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Published on April 3, 2008

Author: Mercede


Canada Public Safety Information Network : Data Standards:  IM e-Enabler Workshop March 2004 Canada Public Safety Information Network : Data Standards “Single” criminal justice system:  “Single” criminal justice system POLICE 3,000,000 incidents CPSIN: New Partners, New Business Requirements:  CPSIN: New Partners, New Business Requirements Police Courts Corrections Parole CPSIN to meet the needs of the wider criminal justice community Solicitor General of Canada Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Justice Canada Correctional Service Canada Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics National Parole Board Citizenship and Immigration Canada Data Standards & the CPSIN Vision:  Data Standards & the CPSIN Vision Data Standards Secretariat coordinates the development of the data standards layer. Standards Best-Practices:  Disciplined methodology (e.g. ISO-11179) Existing best of breed standards adopted where appropriate (e.g. ISO list of country names) Consensus-based approach Expert advice provided by terminologist and the Standards Council of Canada Regular review of CPSIN data standards Standards Best-Practices Structure of the CPSIN Data Standards:  Structure of the CPSIN Data Standards The CPSIN Data Standard consists of: Metadata Business Transaction data Meta-language CPSIN Logical Data Model:  CPSIN Logical Data Model Data Dictionary Attribute Template:  Data Dictionary Attribute Template Code Values:  Code Values CPSIN Data Standard Evolution: Expanding Partnership:  CPSIN Data Standard Evolution: Expanding Partnership Federal Provincial Municipal International Core Standard Data exchanged between Federal partners CPSIN Data Dictionary:  Object 7 Core Topics Multi-level Object Taxonomy Data Concepts Appear Once e.g. only 1 Telephone Number About 400 data elements Generic Casework Paradigm Flexibility Provided By Type Codes Object Roles Object Affiliations CPSIN Data Dictionary CPSIN Data Model:  Object Role Object Object Affiliation Case: B&E Organization: Police Property: Baseball bat Person: Joe Joey Doe Investigated Location: 101 Fifth St. found at used responsible agency crime scene exhibit weapon suspect defendant Activity Event Process Charge Disposition CPSIN Data Model Slide13:  Object 2004 Object Taxonomy Growth 2005 2006 Offender Object Identifier Object Name Object Description Being Birth Date Person Religion Identifier Person Race Identifier Offender Risk Level Code Data Exchange :  Data Exchange Traditional Data Interfaces:  Partner One Partner Three Partner Seven Partner Eight Partner Five Partner Six Partner Two Partner Four ….Proliferate Creation and maintenance of interfaces consumes a large proportion of IM/IT budgets Traditional Data Interfaces CPSIN Data Exchange Environment:  Partner One Partner Three Partner Seven Partner Eight Partner Five Partner Six Partner Two Partner Four CPSIN Data Standard Standard for exchange of information only. 2 interfaces required: One to send One to receive Same components can be re-used to interact with every CPSIN application. CPSIN Data Exchange Environment Compliant Exchange :  Client DoB “19500522” Transformation ICD Transformation ICD Offender_Birth_Date “19500522” Compliant Exchange BeingBirthDate “19500522” CPSIN DATA STANDARD Partner Two Partner One Compliant/Non-Compliant Exchange :  Client Address “15 East Street, Ottawa” Transformation ICD Transformation ICD Partner Six Partner Three Compliant/Non-Compliant Exchange Non-compliant: Street Address “15 East Street” Compliant: MunicipalityName “Ottawa” CPSIN DATA STANDARD Street Address “15 East Street” MunicipalityName “Ottawa” Modernized Systems: Compliant Exchange:  Transformation ICD Transformation ICD Partner Eight Partner Five Modernized Systems: Compliant Exchange StreetNumber “15” StreetName “East” StreetType “Street” MunicipalityName “Ottawa” CPSIN DATA STANDARD Offender_Street_Number “15” Offender_Street_ Name “East” Offender_Street_ Type “Street” Offender_Municipality “Ottawa” Client_StreetNumber “15” Client_ StreetName “East” Client_ StreetType “Street” Client_ MunicipalityName “Ottawa” CPSIN XML:  CPSIN XML CPSIN XML Objectives: :  To provide the CPSIN community with a standard XML vocabulary that: Maximizes the flexibility of data exchange. Facilitates clean and easily maintained partner extensions. Provides an acceptable level of performance with current generation technology. Can be upgraded in a timely fashion using a consultative and open process. Continues to support previous versions as required. CPSIN XML Objectives: Object Taxonomy :  Object Taxonomy <c:Offender> <c:ObjectAffiliation verbPhrase=“Resides at”> <c:CivicAddress /> Offender Location Client Person Being Object Site Address Civic Address  Inheritance  Object Reuse  Partner Extension :   Inheritance  Object Reuse  Partner Extension CPSIN XML File <c:Offender> <c:ObjectFullName> <c:ObjectAffiliation verbPhrase=“Resides at”> <p:CivicAddress> <c:ObjectName type=“Given”>Joe <c:ObjectName type=“Given”>Joey <c:ObjectName type=“Family”>Doe <c:SiteAddressMunicipalityName>Ottawa <c:SiteAddressPostalCode>A1B 2C3 <p:StreetAddress>15 East Street <p:TravelTime>8 c: CPSIN Name Space p: Partner Name Space <c:BeingBirthDate>1950-05-22 <c:CountrySubDivisionCode>CA-ON Going for Gold:  Going for Gold English-language Gold Release 1 of the Data Dictionary published November 2002. Bilingual V.1.2 (metadata and master XML schema) to be published spring 2004. Future Priorities: Changing Gears:  Future Priorities: Changing Gears Move to standardizing business transactions. Outreach to vendor and stakeholder community. Pilots that integrate data standards and technology layers. For further information::  Alistair Rondeau Manager Data Standards Secretariat Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (613) 990-8026 For further information:

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