Data Communication Network Architecture Protocols

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Information about Data Communication Network Architecture Protocols

Published on February 1, 2010

Author: aSGuest37099


Data Communication Network Architecture, Protocols, and Standards : Prepared By: Ronnel Agulto , CpE Data Communication Network Architecture, Protocols, and Standards Data Communication Network Architecture : Data Communication - is any system of computers, computer terminals, or computer peripheral equipment used to transmit and/ or received information between two or more locations. Network Architecture -outline the products and services necessary for the individual components within a data communications network to operate together. Data Communication Network Architecture Network Architecture : - it is a set of equipment , transmission media , and procedures that ensures that a specific sequence of events occurs in a network In the proper order to produce the attendance results. Experience Network Network Architecture Goals: : “ to give the users of the network tools necessary for the setting up the network and performing the data flow “ “ includes electrical specification, hardware arrangements, and software procedures…………..” Goals: Protocols: : Finite state of rules that should be performed a specific task that is governed to performed communication Networking protocols suites describe processes such as: The format or structure of the message The process by which networking devices share information about pathways with other networks How and when error and system messages are passed between devices The setup and termination of data transfer sessions Protocols: The Role of Protocols : The Role of Protocols Category of Protols: : Current Legacy Legendary Category of Protols: Current networks : Includes the most modern and sophisticated networks and protocol available. Back Current networks Legacy : A classification of network that is consider when a network exist but no one wants to used it. Legacy Legendary Protocols : A classification of network that is consider when a network does not exist anymore or it disappear. Legendary Protocols Computer Network Classification : Broadcast Point to Point Computer Network Classification Broadcast Network : All stations and devices on the network share a single communication channel Data are propagated through the network in relatively short message sometimes called blocks, frames, or packets Many or all subscriber of the network received transmitted message , and each message contains an address that identify specifically which subscriber is intended to received message Broadcast Network Point to Point Network : Typically a Point-to-Point connection is used to connect one office or building to another office or building when hardwiring is not available (or the phone company makes it cost prohibitive). Mote specifically, this could be because of distance limitations, saving With a point-to-point connection the network administrator is free to use whatever wireless standard needed without worrying about compatibility with a myriad of wireless cards found in a distributed network. Point to Point Network Basic Component of a Network : Terminal Workstation Server Network Interface Card Communication Media Network Operating System Peripheral Devices Basic Component of a Network Terminal : A computer terminal is an electronic or electromechanical hardware device that is used for entering data into, and displaying data from, a computer or a computing system. Early terminals were inexpensive devices but very slow, but as the technology improved and video displays were introduced, terminals pushed these older forms of interaction from the industry Terminal Three groups of Terminal : Dumb Terminal Intelligent terminal Graphic Terminal Three groups of Terminal Dumb Terminal : Are those which have limited functions and are driven with information from a host computer . Normally, they consist of a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) display screen with a full alphanumeric keyboard and can be connected directly to a computer system Dumb Terminal Intelligent Terminal : The largest and the widest ranging group Equipped with a processor that can support an instruction set to direct the basic functions of the terminal Capable of stand-alone processing and can support a variety of communications interface through the use of emulation program. Intelligent Terminal Graphic Terminal : Are display devices that provide a means not only for displaying data in graphical form, but also for manipulating and modifying the data presented. Graphic Terminal END : END…………. END

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