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Published on July 18, 2007

Author: webcontent2007

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------------------------------------ Web Site Optimization & Automation The Path To Maximizing Lead Generation and Conversion ------------------------------------ Presented By: David Terry VP Marketing Hot Banana Software Inc.

About Hot Banana • Hot Banana is wholly-owned subsidiary of J.L. Halsey - a publicly traded company • Web Content Management for SME marketers

Presentation Topics • Web Site Lead Generation Overview • Web Site Tools • The Evolution of Web Content Management Systems (Web CMS) • Case Study – A Lead Generation Scenerio

Old View Of Lead Generation Source - Lead Generation For the Complex Sale by Brian Carroll (McGraw-Hill 2006)

Old View Of Lead Generation Source - Lead Generation For the Complex Sale by Brian Carroll (McGraw-Hill 2006)

New View Of Lead Generation eMarketing Source - Lead Generation For the Complex Sale by Brian Carroll (McGraw-Hill 2006)

Your Web Site Is At The Center … Email Print Public Marketing Advertising Relations Television Events Web Search Loyalty Banners Marketing Programs Partners & Direct Branding Affiliates Mail

… The Center of All Marketing Activities Print Public Email Advertising Relations Marketing Television Events WEB Web Search Loyalty Marketing Programs Partners & Direct Branding Affiliates Mail

So The Web Site Has Mission Critical JOB TO DO! Print Public Email Advertising Relations Marketing Television Events WEB Search Loyalty Marketing Programs Partners & Direct Branding Affiliates Mail

The Web Site Has A Job To Do! But Does It Have The Tools To Do The Job? Optimize Your Maximize • SEO / SEM / PPC Increase Web Site Target Web Site • Editing Content Traffic Visitors • Brand design lock down • Internal Search Acquire Sales • email Marketing Qualified Results !!! Leads • Micro Sites • Landing Pages with A/B Testing Engage • Web Forms Track and Convert Measure Leads Prospects • Web Analytics • Content Personalization & Customization

Traditional Web Site Tools … • A Traditional Web Site Has An Adhoc Collection of eMarketing Tools • Many Are Custom Built And Out Of Sync With Other Tools

… To Web Site Engines • Today - A Web Site Can Be A Fully Integrated eMarketing Platform • It Can Be Optimized And Automated And Turned Into A Lead Generation Engine • Everything Seamlessly Working Together For Maximum Web Site Performance

The Evolution Of Web Content Management Optimized Proactive Advanced Email marketing management Link Management Single-sourced Search engine optimization Content control and Behavior pattern recognition categorization/ metadata Basic segmentation Analytics Rich media Author/edit Personalization Campaign-based reporting management Site based-control Calls to Action CRM/SFA integration Multi-site Delivery Multi-channel A/B Testing management Archiving distribution Lead Generation Engines Open API for Scalability integration Low eMarketing Campaign Value High Source : The Gilbane Group (2007)

“The availability of solutions that deliver this reality is an extremely important industry breakthrough.” Leonor Ciarlone, Senior Analyst, The Gilbane Group Strategic eMarketing: Converting Leads Into Profits, April 2007

The Evolution Of Web Content Management What Type of Web Content Management System Do You Have? • Basic • Advanced • Proactive • Optimized

How Do We Unlock The Power Of A Web Site?

What Are We Looking For? Integrated Brand Management Positive Customer Experiences Positive Results ROMI = Measurement and Analysis

Web Content Management - The Enabler Content Usability Consistency Tracking & Context Measurement

Web CMS - Content Consistency The Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is key for Brand Management • Establish product terminology: manage it through centralized access • Eliminate content creation redundancy: collaborate instead and strive for one voice • Keep it short: less copy equals more conversions • Be persuasive and “action-oriented”: write, re-write, edit and test to make sure the content is on target • Invest in a style guide: synchronize color, fonts, and text emphasis techniques • Reuse published content

Web CMS - Usability and Context Understand accessibility standards and follow them – create a great visitor experience • Up to 20% of all Internet users have some form of disability and 10% of males are colorblind • Context begets relevance: know your customers and talk in their “language” • Personalize landing pages according to customer segment, the message (the offer) and the promotion or product • Design effortless interactivity: lengthy forms, surveys, and registration pages are lead generation inhibitors • Ban even the possibility of a “dead” link

Web CMS - Web Site Optimization Fine tune and optimize the Web site for peak marketing performance - Optimize the Web site so it works! • Search Engine Optimization – SEO Laser focus on keywords, robots.txt, metadata, h1 tags, alt tags, page titles • Design Optimization – Implementing XHTML, W3C & CSS best practices and standards – accessability and usability • Web Analytics – On site behaviour, lead source, conversion and measurement – ROMI • Performance Optimization – speed of refresh and image loading

Web CMS - Web Site Automation The process for acquiring, converting and transferring leads from Web Forms to sales • Create a “Closed Loop” process Email, landing page, Web form to CRM/SFA • Launch and manage eMarketing campaigns Email Marketing Newsletters Media Releases Event and Survey Management • Landing Pages with A/B Testing • Web Forms with lead scrubbing, verification and deep SFA/CRM integration

Web CMS - Measurement and Analysis Use Web Analytics and implement improvements of what you learn • Design targeted campaigns based on specific consumer and market information • Execute automated campaigns with integrated, multi-faceted components • Track, compile, and analyze volume, response, and conversion rates to identify successes and failures • Integrate campaign results with SFA and CRM resources • Refine and improve campaigns based on timely, accurate data accessible to a coordinated marketing, sales, and customer service team.

Some Challenges eMarketing: as much a strategy as a set of technologies and processes People Process Typical Challenging Goals: YIELD – Increasing Web site traffic & visitors – Targeted & qualified lead generation – Maximized lead conversion Technology – Brand consistency – Consistent retention and nurturing communications – Promote up-sell/cross-sell opportunities – Precise analytics for measurement – Continual, closed-loop campaign improvement

More Challenges … • Tight budgets, limited resources • IT departments, Webmasters and outside suppliers who take their time People Process making changes or improvements YIELD • Speculative goals (and results) at best • Lack of complimentary marketing, sales, and customer service processes Technology • Lack of integration between eMarketing tools, analytics, and Web site management • High price points for disparate technologies

Even More Challenges … And add an array of technologies: • Search engine marketing, both paid and People Process “organic” tools • Personalized Web landing pages YIELD • RSS-driven content distribution • Event registrations, interactive surveys and forms • Rich media advertising including video Technology and podcasting • Social media advertising within Internet communities, blogs, and wikis • Database and CRM marketing

Case Study: A Simplified Web Site to Sales Lead Generation Scenario

Lead Generation Scenario • A technology company spends $10,000 per month on online marketing - banner ads, Google Adwords, email marketing, etc. • The Web site gets 4,500 unique visitors that month • By applying Web analytics we determine: – 1,500 visitors are from organic sources • Breakdown – 50% search engines by organic keywords – 50% referrals, bookmarks, editorials, PR, directories etc – 3,000 visitors from paid traffic sources • Breakdown – 60% PPC ads by keywords and search engines – 40% email & other paid sources

Lead Generation Scenario • The goal is to convert the maximum amount of raw visitor traffic into qualified sales leads by using a specific “Call to Action” » Webinar » Demo » Trial » Free White Paper » Newsletter » Request For Pricing » Event and Survey Registration • A well designed Web Form captures the information and closes the lead • A Web Form to Sales CRM process transfers the leads to a CRM or SFA, such as salesforce.com, and an email notifies a sales rep immediately to respond • That qualified lead now enters the sales team pipeline as a warm suspect

The Web Site Pipeline Process 5. Captured Lead Transferred to Sales CRM As A 200 Warm Suspect 4. Fill Out Form And Capture Data 225 3. Directed Traffic Going To A “Call To Action” 500 Web Page 2. Check Out Pricing And Product 1500 Information Pages 1. Raw Unique Visitor Traffic On 4500 The Web Site % close rate of visitors to leads = 4.4%

Typical Inside Sales Pipeline Process 100% - 10 deals closed • 100% - Deal Closed – Won and Paid! 95% • 95% - Contract Signed 90% • 90% - Commitment Made • 80% - Price Negotiated 80% • 70% - Solution Evaluated 70% • 60% - Solution Presented 60% • 50% - Solution Developed • 40% - Pain Points Discussed 50% • 30% - Prospect Completes Demo 40% 30% • 20% - Suspect Becomes A Qualified Prospect 20% • 10% - Warm Suspects – Web Site Leads 10% - 200 leads • 5% - Cold Suspects – Trade Show Leads 5% % close rate of leads to sales = 5%

Leads To Sales Results 1. Can go deeper on the data Web Site Conversion Metrics: – Track which lead sources generates the actual sales – Tag and track return visitors when Out of 4,500 Web site visitors – we they come back to the Web site have 200 qualified leads 2. Use Web metrics as a way to forecast lead generation and % close rate of visitors to leads = 4.4% predict new sales Total Marketing Cost = $10,000 – Does an Increased marketing spend of 100% to $20,000 per month = Cost Per lead = $10,000 / 200 = $50 Increase of traffic, leads and sales by 100%? % close rate of leads to sales = 5% – Law of diminishing returns does kick # of closed sales per month = 10 in … but a model can be built Av. sale size $30,000 Revenue from Web site = $300,000 per month

What Could We Improve? 1. Get more out of the marketing budget – more leads 2. Lower the cost per lead – From $50 to $45 3. Attract more traffic – Extra 500 visitors 4. Track the lead source and assign $ revenue to the actual marketing activity 5. Improve the Web site conversion rate 4.4% to 5% 6. Optimize and Automate the Web site pipeline to make the entire lead generation process more slick, efficient and effective 7. Get the sales team to be more productive and efficient 5% To 6%

Best Practices To Remember 1. Implement the best Web analytics programs to track back leads to specific marketing campaigns 2. Select the most cost effective marketing channels to generate the most leads 3. Optimize and automate as much of the Web site as possible – including building Web Forms that are tested and generate results 4. Set your Conversion % Goals – measure where you’re at today and then set month by month goals to improve your metrics 5. Calculate the number of visitors to leads ratio and leads to sales ratio – what is required to meet the sales revenue goals? 6. Continually demonstrate ROMI

So Which Technology/ies Should We Use?

Essential Components of Profitable eMarketing • Multi-Channel eMarketing is a dizzying array of techniques and technologies: • email marketing • Search engine marketing – paid and organic (SEO) • Personalized Web landing pages with A/B Testing • RSS-driven content distribution • Event registration, interactive surveys and Web forms • Rich media advertising including video and Podcasting • Social media advertising within Internet communities, blogs and Wiki's • Each technique has a technology silo related to it • It’s time to consolidate? But onto what platform? • Email • Analytics • CRM / SFA • Web CMS

What Are Marketers Looking For? 1. A technology that’s easy-to-use and non-technical 2. Save time, money and people resources 3. Total Control over eMarketing campaigns and programs 4. Manage, Automate And Optimize the Web site 5. Minimal IT support time and outside resources 6. Create Landing Pages with A/B Testing and Web Forms on-the-fly 7. Integrated and automated Web analytics and email marketing 8. Send Web Form Data to CRM / SFA, databases and emails 9. Search Engine Friendly – SEO and SEM 10. Social Media Optimization 11. Need a Single eMarketing platform

It Is Becoming Real! Think Of The Web Site As An Automated Sales Rep • Rather than a wild dream, this scenario is becoming a reality by utilizing a Web CMS-driven eMarketing platform • Web Content Management is a Software that allows you to take control of your Web site and manage content changes • The Web site is now the center of all marketing activity and is therefore becoming a critical lead generation engine • Technology prices are falling - broadening implementation opportunities to an array of small and mid-size organizations • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models continue to have the greatest impact on this trend, allowing marketers to deploy and manage eMarketing programs with lower upfront costs and reduced risk.

A Web Content Management System Is The eMarketing Platform Of The Future

Conclusion eMarketing is a strategy and a set of compelling technologies and practices – so focus them at the Web site and set goals accordingly 1. 90% of eMarketing activities run through the Web site – So the Web Site has to be Optimized and Automated 2. Persuasive content and communications that’s tested and measurable 3. The Web Site Has A Job To Do – Turn Your Web Site Into A Lead Generation Engine - A Robot Outside Sales Rep! 1. Maximize Web Site Traffic 2. Capture Sales Leads 3. Convert Leads Into Prospects 4. Transfer Leads to Sales 4. Auto populate the CRM, SFA, email Marketing databases 5. eMarketing should drive sales, period.

Thank You! Thank You! Download A Free Hot Banana / Gilbane Group Whitepaper: Strategic eMarketing: Converting Leads Into Profits - http://www.hotbanana.com/ company/resource-center/white-papers/ gilbane-whitepaper/ David Terry - VP Marketing, Hot Banana Software, Inc. Tel: 705-792-3880 x2222 Email: david@hotbanana.com

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