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Published on June 27, 2009

Author: mtcorps

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This is STILLMY TURF, baby... : This is STILLMY TURF, baby... Classroom Management Plan Courtney Dauwalter EDSE 500 July 2008/edited June 2009 What is classroom management? : What is classroom management? Humans, by nature, crave structure and predictability. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all require some sort of structure in our life in order to go about our daily activities. Classroom management is simply providing that necessary structure in the classroom, so that students can achieve the most learning possible. How to provide the structure they crave... : How to provide the structure they crave... 1. Make sure YOU, as the teacher, know what you want from your students. 2. Make it VERY clear to your students what you want from them. 3. BE CONSISTENT. Effective Teaching Philosophy : Effective Teaching Philosophy *What makes each student “tick” *Flexibility *Learn by “doing”/hands-on learning *Utilize student creativity **Make the students work **Time management / Life management A Positive Learning Environment looks like... : A Positive Learning Environment looks like... * Respect for students, teacher, classroom, materials * A bright, clean and inviting space * Rules and consequences are clearly stated / posted * Student work is displayed * Consistency and structure * Lesson plans cater to all learning styles * Student-centered RULES...emphasizing what SHOULD be done as opposed to what is NOT allowed: : RULES...emphasizing what SHOULD be done as opposed to what is NOT allowed: BE... 1. Respectful at all times 2. On time to class with all materials ready 3. On task at all times 4. THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE RULES...Take 2 : RULES...Take 2 BE: 1. Respectful 2. Responsible 3. Prepared 4. Honest RAISE YOUR HAND: 1. Ask a question 2. Leave your seat 3. Speak when someone else is speaking RULES ARE EASY TO SEE & EASY TO ENFORCE. : RULES ARE EASY TO SEE & EASY TO ENFORCE. If the rules are broken... : If the rules are broken... CONSEQUENCES will be CONSISTENTLY utilized: 1. Warning 2. Writing Assignment / Apology Note 3. Detention / Parent Contact 4. Office Referral ** Severity clause says steps may be skipped depending upon teacher's discretion. Rewards are important, too... : Rewards are important, too... Good behavior will be reinforced with: 1. Praise x 1000 2. “A Team” lists after tests 3. Student of the Week -> Star Students 4. Tickets 5. Positive calls home What justifies getting a reward? : What justifies getting a reward? 1. Excelling on a test 2. Great participation, effort or answering of questions during class time 3. Being ready to start class immediately when the bell rings 4. Doing something EXTRA A sampling of my procedures: : A sampling of my procedures: * Entering the classroom - Cross through the doorway and it's MY TURF = my rules - In seats with materials out and Bell Work started when the bell rings -Tickets ** Door shuts when bell rings and tardy pass required to enter A sampling of my procedures: : * Bathroom policy - Two “bathroom passes” will be issued to each student at the beginning of the 9 week period - Extra points added to the final for every pass not used during the 9 weeks ** “Extra points added” was a facade. A sampling of my procedures: A sampling of my procedures: : * Speaking in Class - No one speaks when I am speaking - No one speaks when a classmate is speaking - If I, or a classmate, is speaking raise your hand to speak - Follow verbal or physical cues for other situations A sampling of my procedures: A sampling of my procedures: : * Seating Chart - Assigned seats from Day 1 - Alphabetical - Adjust seats accordingly ** Good classroom behavior leads to lax enforcement of seating charts A sampling of my procedures: A sampling of my procedures: : * Exiting the Classroom - The bell does NOT dismiss the students. This is MY TURF, I do the dismissing ** Exit questions used daily A sampling of my procedures: Getting those parents involved... : Getting those parents involved... Parental involvement is a huge factor in student success. Making it easier for parents to be involved will be part of my challenge. *Reach out TO parents with phone calls, emails, letters home, etc. *Flexibility from parent to parent, situation to situation *Become a familiar face in the community by attending sporting events, local eateries, town festivals/fairs *Coaching

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