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Published on December 10, 2007

Author: Christian


The NSW Natural Resources Draft Thesaurus:  The NSW Natural Resources Draft Thesaurus Background and Presentation Existing classifications:  Existing classifications EPA DLWC NPWS The vision - thematic view:  The vision - thematic view The vision - drilling down:  The vision - drilling down The vision - multiple listing:  The vision - multiple listing What do we have now?:  What do we have now? A Controlled Vocabulary (ANZLIC Search Words) In use since 1995 (NRDD) Revised through ANZLIC Metadata Working Group Problems:  Problems Limited number of terms (175) EXAMPLE Agriculture has only 3 sub-terms So most data sets get filed under “AGRICULTURE” For the 500 Core and Priority Data sets listed on the CANRI web site AGRICULTURE = 67 AGRICULTURE crops = 3 AGRICULTURE irrigation = 24 AGRICULTURE livestock = 1 Problems:  Problems Presented only as a single “Search Box” function or a drop down list at best What do we need:  What do we need A tool to assist users to discover information “Drill down” through a logical sequence of terms, and provide other terms associated with the term chosen broader meaning narrower meaning same meaning What makes a thesaurus?:  What makes a thesaurus? Large number of terms EXAMPLE (from draft Thesaurus) AGRICULTURE has 7 narrower terms, which have 39 narrower terms, which have 29 narrower terms, which have 5 narrower terms. A total of 80 terms under AGRICULTURE What makes a thesaurus?:  What makes a thesaurus? Terms are related to each other in a formal structure. Thesaurus Structure:  Thesaurus Structure At the top of the GEMET thesaurus structure are two ways to categorise the terms by Theme, or by Group Categorise by Theme :  Categorise by Theme each term has at least one theme allows alphabetic listing of all terms in a theme allows many themes per term is really a flat structure under the Theme terms Categorise by Group:  Categorise by Group Each term has at least one Top Term Assign Top Terms to the group So carry whole “limb” i.e. the path of broader and narrower terms in the correct context Specification:  Specification A comprehensive vocabulary of terms relating to natural resources A structured terms list A Group category GEMET:  GEMET Vocabulary - over 5300 terms Structured - structured to ISO standards Provides a Group structure In addition, developed over many years by European and US Environmental Agencies is freely available for modification being adopted widely ISO/DIS 19115:  ISO/DIS 19115 ISO 19115 Geographic Information - Metadata Distributed as Draft International Standard expected to be ratified in December 2002 1. Mandatory use of Topic Categories (19) for each record Chosen as providing “high level geographic data thematic classification” 2. Optional use of published thesaurus ISO/DIS 19115 Topic Category:  ISO/DIS 19115 Topic Category ANZLIC Metadata Guidelines:  ANZLIC Metadata Guidelines ANZLIC profile distributed to initiate a consultation process 1. A sub set of ISO/DIS 19115 2. Mandatory use of Topic Categories 3. Recommends if ANZLIC was to continue with a set of keywords the “list should be completely revised and use the Topic Category codes to group keywords” Draft Thesaurus:  Draft Thesaurus Reject GEMET Groups and Themes Replace Groups by mapping ISO TopicCategories to Top Terms Draft Thesaurus - MS Word :  Draft Thesaurus - MS Word Draft Thesaurus MS ACCESS:  Draft Thesaurus MS ACCESS Draft Thesaurus :  Draft Thesaurus Presentation forms Web format Draft Thesaurus - At work:  Draft Thesaurus - At work Map of ANZLIC search words to TopicCategories Draft Thesaurus - At work:  Draft Thesaurus - At work Coffee Break:  Coffee Break

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