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Information about Data2Content Press Release

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: syllabs



Data2Content Press Release

      Data2Content,  the  smart  solution  that  lets  you  create   editorial  content  for  websites  automatically     Paris,  28th  January  2014   –   Syllabs,   the   French   expert   in   semantic   analysis,   announces   the   launch   of   Data2Content,   the   automated   solution   for   producing   editorial   content   for   websites.   Relying   on  a  cutting-­‐edge  semantic  technology,  Data2Content  makes  it  possible  to  create  large  volumes   of   unique,   relevant,   human-­‐quality   editorial   content.   A   fully   automated   and   standardized   solution,   Data2Content   is   already   used   by   leading   web   players   in   the   fields   of   e-­‐commerce,   e-­‐ tourism,   online   directories   and   classified   ads   websites   such   as   Brioude   Internet   (web   agency),  or     A  unique  solution  for  automatically  creating  content  from  structured  data     The   Data2Content   solution   relies   on   a   semantic   technology   developed   by   Syllabs,   the   result   of   several   years   of   research   and   development.   Using   a   structured   database   (e.g.,   product   information   and   specifications),   the   Data2Content   solution   automatically   produces   large   volumes   of   human-­‐quality   editorial   content   (e.g.,   product   descriptions,   technical   data   sheets,   etc.).   The   solution   also   takes   care   of   automatic   content   updates   and   supports   multilingualism   through  the  creation  of  content  in  several  languages  from  the  same  data  set,  without  the  need   for  translation.     Data2Content  makes  it  possible  to:     •  produce   coherent   and   consistent   content   (in   compliance   with   the   website’s   editorial   guidelines),   •  create  content  quickly:  the  solution  makes  it  possible  to  generate  texts  in  minutes  once   the  system  has  been  configured,   • get   better   value   for   money   than   other   offerings   on   the   market   (web   editors,   offshore   editors)  for  large  volumes  of  content,   • create   original,   unique   and   relevant   content:   the   generated   texts   show   a   high   level   of   variability   of   terms,   vocabulary   and   expressions   used.   These   elements   are   essential   for   SEO  and  make  it  possible  to  put  the  data  in  the  spotlight.     Content  in  the  service  of  website  performance     Data2Content   helps   websites   address   competitive   challenges   related   to   editorial   content   by   providing   quality   texts   that   are   optimized   to   efficiently   meet   the   criteria   for   search   engine   ranking.   According   to   domain   experts,   good   SEO   is   30   percent   based   on   content   and   is   a   key   element  in  any  company’s  web  strategy.  Thanks  to  Data2Content,  websites  significantly  improve   their   ranking   and   they   can   offer   rich,   high-­‐quality   editorial   content   that   serves   their   visitors’   information  needs,  a  decisive  factor  to  enhance  conversion  rate.        

Data2Content  provides  the  following  client  benefits:     • improved  customer  experience  thanks  to  rich,  detailed  content   • increased   number   of   visitors   and   customer   retention   (relevant   and   attractive   content)   making  it  possible  to  lower  the  bounce  rate   •  adaptation  to  target  audience  through  the  choice  of  an  appropriate  style   • quick   integration   into  a   website’s   workflow   (various   formats   are   possible   and   texts   can   also  be  made  available  in  SaaS  mode  through  a  dedicated  web  service)   • better   visibility   of   the   website’s   content:   Data2Content   texts   are   optimized   to   boost   natural  ranking   •   About  Data2Content     Founded   in   2013   by   Helena   Blancafort   and   Claude   de   Loupy—also   co-­‐founders   of   Syllabs— Data2Content  is  an  automated  solution  for  creating  editorial  content.  Relying  on  a  cutting-­‐edge   semantic   technology,   Data2Content   makes   it   possible   to   create   large   volumes   of   unique,   relevant,   human-­‐quality   editorial   content   for   websites.   The   solution   is   already   used   by   leading   players  in  the  fields  of  e-­‐commerce,  e-­‐tourism,  e-­‐reputation,  online  directories  and  classified  ads   websites   such   as   Brioude   Internet   (web   agency),   or   Data2Content   is   currently   available   in   SaaS   mode   and   in   3   languages:   English,   French   and   Spanish.     Press  Contact  –  StoriesOut   Anne  de  Forsan  –  Grace  Darguel  –   Phone:  +33  9  51  51  10  76      

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