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Published on February 23, 2014




Data conversion Service India

One of the entry level jobs that most people can perform well without much skill needed is data entry since generally, only a little amount of skill is needed in this type of job. If you do not mind working on a computer for long hours, this job is all right for you. What else is that you get a little higher pay than the minimum wage?

What Is The Definition And Nature Of Data Entry Job?

This job is basically about transcribing data. It refers to the act of transferring data from the original form to a different form. The data ordinarily consist of people’s names including their phone numbers and addresses or other additional information about them. Data entry requires entering all this information basically from a handwritten sheet into a database or spreadsheet in an accurate and orderly fashion.

Who Can Perform Data Entry?

Since this job does not require a lot of skill, even a college student can perform this job perfectly. You must be very adept at typing speedily and must be capable of working very carefully with details aside from being able to work on a computer for long hours to be successful at this job.

What Skills Are Required In Data Entry?

Generally, proficiency in Open Office or Microsoft Office is necessary for the tasks. Excel is another useful requirement. It is even more commendable to be skillful in sum equations and similar functions on excel. Data entry essentially requires the knowledge of splitting columns with the use of excel since there are situations where data are needed to be split in columns. This is a very important skill that if you do not know it you have to be sure to learn it online. Another necessary ability is to be able to fill in the required data from the excel sheet to a generic or personalized form letter.

Aside from proficiency in Office software, accuracy in performing the tasks is required in data entry. This is very important since even a small error can lead to bigger problems such as when the messages are not sent to the right addresses because of the error. Just like in data conversion, speed is not enough since accuracy should also be taken into consideration to produce efficient results.

Who Needs This Job Most?

Many businesses and people require data entry since it is needed in a lot of quantitative types of comparison jobs. University professors who are working on some research projects that have something to do with the so-called quantitative analysis more often than not appreciate the help of data enterers. Government office interns are generally found working the whole day entering data for a considerable number of databases.

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