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Published on July 9, 2009

Author: dejp3


Database progress Project Beowulf

What’s been done? • Content management system built • Integrate all our sites into one entity • Search interfaces • Numismatic interfaces • Reference works – bibliography • Controlled vocabulary – EH, MDA etc • Data capture screens • Rally and hoard management • Action control and user permissions • And what you’ll see in this….

How’s it built? • Fully open source • Built on a LAMP stack • Uses Zend Framework • Uses jQuery for javascript framework • Fully documented (almost ) • Built just by me with inspiration from others eg Omeka @ chnm • It is all about the C.R.U.D!

What’s to do?* • Build Treasure Act module • Finish image management • Finish authenticated api for 3rd party reuse • Hook up to Heritage Gateway • Install on new servers • Finish data cleansing [very dull and time consuming ~ 1.5 million records to check] • Train you all • Finish public data capture interface • Put a theme on the site • Beta test *In no particular order.

Image gallery

Image overlays - accessible


Image overlay on records

Map County outline shown Public view obfuscated point

Bibliography & comments Harvard style

Statistical analysis

Annual report stats

Amazon enriched bibliography Publication data Data drawn from Amazon WS Linked finds

Roman ruler bio Zoom and pan container for high res image Denominations issued Issuing mints Latest findspots – obfuscated for public view = exact for registered

Early medieval coin guides Link directly to search

Search results Search term Export – context switched Results

Controlled vocabulary All these terms can be controlled in the admin section of the site. Each one gives the list of terms Each thesaurus term is explained and linked to a search.

Ascribed cultures

Term details Explanation of term Total number of records Link to search

Basic search form

Nice human readable urls produced across site Search parameter Search term Data is filtered when input to prevent malicious attacks – eg CSRF, XSS etc

Advanced search form

Autocomplete search terms

Linked selects – no page refresh

Numismatic searches Linked search menus from thesauri a) Choose denom b) Configures rulers c) Choose rulers d) Configures mints & Reece period

Rally management Geodata

Linked search to rally finds

Logged in menu Link to all finds I have recorded Link to all finds recorded by my institution Restricted access sections

Expanding menus These will stay expanded for the section you are currently in.

Find entry form

Findspot form

Coin form Like search, led data entry eradicates mistakes

Administering menu options

Edit facility

Better error reports for debugging problems

Events archive

Screen scraped British Museum calendar - cached

Data taken from theyworkforyou

Links directly to the Hansard write up Search term highlighted

Scheme profiles

Embedded microformats – allow generation of address cards etc

Metadata schema

3rd party integration • Twitter – automatically send updates • Amazon book search – enhance book data • Delicious book marking – see who has linked to a certain page • Akismet – spam monitoring for comments and user names • Recaptcha on comments forms • Flickr – consume and upload functions • Zotero – bibliographic tool for firefox users (brilliant) • Scrapes data from British Museum using YQL • Reuses data from British Museum opensearch • Opencalais term extraction • Theyworkforyou archives

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