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Information about Data Destruction Service

Published on October 23, 2017

Author: ankitasen02


slide 1: What Is Data Destruction D. slide 2: Data destruction is the process by which un-required data of a company gets destroyed. This data can be stored in hard disks tapes and any other form of electronic media. However due to the immense risk associated with the process the data destruction or data shredding services needs to be 100 authentic and reliable. There are various forms of data destruction processes. Firstly there is the simple data destruction wherein the stored information is being deleted in order to make free space in a company’s storage system. Then there is the data degaussing system. A data degausser uses magnetic field to clear any information which are not required by the owner. Thirdly there is the option of data shredding or hard drive shredding. This is more of a mechanical process of physically destroying the hard drives and storage discs so that no data can be accessed from them again. slide 3: Why data Destruction is required Once the data is being destructed then it is no longer accessible by any sort of operating system. Mere deletion of the files is not enough. That is why hard disk destructors are used in order to over-write whatever available space is there in the storage device. The idea is to make the data completely untraceable and undetectable. Sometimes incomplete or inefficient data deletion processes leave the risk of unethical usage of the information later on. That is why a company needs to be vigilant in hiring a correct data destruction service provider. slide 5: What is data degaussing Data destruction is also feasible via the process of degaussing. A data degausser uses strong magnetic fields to erase or destroy all the stored data in a storage device. Also known as hard drive degaussing this process is very effective in eradicating any trace and sign of unnecessary data from a company’s storage. However considering the severity of this process the owner of the data and data drives must be aware of the fact the desired strength of the data degausser. This problem can easily be solved by hiring the correct data degaussing service provider. A professional data degaussing and data destruction service provider will have the know-how on the capacity of the magnetic fields required for degaussing the data stored in your company’s storage devices. slide 6: Only by appointing a fully professional data destruction service provider you can enjoy the peace of mind that you often seek after planning to free your storage space by removing all the unnecessary data. What is data shredding Data shredding services or hard disk shredding is more of a physical process wherein the hard drives of a company are literally being destroyed. This activity is being performed by using a mechanical device known as the shredder. The shredder performs a very physical task of mangling all the tapes along with the hard drives and also the optical media. However in such cases also you need to weary that all your storage devices are completely destroyed and there are no elements of it left behind. slide 8: Professional hard disk shredding companies come handy in such scenarios as they offer both onsite and offsite data shredding services. In case of the former they will send trained professionals at your location and perform the shredding activities. In case of the latter they will carry the hard disks and tapes from your location and perform the shredding activity on them at their location. In case of both the cases you will enjoy the certainty that all your unnecessary data are being eared out for ever. slide 9: T Y..

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