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Published on September 11, 2016

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1. 1 DAVID PUDEL phone: (973) 668-7404 26 Mayfair Drive dpudel@gmail.com West Orange NJ 07052 SR. APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER EXPERIENCE DEVELOPING FINANCIAL APPLICATIONS: Equity Trading Systems, Charles River Implementation and Utilities, Muni Bond Trading System, “Perform” Muni Bond Application, Commodity Basketing Applications, RIMES, BYSEM Utilities, Hedging Application, Bloomberg API, BarraOne TECHNICAL SKILLS  Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2005/2008/2015  C#.Net / WinForms (12 years)  Microsoft SQL 6/7/2000/2005 (15 years)  Multithreading using delegate/invoke/, lock, semaphore and Thread Pool  Informatica ETLs  FIX protocol Implementation  VB.Net (10 years),  ASP.Net (2 years),  Java/Spring Framework (1 year)  LINQ, WPF, WCF (1 year)  Oracle (3 years)  Crystal Report Writer (15 years)  DB2 (1 year)  MS MQ  XML (2 years) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: OppenheimerFunds May 2010 – to present Senior Applications Developer  Working directly with Commodity Trading Desk, designed and developed Commodity Custom Index Application (Commodity Basketing). Application allows user to define commodities, creating custom indices and sub-indices, obtain commodity contracts’ futures prices, define roll schedule and roll windows (including standard roll, negative roll or none-static roll). By mixing and matching template of the indices, application allows user to create “custom baskets”, define the Reset Period, cash portion, Custom

2. 2 Index Constituent commodity weight / CIM. Application allows user to calculate CIMs based on percentage of the constituency weights.  Users are able to create Time Series Report, Term Structure (up to 6 “deferreds”) Report, Custom Index Valuation Report that includes Equivalent Futures, Daily Calculated Index Value, Index Decomposition and Historical Return Reports. Application provides real time and batch Commodity Pricing capability. Created data is used to provide decomposition feed to CRD (Charles River), Xamin (vendor attribution system), RiskMatrics (MSCI). Application includes:  MS SQL Commodity database using about 60 tables, 40 store procedures and 15 functions  C# project using 20+ forms  Batch/Console C# programs to move data to “CRD”, “Xamin” and “RiskMatrics”  Batch process to get commodity prices, utilizing Informatica ETLs and Bloomberg Data License, Bloomberg API This application was developed using Microsoft SQL, C#, Bloomberg license, Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.  Designed and developed MSCI/BarraOne input and output processing using C#, MS SQL and Informatica ETLs. Application includes 2 C# console programs, 10 Informatica ETLs and MS SQL several complex store procedures  Designed and developed BISAM UI interface using C#, Sybase and MS SQL stored procedures  Designed and Developed UI interface to create parameterized process of loading RIMES (MSCI) Index Feeds BANK OF NY MELLON / DREYFUS CO. Aug 1998 - Jan 2009 Senior Applications Developer 2005 – 2009  As a Senior applications developer, did coding, testing and implementation of several applications using C# (WinForms) and Java/Spring Framework  Designed and developed multiple C# WinForms to data mine and extract files in multiple formats using Microsoft SQL and DB2 databases for batch set up and XML  These WinForms applications generated XML files containing data specifications identifying data sources and FTP addresses for destinations, scheduled automatic batch processing, and specified SQL stored procedures  Using Java/Spring frame work, developed several on-line screens for Commission Payable application called "Network Level III"

3. 3  Designed and coded several on-line reports using Report Writer "Actuate", export /import functionality to and from Excel  Lead developer responsible for converting traditional client/server Municipal Bonds and Municipal Money Market Trading Applications to Charles River Trading and Compliance System  Developed multiple C# WinForms-based applications to handle overnight feeds to and from State Street PAS, Lehman Indexes, and Perform applications  Designed and developed several utilities and reports to bridge gaps in the user required functionalities, but not provided in Charles River.  Assisted Project Management team in setting up and tested Charles River Desktop for MUNI Bond and Money Market desks. This effort was developed using MS Visual Studio version 2005 C#/WinForms and Oracle database version 7.8. Sr. Trading Applications Developer 1998 – 2005  Lead developer responsible for the Design, development and implementation of an Order Trading System for Municipal Bond and Municipal Money Market trading desks.  Responsibilities included completely revamping and re-coding existing VB6 applications developed by outside consultants for the Dreyfus Trading Desks as a prototype.  Application covered all facets of trading MUNI Bond and MUNI Money market such as Order Entry, Order Ticket, Blotter, Daily Feeds to Fund Accounting, Feed to Custodian, multiple reports supporting Trading Functionalities.  Developed several applications that provided additional functionality in support of trading activities on the desk: o MUNI Research Application - C#/WinForms and SQL o Lehman Index Application - C#/WinForms Lehman Index API, SQL o Automated daily trades and security feeds to and from Fund Accounting - C#/batch o Daily feed to Investor Tools/Perform application - C#/WinForms and batch o Reconciliation and other Fund Accounting reports - VB.NET / batch o Derivative Calculation application - VB.NET / batch o Other small scale applications and improvements for the MUNI Bond / Money Market trading systems. ESI SECURITIES CO Lead Software Developer 1996 – 1998  Developed technical specification, designed prototype, coded and implemented into production Soft Dollar application initially using MS Visual Basic version 4.0 and MS SQL version 6.0 and later converted to VB version 5.0 and MS SQL version 6.5.

4. 4  Application provided replacement to the manual process of generating custom reports to the ESI's client that traded with the company on the "soft dollar" basis.  Developed software functionality to feed to the Accounts Payable directly; eliminating the need for the manual invoice entry.  Responsible for the revamping of Soft Dollar application to perform functionality of the Books and Records for the company's Soft Dollar business. BLACKBERRY TECHOLOGIES INC Consultant 1995 – 1996  Developed a number of Bulk Transfer utilities for the MicroBank Software Inc., which allowed company clients to migrate their databases from older type of devices to newer once. These utilities were to be bundled together for resale to other clients with similar needs.  As a Development Manager, designed written specifications and developed the company-wide Time Sheet entry system for Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette utilizing Microsoft SQL server, Visual Basic and ODBC.  Developed application that provided time sheet data entry for all employees in the company, generated input to the payroll department, provided time sheet supervisor's ability to approve employees' time sheets and closing of the payroll periods, generated time sheet reports.  The application also maintained employees' vacation schedule, leave of absence, jury duty and other types of absences.  In addition the system provided time sheet administrator ability to notify employees of invalid or inaccurate time sheet entries, using e-Mail system. In addition Time Sheet system provided ability to store and display employee's photos and thumb print images. PCSI CONSULTING Programmer/Analyst 1992 – 1995  Designed, developed and implemented Formulary Tracking System (QUICK) for major New York pharmaceutical company. This application enables sales representatives to track the status (formulary) of the major company drugs in the field and upload information at headquarters. In addition system provides contacts trucking. For this application I utilized Paradox for Windows 4.0, OBEX and Lotus cc Mail.  Developed Middle Market inquiry system for AT&T, using Paradox for Windows, Microsoft SQL and Windows NT. This application allows users to link Branch Billing and Middle Market systems as well as provide access to D&B data (company headquarters and branches relationships). This application utilizes the Client/Server approach.

5. 5  Developed major portion of the Pfizer Opportunity Evaluation and Tracking System (POET). This application allows the upper management of the company to make decisions how to channel research and development fund. This application utilizes Microsoft Visual Basic and Access Jet Engine.  Experimented and written small application using Borland Delphi product. SALOMON BROTHERS Programmer/Analyst 1990 - 1992  Provided programming support and development of the Margin System.  Written batch and online programs using COBOL, CICS, DB2 and JCL.  Developed local network application for the Corporate Employee Charitable Contribution Department.  System utilizes DOS Paradox 4.0. As a lead designer developed highly visible and mission critical Corporate Compensation System.  Application utilizing Paradox for Windows 1.0 and SYBASE database.  During this period of time developed and marketed Medical Office software utilizing Paradox for DOS. PAINE WEBBER Lead Programmer 1988 - 1990  Was in charge of the Pricing and Margin Systems maintenance, analysis, design and production support.  My responsibility included full cycle management, analysis, programming testing and implementation.  Developed and implemented systemto automate pricing of CDs, FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA products.  Provided analysis, coordinated programming change effort, parallel testing through Margin System and implemented a conversion of vendors supplied pricing information.  Led a team of two programmers in my group.  Developed real time Pricing System using Paradox for DOS and feeds from the various pricing services. E.F. HUTTON CO Project Leader 1987 - 1988  Was in charge of the General Ledger and Fixed Asset Systems.  My responsibility included full cycle management, analysis, programming, testing and implementation.  Was involved in the acquisition conversion effort.

6. 6 MERRIL LYNCH 1984 - 1987 Programmer  Was responsible for the development of new, as well as maintenance of the existing programs for Merrill Lynch Future Back Office Systems (Bookkeeping and Statements).  Developed new systems, writing programs, installing and testing new software on IBM SYSTEM-36 and IBM-PC for Merrill Lynch Mortgage Co.  Provided analysis, developed programs specifications that was used by other programmers and wrote new programs for Bookkeeping Risk Management and Load servicing Departments. COMPUTER HORIZONS CONSULTING 1981 - 1984 Programmer/Analyst  Involved in planning, coding, testing, and implementing customer service system conversion for Merrill Lynch & Co.  Duties involved changing catalog procedures, modifying programs to accept expanded file, creating files for testing and confirming system changes. EDUCATION: Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Civil Construction, Samarkand, USSR BS in Civil Engineering Major: Engineering (Civil Construction) Adelphi University, New York Accounting and Computer Programming

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