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Published on July 10, 2009

Author: mmarti69



Day 3 of the exchange programma. Greeks visiting Badalona

What’s on tomorrow?

Part I

Empúries (The market) You where here long ago…

About Emporion  During the first half of the 6th century BC, the Greeks from Focea (Asian coast) founded a settlement near the sea (Paleápolis), and later created a new town not so near the sea (Neápolis) which was called Emporion.  The influence from the Greeks was vital for the creation of the Iberian culture.

Why did you come ?

Where ? Why ? Answers  When did they come?  The Greeks came to the Iberian coast in the 7th century BC.  Why did they come?  The Population was growing. There was no room for everybody  The farmers came because of their poverty and their fear of being slaves  They also came because of the lack of fertile land.  Because people knew where they were going because they had been here before looking for metals.

What did they teach us ?  What kind of relationship did the Greeks have with the Iberian people?  It was a commercial relationship, and they got on well with one another.  What did we learn from them?  New commercial techniques  Grape groing and wine and oil making.  The introduction of the common currency and scripture  Lots of words, for example…

Part II

These people were here too, but they were not as gentle as you were…

Badalona, the old roman city (100 bc) Thermal Baths

Venus of Baetulo The Venus is a sculpture of medium size, that represents Afrodita, the goddes of the beauty in the Greek Mythology.

Next weekend in Badalona. The Romans are back!!!!

Part III

Museo Dalí (Figueres) Dalí: the surrealist painter

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