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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: pritrazo

Source: slideshare.net

MY BEDROOM • This is a nice bedroom. • There is a chair in front of the table and there is a computer on the table. There is a bed under the picture. • There is a wardrobe on the left on the bed.

MY FAVOURITE BEACH • There is a lot of white sand in the beach. • There are many people walking along the beach. • There aren’t clouds and it´s hot. There are some waves. • The people are swimming in the water.

MY HOUSE  There is a table in the kitchen, but is there a window in the house?  There are three chairs in the living room next to the table, but is there a pencil on the table?  There is a lamp in the bathroom, but is there a shower?

SAHARA  This is Sahara desert. It´s far from the city.  There is a lot of sand, but are there people in the desert?  There are trees next to the oasis, but are there any scorpions in the desert?  There are fish in the water, but are there houses near this oasis?

By David Boo Noya 1º ESO

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