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Published on February 20, 2014

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COTY used memo-scenting to launch its new fragrance and create standout in a competitive market.

Davidoff  The  Game  Memo-­‐scenting       Summary:   To  launch  a  new  fragrance  COTY  challenged  OMD  to  come  up  with  an  innovative  approach   which  would  create  standout  in  a  competitive  market.   OMD  along  with  The  Daily  Telegraph  created  a  ‘Media  First’  solution  which  made  COTY  the   first  UK  client  to  launch  a  fragrance,  sampling  its  scent  on  the  front  cover  of  a  national   newspaper.       Background  and  Objectives:   Monthly  magazines  are  the  traditional  marketplace  for  scenting  although  they  can  be  a   cluttered  environment.  Scented  section  breaks  are  the  norm  and  often  expected  by   consumers  so  therefore  fail  to  offer  the  genuine  standout  required  for  a  new  product   launch.     Our  objective  was  to  create  as  much  standout  and  talk-­‐ability  around  the  fragrance  launch.   COTY  is  not  a  typical  newsbrand  advertiser,  however  after  extensive  research;  OMD   uncovered  the  French  newspaper  L’Equipe  in  which  Christian  Dior  had  utilised  a  similar   execution.  Using  our  contacts  at  OMD  Paris,  a  copy  of  the  newspaper  was  sourced  and   delivered  to  OMD  London.  Once  the  newspaper  was  in  hand  conversations  began  with  the   UK  Quality  press.       Insight  and  Strategy:  

News  brands  are  immediate  and  play  a  key  role  in  purchase  consideration,  we  were  after   mass  reach  on  the  day  of  launch  and  ultimately  driving  consumers  into  store.     With  the  media  channel  agreed,  COTY  desired  an  alignment  with  luxury,  sophistication  and   a  media  partner  with  strong  fashion  credentials.  Both  the  Times  and  Telegraph  were   identified  as  the  key  platforms  for  this  scenting  approach.   Insights  on  scenting:  We  know  from  previous  research  on  the  scenting  category,  that  scent   trial  through  well  executed  mechanics  increase  purchase  consideration  by  60%.   Male  consumers  are  will  be  75%  more  likely  to  commit  to  making  a  purchase  through   scenting  trials  in  an  credible  environment     The  Plan:   A  Memoscent  execution  in  the  Daily  Telegraph  on  the  day  of  launch,  supported  by  display   activity  in  Evening  Standard,  Guardian  and  City  AM  which  coincided  with  brand  to  hand   sampling  at  Canary  Wharf  tube  station  all  taking  place  on  30th  January  2013.   Results:   In  the  first  4  days  of  sales  Davidoff  the  Game  achieved  a  number  one  ranking  in   Debenhams  'men's  new  launches',  knocking  the  highly  successful  Spice  Bomb  out  of  pole   position  and  Prada  Luna  Rosa  out  of  the  top  three.    We  also  managed  to  outperform  our  key   competitor  and  the  biggest  seller  of  2012;  James  Bond’s  007  fragrance!     Furthermore  we  were  challenged  to  achieve  a  number  five  NPD  ranking  at  launch  but  we   exceeded  expectations  and  realised  a  number  3  ranking  amongst  all  male  fragrances.     The  success  of  this  launch  also  outperformed  the  previous  launch  of  the  Davidoff  house;   Champion  which  reached  a  number  4  ranking.     Total  sales  for  the  first  4  days  of  trading  accounted  for  a  huge  23%  of  the  target  for  the   month.   Client  View:     “We  are  very  excited  Davidoff  'The  Game'  is  the  first  brand  to  use  the  innovative  perfumed   memostick  which  makes  it  possible  for  consumers  to  discover  the  new  Davidoff  fragrance   directly  on  the  front  of  a  UK  newspaper.  The  fragrance  sample  on  the  front  of  The  Daily   Telegraph  is  an  innovative  start  to  an  exciting  media  campaign  for  our  new  masculine   fragrance  Davidoff  ‘The  Game’  and  we  believe  there  is  strong  synergy  with  the  consumers   for  both  premium  brands.”     Armelle  Poole-­‐Connor   COTY  Prestige  Marketing  Manager  

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