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Information about Data Base Development zsi Sharma Workshop

Published on January 3, 2008

Author: Abbott


Data Base Development:  Data Base Development By Dr.S.P.Sharma Advisor Min. of Env. & Forests Emphasis:  Emphasis Creating Awareness:  Creating Awareness Specific Attention:  Specific Attention Specific Thematic Centres:  Specific Thematic Centres Indian School of Mines 1.Production of Minerals by type; 2. Production ,Capacity of Metallic Minerals by location; 3. Production,capacity of Non-Metallic minerals by location; 4. Potential Mineral Stock by type and area; 5. Land area occupied by Mining Units by type and location; 6. Distribution of mechanical, manual, open cast mines; 7. Capital Invested in Mines by type and location ISM ( Contd-):  ISM ( Contd-) Labour Aspects Employment in Mines by type and location; Wages in Mines by type and location; Welfare measures for labour; Accidents in Mines by type and location; Reasons of accidents by type; Education, training of workers by type of mine ISM( Contd-):  ISM( Contd-) Environmental Aspects Use of Energy by type in Mineral production by category and location; Use of water in mining activities by type and location Degraded land in mining area; Growth in degraded land per year; Reclamation of land in mining areas per year by source and method; (vi) Generation of Solid, liquid and gaseous effluents per year by type and location; Treatment of effluents by type and location. Land area affected by metal contamination in mining areas School of Planning & Arch.:  School of Planning & Arch. Housing Situation Distribution of population by type of house in rural, urban areas by region; Houseless population by region; Intra-state rural-urban migration; Inter-state migration by reason; Population living in slums by region SPA(Contd-):  SPA(Contd-) Housing Conditions Proportion of houses with toilets by rural, urban areas, by region; Provision of Sewage system in urban areas by region; Availability of drinking water by source in houses by region for rural, urban areas; Availability of electricity, source of lighting SPA(Contd-):  SPA(Contd-) Housing Conditions (Contd.) (v) Proportion by ownership type of house; (vi) Condition about earthquake resistance; (vii) Provision for rain water harvesting; (viii) Acts and regulations relating to house construction; (ix) Index of cost of construction of houses; (x) Index of Urban residential value Dept. of Env. Sc., Kalyani Univ.:  Dept. of Env. Sc., Kalyani Univ. Status of Biotechnolgy Region-wise Proportion of BT crop prodn. in agriculture; Use of Fertilisers and Pesticides in Agri. By region and crops; Status of microbes in soils by region and type; Production of leguminous crops by region; Normal Crop cycle in the areas with BT Crops DES, Kalyani ( Contd-):  DES, Kalyani ( Contd-) Energy Use in Agriculture Use of energy in Agri. Operations; Sources, intensity of of irrigation by region, under-ground water level; Pest infected ness in BT and non BT crops; BT horticultural production by region; Production, imports of BT seeds DES Kalyani ( Contd-):  DES Kalyani ( Contd-) Awareness & Education Education network in Environmental Biotechnology; State of Art of Research in the field; Documentation of traditional knowledge; Extension system for cultivators of BT crops and the non-farmers; Documentation of awareness material. Indian Env. Society:  Indian Env. Society Rights &Duties of Panchayats Charter as per 73rd Amendment Status of the Common Property Resources in the villages; (iii) Situation about the Panchayat Elections in the states; (iv) Structure of funding for Development works IES( Contd-):  IES( Contd-) IES( Contd-):  IES( Contd-) STEM:  STEM STEM (Contd-):  STEM (Contd-) STEM( Contd-):  STEM( Contd-) SCSTS:  SCSTS SCSTS( Contd-):  SCSTS( Contd-) SCSTS( Contd-):  SCSTS( Contd-) TERI:  TERI TERI(Contd-):  TERI(Contd-) TERI( Contd-):  TERI( Contd-) BCKU:  BCKU Biosphere reserves, economic use.:  Biosphere reserves, economic use. Inventorisation of plant species and animal life; Documentation of virtues of plants in the reserves; Preparation of data base on important plant, animal species based on economic use; Impact of maintenance of biosphere reserves on soil moisture and ground water level in the surrounding areas; Status of habitat in the biosphere reserves for animal life. JNU(SES):  JNU(SES) Current status of R&D in Bio-geo-chemistry Status of fresh water related issues in India; Status of river eco-systems; Documentation of research in bio-geo-chemistry; Compilation of abstracts and bibliography of latest important publications in the field; JNU (contd.):  JNU (contd.) Economic impact of water bodies Impact of degradation of inland water bodies on Avian Ecology; Compilation of case studies on conservation of wet-lands and their impact on Avian Ecology; Impact of river water quality on fish population and production; Impact of degradation of wet-lands on quality of fish production; Prospects of improvement in agricultural production with conservation of water bodies; ZSI:  ZSI Status of faunal diversity Status of Animal Ecology in the major natural habitats of India; Compilation of Animal Habitat in ideal conditions; Compilation of animal behavior and growth in major natural habitats; Estimates of animal population by type and region; Status of habitat of marine fauna ZSI (contd.):  ZSI (contd.) Impact of Human activity on animals Impact on animal life in industrial areas; Status of Improvement in animal life in National Parks, Sanctuaries and Reserves; Compilation of Endemic species in major natural habitats; Compilation of threatened species by region; ZSI(contd.):  ZSI(contd.) Economic impact on faunal diversity Medicinal use of insects, birds and animals; Revenue from Eco-tourism by region; Impact on fish cultivation and income; Impact of soil nematodes on improvement of fertility; Impact of insects on soil moisture and improvement in humus quality; BSI:  BSI Status of floral bio-diversity Compilation of endemic, rare and threatened plant species by region; Status of improvement in bio-diversity in reserved areas and National Parks; Status of floral diversity in eco-sensitive areas and hot spots; Status of medicinal plants and economically useful flora by region. BSI(Contd.):  BSI(Contd.) Economic Impact of Plants Documentation economic benefits of plants by region; Production, trade of medicinal plants by region; Compilation on Use of medicinal plants in Ayurvedic, Unani, other traditional treatments; Compilation on Use of plants in traditional cottage industries, food products by region; Compilation on Use of Plants in beauty, skin care and other uses by region; Compilation of traditional knowledge of people about use of plants, specially in tribal and hill areas. BSI (contd):  BSI (contd) Environmental Use of Plants Documentation of plants as indicators of pollution by region and examples; Documentation of plants as indicators for presence of minerals, level of ground water; Documentation of plants as indicators of proportion of humus and identification of soil type by region and examples; Crop group wise documentation of wild species by region. PUBLICATIONS:  PUBLICATIONS Books Journals Magazines Newsletter Bulletin Monographs State of Art Report Abstracts NEWSLETTER DESIGNING (Good Design Never Grows Old):  NEWSLETTER DESIGNING (Good Design Never Grows Old) Perceived Value Goal Purpose and Audience Image SPECIFICATIONS:  SPECIFICATIONS Pages : 8-16 Frequencies : Quarterly Size : A4 Copies : 300-500 Colour/Glossy Photographs: 4-6 LAYOUT:  LAYOUT LOGO (ENVIS Must) Editorial/a Write up on some hot topics Contents Acknowledgement of Ministry ISSN Number CONTENTS (Your NEWSLETTER is measured by the quality of CONTENT):  CONTENTS (Your NEWSLETTER is measured by the quality of CONTENT) Editorial/Write up Thematic Subject Oriented Information TIME SERIES DATA on some topic related to the subject Abstracts of Research Papers Public Awareness Programme article Announcement of NEWS EVENT & FORTHCOMING EVENTS Contd. … CONTENTS (Your NEWSLETTER is measured by the quality of CONTENT):  CONTENTS (Your NEWSLETTER is measured by the quality of CONTENT) International Events related to the assigned subject Advertisement for Query Answer Services About ENVIS Activities Article on National/International Days Legislations Information about Central/State Govt. Publications …Contd. SOURCES of DATA:  SOURCES of DATA PUBLISHED Articles Government Departments ENVIS Publications Abstracts from peer review Journal Internet Ministry’s Website ( ) ENVIS Website ( ) Legislations DISTRIBUTION:  DISTRIBUTION All ENVIS Centres Prominent Subject Specialists Prominent NGOs in related areas Pollution Control Boards Chief Conservator of Forests Universities Research Institutions/CSIR Labs State Science and Technology Council Parliament Library ( 2 Copies) National Library (2 Copies) NISCAIR (2 copies) NEWSLETTER:  NEWSLETTER Regular Recurring Schedule News & Announcements Small Circulations MONOGRAPHS:  MONOGRAPHS Highly Detailed Thoroughly Documented Study Limited Area of Subject Non-serial Publication Complete in One/More Volumes STATE of ART REPORT:  STATE of ART REPORT Highest Level of Development Achieved at a Particular Time BIBLIOGRAPHY:  BIBLIOGRAPHY Abstract No. Authors Name Authors Address/ Affiliations Title Name of the Document Volume No.; Issue No.; Year Pagination Number of References; Figures; Plates etc. ABSTRACTS:  ABSTRACTS Stand Alone entity in lieu of Paper Main Results/ Conclusions New Technology/ Methods Size: 4-6 lines Keywords Slanting towards environmental angle MASTHEAD:  MASTHEAD PUBLISHERS NAME EDITORIAL BOARD STAFF MEMBERS SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION ADDRESS LOGO DISCLAIMER MAILING PANEL (in the LAST PAGE):  MAILING PANEL (in the LAST PAGE) POSTAGE RECEIPIENT ADDRESS RETURN ADDRESS Slide51:  Home About ENVIS Data Bases Experts Database Abstracts Database Issues based Databases News Clippings Database Photo galleries Database Articles Database Query Answer Database Contents in ENVIS Websites Slide52:  Publications News Letter Others Contact Us Linkages Host Organisation ENVIS Line Departments Others Objectives Activities Slide53:  Emerging Issues Convention & Treaties Legislations Central State Policy Matters Case Studies/ Success Stories Librarys Listservs Environmental Indicators Events SoE Reports Photo Galeries Slide54:  Discussion Forum Feed Back Form Online Query Form FAQs Important Days Search Hit Counters Copy Rights Contacts in the Ministry:  Contacts in the Ministry Dr. S.P. Shrama, ISS Statistical Advisor Ministry of Environment & Forests Paryavaran Bhawan CGO Complex, Lodhi Road New Delhi – 110 003 Telefax : 011-24360695 Email :

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