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Published on August 3, 2007

Author: silverlunace



Slideshow of the seven ways to research niches as we learned in today's lessons at

Seven Ideas for Niche•ing The Thirty Day Challenge • Day 2 • by Annie Anderson 1

Idea 1 • What are people talking about? - Check out sites like, and others and see what’s happening, what people are discussing. 2

Idea 2 • What are people learning? - Find out what seminars and classes people are attending, both online and off. 3

Idea 3 • What are people reading? - Research what magazines, blogs, newspapers, books and other materials people are browsing and buying. 4

Idea 4 • What products are people buying? - Check out, eBay and related sites. Find the buying trends and where people are spending their money. 5

Idea 5 • What are people are searching for? - Use tools like to find out what keywords people are looking for online. also ranks the most popular search topics. 6

Idea 6 • What are people asking? - Go to’s answers service and find out what questions people are looking for answers to. 7

Idea 7 • What are people passionate about? - Search and groups, find forums, and social networking sites and see what people are involved in, what they like and care about. 8

“Every problem is a product.” - Pat O’Bryan of Portable Empire 9

Bonus: Idea 8 • What are your competitors selling? - Research on eBay and other sites what other people are selling. 10

The Seven Ideas Recap • Find out what people are talking about. • Find out what people are learning. • Find out what people are reading. • Find out what people are buying. • Find out what people are searching. • Find out what people are asking. • Find out what people are passionate about. • Find out what your competitors are selling. 11

Resources • eBay - • Google Groups - • Technorati - • Amazon - • Google Trends - http:/ 12 Thanks for viewing my slideshow! Follow along with my progress in the challenge at See you there! Annie Anderson 13

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