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Published on May 29, 2013

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“The modern city is becoming a pointer system, the new URL, for tomorrow’s hybrid digital–physical environment. Today's Facebook will be complemented by tomorrow's Placebook. Explosive innovation and adoption of computing, mobile devices, and rich sources of data are changing the cities in which we live, work, and play. It's about us, and how computing in the context of our cities is changing how we live. A digital landscape overlays our physical world and is expanding to offer ever-richer experiences that complement, and in emerging cases, replace the physical experience. In the meta–cities of the future, computing isn't just with us; it surrounds us, and it uses the context of our environment to empower us in more natural, yet powerful ways.”

8Data in the city

Agatha Christie:Author of 81 books, her writingcareer lasted from age 19 to 83,died at age 85 in 1976.

Ian Lancashire:“Vocabulary changes in AgathaChristies mysteries as anindication of dementia"

90007500600045003000Numberofword-typesorrepeatedphrasesAge at compositionI28I42I55I69I821. in vocabulary in Agatha Christiesnovels from age 28 to 82

8(Big) data can hold informationthat we didn’t know was there

8Big data analysis is concerned withdescribing, not with understandingbehavioral phenomena

8Privacy Reciprocity Ubiquity?Is our relationship with datachanging again?

8Privacy Reciprocity Ubiquity?Is our relationship with datachanging again?

Data is the fuel of the future city.9

10Data is.

Data is. No option to opt out.11

8Good dataput to good useOpen, publicly available data candrive trust and engagement andwill encourage both individualsand businesses (small or large)to innovate and shape our futurecities, workplaces and homes.

8Good dataput to good useAn example ...

14Decades ago the US Governmentallowed public access to theGlobal Positioning ServiceSince that time, innovators haveutilized these resources to createnavigation systems, weather newscastsand warning systems, location-basedapplications, precision farming tools,and more.

Consumers’ abilityto create digitalexperiences willcontinue to evolve

Consumers’ abilityto create digitalexperiences willcontinue to evolve

8A city built tobe hacked?

Open studio API

Open studio API

Open studio API

Hello world DIY:A wearabletechnology kit forpreteen girls

RFID sketches

Insert Azure ImageRFID sketches

RFID sketches

A new pay-phoneconcept forNew York





Sensors areeverywhere.

Sensors areeverywhere.Awesome or creepy?

Smart Citizens.

The vision “The modern city is becoming apointer system, the new URL, fortomorrow’s hybrid digital–physicalenvironment. Todays Facebook will becomplemented by tomorrowsPlacebook. Explosive innovation andadoption of computing, mobiledevices, and rich sources of data arechanging the cities in which we live,work, and play. Its about us, and howcomputing in the context of our citiesis changing how we live. A digitallandscape overlays our physical worldand is expanding to offer ever-richerexperiences that complement, and inemerging cases, replace the physicalexperience. In the meta–cities of thefuture, computing isnt just with us; itsurrounds us, and it uses the contextof our environment to empower us inmore natural, yet powerful ways.”

The promise of the cityWe understand that a city’s‘quality of living’ is usually articulatedthrough a collection of criteria and related performance indicators.SafetyKPI: Average emergency responsetimeSecurityKPI: Number of capital crimes per yearEducationKPI: Illiteracy, average incomeHealthKPI: Accessibility of basic healthcare,epidemic dataCreativity, InnovationKPI: Number of patents per capitaFood SafetyKPI: Number of critical incidents peryear...TransportationKPI: Congestion, accessibility of publictransportation

The promise of the cityCity governments - to varying degrees - have always relied oncitizen contribution to fulfill this promise.Through our network inAsia we discovered a collection of courageous and innovativeinitiatives and behavioral trends implying that quality of live in thecity comes about not only through effort of the authorities, butthrough the contribution of many...

EMERGENCY RESPONSEBANGKOK, THAILAND:Every night in the Thai capital, dozensof private ambulance teams roam thestreets and alleys to collect the injuredand the dead.The city has an average of four violentcrimes and three fatal road accidentsreported each hour of the night; thereis no shortage of work.Thailand does not have a state-runemergency system, and most hospitalslack rescue vehicles and emergencyroom resources. For the most part, theambulance teams are funded byprivate foundations, based inBangkok’s Chinatown, which operateon donations.Picture and story from:

PUBLIC SAFETYSHANGHAI, CHINA:Many drivers prepare for accidents byinstalling after-sales video camerasthat record their driving and log keytelematics. These records provide anelement of comfort should a difficultsituation arise.In more and more cases however, therecorded data and video is leveraged incase of other people’s streetaccidents, fights and other types ofconflicts - as drivers seem to becomeincreasingly open to submitting theirrecorded data as evidence that helps toestablish the truth ...

PUBLIC WELFARETAIPEI, TAIWAN:A public-sponsored free meal projectfor minors has benefitted 5,361disadvantaged children and teenagersso far.Launched at the beginning of the yearby the city government in collaborationwith 1,930 convenience storesoperating in the metropolitan area, theproject provides after-school care, freemeals and shelter to minors in case ofemergency.There are more than 760,000 childrenin the city, while the number of socialworkers and supporting resources arelimited.According to the city government, ofthe 5,361 cases referred to the city’ssocial services department, half of thechildren qualified for public assistance,such as tuition waivers and free schoolmeals.

ReviewEDUCATIONMANILA, PHILIPPINES:Through youth awareness projects, thegroup around Efren Peñaflorida hasbeen providing community service tokids who are in need. The KaritonKlasrum project has pushcarts that arestocked with books, writing materials,tables, and chairs, which bringeducation to poor children. This mobileclassroom teaches the kids differenttopics—from math to proper hygiene. Italso provides basic medical treatmentand food.  The project hopes to convertdrop-outs and out-of-school youths,and bring them back to mainstreameducation. The Kariton Klasrumservices 800 kids, and around 85 to 90percent of them have gone back toschool and some have also volunteeredfor the group’s projects. Picture and story from:

HEALTHCAREMUMBAI, INDIA:The vision of the ‘Jaipur Foot’program is to ensure the physical,economic and social rehabilitation ofthe disabled, to enable them to regaintheir mobility and dignity andbecome self-respecting andproductive members of society, ie, inshort, restoring the glory of life.To realize their vision the initiativeaims to provide prosthetics orartificial limbs, calipers and otherphysical aids and appliances, free ofcharge, to as many disabled peopleas possible through its centers,outreach programs and rehabilitationcamps, both in India and abroad.Picture and story from:

POLLUTION / FOOD SAFETYAHMEDABAD, INDIA:Sarvajal was founded in 2008 by thePiramal Foundation to develop market-based models for clean drinking waterat the base of the pyramid. Sarvajalpartners with local communities todeploy micro-infrastructure drinkingwater solutions. Local entrepreneurscan set up water ATMs that areconnected to cloud to collect waterusage and ATM maintenance data.Using mobile phones, they can accessand monitor the data, which empowersthem to constantly localize andimprove on their service offerings.The micro-grid had been deployed inpockets of rural India communities, andnow scaling to urban slums.

SECURITYCHINA:China’s one-child policy has fueleddemand for children, and someorganizations estimate that as many as200.000 children are snatched andsold every year to desperate, often boy-less, couples. Spurred by thecampaigning of parents thegovernment is starting to acknowledgethe problem more openly. Social mediamay also have played a role. In recentyears, parents and activists have beenusing websites and microblogs to shareinformation about cases and drawpublic attention to child abduction.Their efforts have put pressure on thepolice, who have responded(unusually, given their suspicion ofinternet activism) by using the internetthemselves to contact the families ofvictims. An account on Sina’smicroblogging platform Weibo run byBaobei Huijia (Baby Come Home), anactivist network based in north-easternChina, has nearly 140,000 followers.

SECURITYCHINA:Sun Jifa raises his prosthetic forearmsin Yong Ji county, Jilin province, onSeptember 25, 2012.Sun, a Chinese farmer who lost hisforearms in a dynamite fishing accident32 years ago, could not afford to buyprosthetic limbs. He spent two yearsguiding his two nephews to build hisprosthesis from scrap metal, plasticand rubber.Over the years, Sun and his nephewshave built about 300 prosthetic limbsfor people in need, charging 3000 RMB($476) each. (Reuters/Sheng Li)

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