark purple? ‘That means that you’re an idiot.’ *pout*

‘My dancing is a decoy to allow me to oggle your beewbs.’ And that is why Cale is not Mr Right.

Guess who is. Go on. Guess. Yes, I know that Lore and Teal didn’t have any chemistry, and he deplored her slutty ways, but they did get along, their BFF and he is totally cute. ‘Eyes off my man, Alice.’ But…he’s so pretty.

‘You know, I may not approve of your morals, but you are hot as an Indian summer.’ ‘Aww, thanks babe.’

You know, I don’t think that Lore is as pure as he makes out.

Definitely not as pure as we wants us to think. ‘Alice…murph…get lost.’ Sorry guys, but this album needs more smut, so me and my trusty camera will be sticking around. P.S. These guys are in love now. YAY!!!

You guys are going to have such cute babies. ‘Urgh! Alice, you are so ruining the mood here!’ Whatever. But you will have cute babies. I’m thinking five or six.

Okay, I was torn on marrying her to Lore, until he did this. He and Teal both like to dance very badly when I’m not looking. They were made for each other!

‘Lore, Alice is making me do this, so let’s make it as pain free as possible and you just say yes and take the ring.’ ‘Oh…okay then.’ My will is done, and it was good.

‘This isn’t too bad.’ ‘It would be better if that other alien wasn’t staring at us.’ ‘Hey, she’s a friend.’ One of Teal’s only friends without benefits. It’s a beautiful thing.

This was unexpected. ‘I love my Lore!’ She is happy about getting engaged. That is so weird. ‘Lore is so cute and I love him and want to have his babies!’ *faints* This is way too weird.

In typical legacy style, Teal picks one letter for the Greek House and I choose the other. I’ve already forgotten what those faux Greek letters mean. I just call the house the Daze Greek House, until I come up with a better name. At least my simlets now have a place to be forever at college.

I really hope it’s not my simself she’s spying on. ‘I’m all glowy Alice.’ Second hobby maxed, it’s Science. And please take off that flimsy nightgown that you’re pretending is a toga. ‘Yes ma’am.’

‘Oh, hello Mrs Cow.’ Uh, Teal, you may want to rethink shaking that hoof.

‘Aieeeeeee! Do. Not. Want.’ Oh, Teal. You should know better than to trust a cow.

‘Listen here, you ignorant bovine! I am a legacy founder, you know! That makes me the Creator’s favourite!’ Actually, I prefer Captain to Creator, as homage to my nautical roots (I grew up in a naval town, and am moving back there soon. I am only ever at home by the sea). Maybe I could be an Admiral or a Commodore. Admiral Alice. Yes, that’s it. And, to add to that, you aren’t my favourite sim at the moment. He will be turning up later. You’re top three, though. ‘Whatever! You dare to buzz me? I will make you into burgers you waste of space!’ You’re cute when you’re angry.

‘That god damned cow broke my computer.’ You have quite a temper when it comes to people dressed as animals. ‘When they break my stuff, sure I do.’

I was too scared to actually enter the room where they were fighting, but Taylor the llama arrived to beat five shades of Thursday out of Melanie the cow.

Taylor won, and there was much rejoicing.

You got some mad skills there Teal. Eight creativity points and all you can doodle is a house. ‘It’s a very nice house.’ Sure thing little one.

Don’t think that Teal has given up on de-fuglifying dormies. She keeps trolling away at those trolls.

Her one and so far only badge. I’m so proud. *wipes away tear* She may go the distance yet.

Okay, Teal, meet my favourite sim. The founder of my new Officially Wacky BoolProp Challenge, Pablo Honey. ‘His name is weird.’ Well, the theme of the OWBC is Radiohead, one of my favourite bands. Pablo Honey was their first album. And it’s not like Teal Daze is a normal name either. ‘Well, he is adorable.’ I know.

‘Cow, you do not want to annoy me any more. If I don’t get woo hoo, I have to take out my energies in another way, and murder is always a good way to go.’ Melanie, you really are tempting fate by constantly hanging around here. ‘Moo?’

Premarital woo hoo? For shame, Lore. I expect this from her, but you? You’re a stiff upper lip, morals, does it by the book sim. ‘She’s just so hot.’ Men are so easy to break.

Why do all of my new sims like to dance? ‘I am named after a music album.’ I know, Pablo, but you’re also a cute, shy little Knowledge sim. I have never had so many sims who love to autonomously dance before. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad.

Forgive me. I just love him. And stalk him, even outside of his own challenge.

Another zone, this time in Arts & Crafts. ‘I am so smart! S-M-R-T!’ Yes, Homer, you are. ‘Huh?’ Doesn’t matter.

‘Why is she always here, hogging my computer! I want to write my term paper!’ Why do you really want to use it? ‘Fine, I wanna play SSX3, but whatever. It’s my stuff, and I hate her!’

I’m really worried that Melanie has forgotten that she doesn’t live here. She just had a bath and slept in Teal’s bed, before walking around in her undies, trying to prank and poke poor little Teal. It’s creepy. And that is why I let it continue. It’s funny to watch.

Teal really is a bad influence on Lore. ‘Why is the grass talking to me?’ No idea, Lore. This could get interesting. *evil smile*

‘I just maxed creativity, but you missed it.’ I was busy watching your fiancé succumbing to substance abuse in the front garden. ‘Lore? Really?’ I know! It’s just too weird. I feel like I’ve fallen into a mirror and everything all topsy turvy. You’re skilling and not cheating while Lore is talking to the lawn. At least I’m the same as ever. ‘You mean drunk and dancing to Prince?’ Pretty much. It’s the best way to write, really. Raspberry beret is one of the best songs ever written. And blue Bacardi tastes like ice pops. Nums! But, really kids, don’t drink. It’s bad for you. Makes you do stupid stuff. Wait until you are, like me, legally allowed. Then it’s fine.

You are on a roll, young Teal. ‘I feel happy.’ I think that’s the point.

‘So, think that you’ll ever leave my house and return to the slaughter house?’ ‘Moo?’ ‘Don’t pull that crap. I know that you’re a person under there. I walked in on you in the bath, remember.’ ‘Moo.’ ‘Alice, please zap her with your magic!’ Hey! You’re the witch with the red hair here. I’m just the purple haired Admiral. Ahoy, land ho and penguins off the port side!

Three years down, one to go! Who else is excited? ‘I have to study. *pout*’ Poor Teal. But I’m excited. College normally drags out, but I’ve gotten this done in about a week. Happy days.

‘Can I marry into the family?’ ‘I dunno. Alice hates Face One.’ I really do. Talk about boring. ‘So, is that a no?’ ‘We’ll see.’ Now that’s a no. That’s what parents say when they don’t want you to throw a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket.

‘Why do I get the feeling that I’m suddenly the smartest person in the room?’ I wish I had a trio of hot guys…or two hot guys and a random professor, to dance for me while I study. That might make me more inclined to work. Maybe I’ll have words with my mother about that.

Pablo? What’s wrong? ‘The mean alien poked me!’ Lore? ‘He was making moves on my fiancé!’ He wasn’t. Pablo’s too sweet and shy. Poor baby.

Ladies? Hugs for him?

Maxed cleaning. ‘I’m like a skilling machine.’ From love machine to skilling machine. How the mighty have fallen. She hasn’t had a date since Cale at the start of the chapter, and she hasn’t once cheated on Lore since they got engaged. It’s like a horror film.

I finally figured out what that Physiology thing was for, that I made her study for last chapter. Body is maxed in about an hour. ‘Told you my hair was magical.’ Of course. At least her stupidity will never leave us.

Frozen llama in a bed sheet? Check. This Greek House has everything. Taylor here, and Cale, will be taking care of the house until Gen 2 arrives. I kinda fell for Taylor after he repeatedly kicked Melanie’s bovine arse, though with him living here, she now regularly comes to knock over the bin.

Okay, show’s over. We are done. Short chapter, I know, but Teal really did very little for two years, besides studying. Teal graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 in economics. She maxed cooking, creativity, body, cleaning and mechanical, with 9 points in charisma and 8 in logic. She made 18 friends, 9 best friends, 13 crushes, 3 loves and a fiancé. See you next time, I hope, to see what happens to Teal and Lore next. Will there be cute kids? Will there be monies? Will there be quilted toilet paper? Hope you enjoyed. Laters.

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