Data Visualization DC Meetup Cool Infographics Presentation Feb 2014

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Information about Data Visualization DC Meetup Cool Infographics Presentation Feb 2014

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: rtkrum



Custom presentation for the Feb 2014 meeting of the Data Visualization DC group.

Cool Infographics covering the most effective uses of data visualization and infographics for delivering a message. Online infographics are used for marketing purposes and are the most visible and recognized category of infographics. However, businesses are also using infographics to visualize budgets, marketing strategies, business plans, sales presentations, Board Meeting presentations, annual reports, consumer research statistics and as visual explanations of their products and services to customers. Even individuals are now using infographics to create unique and outstanding resumes.

Major topics included:
- The Science of Infographics
- Online Marketing Infographics
- Infographics Release Strategy
- Internal Confidential Infographics
- Data Visualization Design Tips
- Software applications and website design tools
- Infographics Resumes

Cool Infographics February 11, 2014 #coolinfo

Randy Krum links-feb14

Intro to Infographics

Up from 40 in 1986 174 Newspapers/Day Dr. Martin Hilbert, USC, 2007

Petabyte TB

20 PB/Day 50 PB

Facebook Data Warehouse 250 PB

125,000 Over 100,000 Petabytes/Month in 2016 100,000 75,000 Global Internet Traffic Growth (Petabytes/Month) 50,000 25,000 1990 1999 2008 2014 2017 Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2013

Image by Will Lion, 2008

80% of the brain is dedicated to visual processing University of Rochester, 2004

The human brain is a pattern recognition machine

NASA needs humans... analyze Mars

Picture Superiority Effect Memory retention after 3 days 10% 65% Text or Audio Only Text + Picture European Journal of Cognitive Psychology 18(6), 2006

Advertising Understands


“Of all methods for analyzing and communicating statistical information, well-designed data graphics are usually the simplest and at the same time the most powerful.” Edward Tufte, 2001

What is an infographic?

Data Visualizations

Info Art

Infographics Tell Stories

3-Part Story Format Introduction/Foundation Ah-Ha! The Main Event Call-To-Action/Conclusion Introduction Ah-Ha! The Main Event Conclusion

Visualizing data compares multiple values and puts the information into CONTEXT

There are approximately 2,267,233,742 global Internet users Dec 31, 2011 Big fonts are NOT data visualizations!

There are approximately 2,267,233,742 global Internet users Dec 31, 2011 Approximately 7,009,000,000 total people on Earth US Census Bureau (USCB) March 2012

There are approximately 2,267,233,742 global Internet users Dec 31, 2011 Approximately 311,591,917 total people in the U.S. US Census Bureau (USCB) July 2012

The 5-Second Rule Quick <5sec Long >5min

Key Message What is the ONE thing you want your audience to remember? “Google makes money from advertising!”

Data Dense

Tall Format

Search term = “Infographic” 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Intro to Infographics Marketing Infographics

Popular, Interesting, Related Topics

Share Data About Yourself

Infographic Ad

Infographic PR

Share Internal Data

Online Lifespan How long will your infographic content remain relevant?

Royal Wedding = One Week

BP Oil Spill = One Month

= One Year

= One Month...Every Year

= Many years

Infographics and SEO

Web spiders can’t see your infographic Text Meta-Data Alt Text

The Goal: Quality, High Ranking Links Mashable

Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest DON’T COUNT

Infographic Release Strategy 1. 2. 3. 4. Landing Page Self-Promotion Outreach Tracking

1. Landing Page Sharing Buttons Descriptive Text Infographic Embed Code < >

2. Self Promotion Half-Life of a link post is ~3 hours

3. Outreach Key Influencers News Media Personal Networks Infographic Sites

4. Tracking Backlinks Web Stats Social Shares Posts Without Links

Intro to Infographics Marketing Infographics Internal Infographics

Financial Data

Sales Data

Social Media Strategy

Complex Connections

Quantitative Data

Qualitative Data

Annual Reports

Corporate Sustainability Report

$224B TV Subscriptions $558 Billion Paste Into Presentations $135B Books Paid Content Moving $68B Online Newspapers $58B Home Video $53B Magazine $20B Music

Intro to Infographics Marketing Infographics Design Tips Internal Infographics

WRONG 1X Area = 0.79in2 Diameter = 1in CORRECT 1X 9X Area = 7.07in2 Diameter = 3in 3X Area = 2.355in2 Diameter = 1.73in Area = 0.785in2 Diameter = 1in #1 Be Accurate

#2 Be Focused

#3 Be Transparent

#4 Be Different #5 Be Attractive

#6 Be Varied

copyright © OR creative commons Include original URL #7 Clear Footnotes

Intro to Infographics Infographic Tools Design Tips Marketing Infographics Internal Infographics

Title& 35" 30" 25" 20" Series"1" 15" Series"2" 10" 5" 0" 1/1/02" 2/1/02" 3/1/02" 4/1/02" 5/1/02" Don’t Use the Templates!

2002 Store Openings 32# 32# 28# 28# 21# 15# 12# Jan# 12# Feb# 12# Mar# 12# Apr# May# Clean up your charts

Design With Objects

Excel Conditional Formatting

Excel Conditional Formatting

Vector Graphics Adobe Illustrator Visio OmniGraffle PowerPoint Inkscape

Image Editing Adobe Photoshop Pixelmator GIMP Acorn

The Noun Project

Asia 0 Ireland Americas Africa Middle East Europe Japan United States Germany Spain UK Chile France Czech Republic Poland Portugal Taiwan Ghana Brazil Bosnia Slovakia Italy Romania Hungary South Africa CroatiaBulgaria Israel Greece Tanzania Argentina Kenya Lebanon Serbia United Arab Emirates Uganda Peru Jordan Indonesia Bangladesh India Eqypt Singapore Turkey 50 Malaysia Saudi Arabia Morocco Colombia Ukraine Venezuela Iraq Algeria Nigeria Mexico Russia Pakistan Thailand Philippines Yemen China Syria Iran 100 10 5 0 PowerPoint

Infographic Resumes Use infographics and visual design to market yourself.

Tips • Additional summary • Highlight your strengths • Printable • Warning: Visual Accuracy

Option 1 Complete Summary Cover Page

Option 2 Integrated Visuals

Online Resume Builders

More Information Infographic Tools Design Tips Intro to Infographics Marketing Infographics Internal Infographics

Edward Tufte

Alberto Cairo @albertocairo

Nathan Yau @flowingdata

Mark Smiciklas @intersection1

Information Graphics Sandra Rendgen Julius Wiedemann

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