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Published on March 12, 2014

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The most frequently used 50 words in Spanish, high frequency, learning, lesson, memory aide, flashcards, world language

Spanish (eSOeS Español) Spanish (eSOeS Español) Words you already know, Words you already know, mnemonics, cognates, memory mnemonics, cognates, memory devices, tricks, visuals devices, tricks, visuals (Davis 2006) (Davis 2006) The most used Spanish words: The most used Spanish words: alternative list addendum alternative list addendum

(Davis 2006)(Davis 2006) The most usedThe most used Spanish words:Spanish words: extended listextended list

#d 28 decir#d 28 decir

to tell, to sayto tell, to say JuanJuan desirdesires toes to saysay to Abby.to Abby. I will say, Dearie,I will say, Dearie, I love you.I love you. Dear “ADear “A”” I love you.I love you.

#d 31 otro, otra#d 31 otro, otra

other, anotherother, another AnotherAnother oat rooat rowing?wing? The cThe coatoat RoRobert had outlasted thebert had outlasted the othersothers..

#d 37 ver#d 37 ver

to seeto see VerVer thethe bearbear..

#d 39 dar#d 39 dar

to giveto give I dareI dare DarDarla tola to givegive him a kiss.him a kiss.

#d 41 ellos#d 41 ellos

they, themthey, them Hey JoeHey Joe,, ssay hi toay hi to ellos (them)ellos (them).. Hi you guysHi you guys

#119 sin#119 sin

withoutwithout The worldThe world without,without, sinsin would be awould be a better place.better place.

#106 mucho#106 mucho

much, many, a lotmuch, many, a lot I hope aI hope a moomoo chochokes all your cattle.kes all your cattle. MuchMuch lloowing makes my brains justwing makes my brains just rattle.rattle. cognate: muchcognate: much

#d 48 sobre#d 48 sobre

on top of, over, abouton top of, over, about TheThe sobersober drunk is standingdrunk is standing onon thethe bottle.bottle. AA sombresombrero isro is on top ofon top of your head.your head.

#d 50 alguno#d 50 alguno

somesome SomeSome notnot AllAll goongoons carry guns.s carry guns.

#d 51 mismo#d 51 mismo

samesame II miss Moemiss Moe,, Larry and Curly, althoughLarry and Curly, although it’s theit’s the samesame oldold show.show. Ms MoeMs Moe is theis the samesame as always.as always.

#d 53 también#d 53 también

also, tooalso, too Tom, beTom, be anan astronautastronaut and a ballerina in aand a ballerina in a tutu tootutu too..

also, tooalso, too Tom, be anTom, be an astronaut and a rock starastronaut and a rock star too.too.

#d 54 hasta#d 54 hasta

until, up to, evenuntil, up to, even HastaHasta mañanamañana TheThe pastapasta is goodis good untiluntil mañana.mañana.

#d 55 año#d 55 año

yearyear On yoOn yo’’ oneone añoaño anniversary I will buyanniversary I will buy you a diamond ring.you a diamond ring. FelizFeliz añoaño nuevo.nuevo.

#d 58 entre#d 58 entre

between, amongbetween, among Can youCan you enter, betweenenter, between the two cars.the two cars. AnAn entréeentrée isis betweenbetween the salad and thethe salad and the dessert.dessert.

#d 60 primero#d 60 primero

firstfirst PrimerPrimer is theis the primeroprimero thing you paint with.thing you paint with. PrimaryPrimary school is theschool is the firstfirst school a childschool a child goes to.goes to.

#d 61 desde#d 61 desde

from, sincefrom, since FromFrom thethe (diez) day(diez) day Desi Arnez andDesi Arnez and Lucille Ball were fighting. It was theirLucille Ball were fighting. It was their desdestiny to fighttiny to fight daidailyly.. 1010thth

#d 62 grande#d 62 grande

bigbig RíoRío GrandeGrande = big= big riverriver cognate: grandcognate: grand

#d 64 ni#d 64 ni

not even, neither, nornot even, neither, nor NeitherNeither kneeknee cancan take kneeling,take kneeling, nini lala derechaderecha, ni, ni lala izquierda.izquierda.

#d 66 llegar#d 66 llegar

to arrive, get toto arrive, get to Legs arLegs aree essentialessential toto arrivearrive.. II llegollego atat LegoLegoland.land.

#d 67 pasar#d 67 pasar

to pass, to spend, to happento pass, to spend, to happen ¿Qué¿Qué pasapasa?? = What is happening?= What is happening? He passes,He passes, pasapasa time in Hawaii.time in Hawaii.

#d 71 día#d 71 día

dayday elel DíaDía de los Muertosde los Muertos

#d 72 uno#d 72 uno


#d 74 poco#d 74 poco

little, few, a little bitlittle, few, a little bit muymuy poquitopoquito I can only hopI can only hop pocopoco on myon my pogopogo stick.stick.

#d deber#d deber

should, ought to, to oweshould, ought to, to owe SmokeySmokey de bearde bear says yoursays your deberdeber is tois to put out the fire.put out the fire. II debodebo go to ago to a DEVODEVO concert.concert.

#108 entonces#108 entonces

so, thenso, then Doctor: “IfDoctor: “If in tonsilsin tonsils you haveyou have inflammation,inflammation, thenthen we need towe need to operate.”operate.”

#d 77 poner#d 77 poner

to put, get, become (+adj.)to put, get, become (+adj.) II ponderponder where towhere to ponerponer my money.my money. II pongopongo mymy ponchoponcho.. HeHe ponepone a blanket on thea blanket on the pony.pony.

#d78 cosa#d78 cosa

thingthing I can’t just get 1I can’t just get 1 cosacosa inin COSTCOSTCOCO, I end up, I end up with at least 2with at least 2 cosascosas,, CosaCosa 1 and1 and CosaCosa 2.2.

#d 79 tanto#d 79 tanto

so much, so manyso much, so many MyMy tan toetan toe isis soso tan it is famoustan it is famous..

#104 el hombre#104 el hombre

man, mankindman, mankind GoGo home bravehome brave fellow, slumber if you can.fellow, slumber if you can. In battle you have proved yourself aIn battle you have proved yourself a manman.. AA manman who sayswho says “Ummm”“Ummm” andand braybrayss probably has an IQ of 2.probably has an IQ of 2.

#d 84 donde#d 84 donde

wherewhere WhereWhere (donde)(donde) DundeeDundee was rased therewas rased there were aligators.were aligators.

#d 86 parte#d 86 parte

part, portionpart, portion No this is not a fiesta!No this is not a fiesta!

#d 87 después#d 87 después

after, afterwards, laterafter, afterwards, later I getI get depressdepressed,ed, despuésdespués vacation.vacation.

#114 vida#114 vida

lifelife This has toThis has to be the, vidabe the, vida..

#d 89 quedar#d 89 quedar

to remain, stayto remain, stay TheThe caterercaterer has tohas to quedarquedar until the event is over.until the event is over.

staystay All the boys haveAll the boys have Kay-darKay-dar, radar., radar. Their eyesTheir eyes staystay onon KayKay throughout thethroughout the day.day.

#d 90 siempre#d 90 siempre

always, foreveralways, forever SSemperemper Fi = always faithfulFi = always faithful I willI will simply siempresimply siempre lovelove you.you.

#d hablar#d hablar

to speak, talkto speak, talk HeHe talkstalks too muchtoo much it will beit will be a-blaha-blah day.day. ToTo talktalk a lot kissa lot kiss aa BlarBlarney stone.ney stone.

#d93 llevar#d93 llevar

to take, to carryto take, to carry Ye’Ye’ fafart,rt, butbut taketake it outside.it outside.

#d 96 dejar#d 96 dejar

to let, leaveto let, leave D’hearD’heartt leavesleaves one free.one free. Descartes,Descartes, leavesleaves me freeme free to think “Ito think “I think thereforethink therefore I am.”I am.”

to let, leaveto let, leave ““It’s been aIt’s been a Day HaDay Hards Night.”rds Night.” Oops,Oops, Let it beLet it be,, leaveleave songwriting to thesongwriting to the Beatles.Beatles.

#d 96 cada#d 96 cada

each, everyeach, every Each,Each, cottacottagege cheese is made by hand.cheese is made by hand. EachEach time hetime he caught acaught a fish he threw itfish he threw it back.back.

#d 97 seguir#d 97 seguir

to follow, keep on, continueto follow, keep on, continue TheThe sesecondcond geargear followsfollows the first gear.the first gear. CigarCigar, chain smokers, chain smokers continuecontinue smokingsmoking one after the other.one after the other.

#d 98 menos#d 98 menos

less, fewerless, fewer 44 menosmenos 3 = 1.3 = 1. cognate: minuscognate: minus --

#d 99 nuevo#d 99 nuevo

newnew 99 new wave Ohnew wave Oh-la ladies dancing-la ladies dancing (and a partridge in a pear tree.)(and a partridge in a pear tree.)

#d 100 encontrar#d 100 encontrar

to findto find ToTo encounter (encontrar)encounter (encontrar) a sunkena sunken treasure ship.treasure ship.

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