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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: davidlader

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In a recent article in the Huffington Post, tai chi is described as an ancient form of moving meditation that has numerous benefits to its countless practitioners. Interestingly, contemporary research seems to substantiate many of these claims, including tai chi’s ability to help prevent and fight disease, relieve stress and battle depression, improve flexibility and range of motion, and slow down the aging process. In a sense, this is not profound news. As David Lader of Tucson, Arizona writes, Millions of people for thousands of years have been providing remarkable amounts of anecdotal evidence supporting the notion that any daily religious practice involving rhythm, meditation, breathing, stretching, and cardiorespiratory engagement is going to have profoundly beneficial results. Perhaps this is old news – perhaps we’re a bit late to the party?

On  Tai  Chi   By  David  Lader   February  18,  2014     In  a  recent  article  in  the  Huffington  Post,  tai  chi  is   described  as  an  ancient  form  of  moving   meditation  that  has  numerous  benefits  to  its   countless  practitioners.  Interestingly,   contemporary  research  seems  to  substantiate   many  of  these  claims,  including  tai  chi’s  ability  to   help  prevent  and  fight  disease,  relieve  stress  and   battle  depression,  improve  flexibility  and  range   of  motion,  and  slow  down  the  aging  process.     In  a  sense,  this  is  not  profound  news…  Millions  of  people  for  thousands  of  years   have  been  providing  remarkable  amounts  of  anecdotal  evidence  supporting  the   notion  that  any  daily  religious  practice  involving  rhythm,  meditation,  breathing,   stretching,  and  cardiorespiratory  engagement  is  going  to  have  profoundly  beneficial   results.     Perhaps  this  is  old  news  –   perhaps  we’re  a  bit  late  to  the   party?     Perhaps  the  real  question  is   not  whether  or  not  practicing   tai  chi,  or  any  substantive   and/or  traditional  martial  art,   is  a  worthwhile  pursuit…   Rather,  we  may  want  to  look   more  closely  at  what  is  interfering  with  our  willingness  to  get  involved  each  day   with  a  more  responsible  self-­‐care  regimen.  What  is  it  that  interferes  each  day  with   our  willingness  to  make  time  to  nurture  ourselves?  How  can  we  raise  our   consciousness  in  such  a  way  as  to  be  more  present  with  our  need  to  slow  down,  be   more  mindful,  and  get  in  touch  with  the  basic  aspects  of  who  we  really  are?  This  is   the  conversation  that  I  believe  many  of  us  are  ready  to  have…  This,  ideally,  is  the   information  that  needs  to  be  flooding  our  blog  space…     Tai  chi,  in  and  of  itself,  is  lovely…  Tai  chi,  however,  is  simply  one  of  literally   countless  daily  religious  practices  that  we  can  choose  to  engage  in  to  find  our  way   back  to  some  degree  of  peace  and  serenity.  The  antiquity  of  tai  chi,  or  anything,  for   that  matter,  does  not  ensure  its  usefulness  and  efficacy.  While  my  own  personal   experience  of  practicing  tai  chi  has  been  valuable  and  rewarding,  there  

is  always  room  for  innovation,  development,  and  improvement.  In  fact,  as  the   founder  and  developer  of  my  own  moving  meditation  system,  Warrior’s  Dance,  I’ve   noticed  that  the  creative  and  long-­‐term  process  of  exploration  has  been  at  least  as   valuable  as  the  obvious  daily  benefits  that  I  enjoy  when  I  train  with  my  students.     Tai  chi  must  be  the  culmination  of  the   exploration  and  inspired  work  of  various   martial  arts  students  throughout  history,  and   I  would  venture  to  guess  that  any  one  of   these  pioneers,  could  they  speak  to  us  today,   would  encourage  us  to  maintain  an  open   mind  to  the  remarkable  body  of  existing   knowledge,  learn  from  what  has  come  before,   and,  at  the  same  time,  go  within  to  find  what   is  most  useful  and  true  for  ourselves  as  we   continue  to  evolve,  explore,  and  create.       David  Lader  is  a  Tucson-­‐based  martial  arts,  fitness,  and  wellness  instructor  with  over   twenty  five  years  of  experience.  He  is  currently  a  5th  Dan  Master  of  Chung  Do  Kwan   Tae  Kwon  Do  and  has  additional  training  in  numerous  other  styles,  including  Gung  Fu,   Aikido,  Hapkido,  Karate,  Judo,  Jutitsu,  Muay  Thai,  Tai-­‐Chi,  Capoera,  Pa  Kua,  and  Hsing-­‐ I.  David  has  also  studied  yoga  and  Pilates,  and  he  received  formal  dance  training  at  the   Royal  Ballet  School  in  London.  He  founded  The  Dojang  in  Tucson,  Arizona  in  1991.  It   was  here  that  Mr.  Lader  combined  his  understanding  of  biomechanics  with  his   knowledge  of  classical  ballet,  traditional  Korean  martial  arts,  and  yoga  to  develop  his   signature  system,  Warrior’s  Dance.  David  Lader  has  shared  his  expertise  with   hundreds  of  students,  and  his  schools  have  produced  over  forty  Black  Belt  and  Black   Sash  experts  combined.  

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