Data 101- Big Data: What is it and Why Do We Care?

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Information about Data 101- Big Data: What is it and Why Do We Care?

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: librarian68



Webinar presentation for the Special Libraries Association on the basics of big data and what it means for information professionals and librarians

BIG DATA What is it and Why Do We Care? Elaine M. Lasda Bergman University at Albany March 6, 2014 Webinar Presentation for the Special Libraries Association

What we’re going to cover today • What is Big Data • What is great about Big Data • What is not so great • The role of Librarians and Info Pros in the Big Data landscape • Tools and Resources

How Big is Big?

The Three Vs •Variety •Velocity •Volume

Big Data Vs Open Data Based on BIG DATA OPEN GOV’T OPEN DATA

Is Big Data a Game Changer?

Types of Data Scientists • Statistics • Mathematics • Data Engineering • Machine Learning • Business • Software engineering • Visualization • GIS

Big Data is FANTASTIC!

Applications of Big Data (in general) ttp://


Caveats and limitations

False Correlations

Competencies for Info Pros/Librarians

Add Data Literacy!

What We Just Talked About • The Three V’s • Amazing Capabilities • The Human Element • Our Roles as Information Professionals

Now the Fun Stuff!

Read! • Big Data: A Revolution that Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think, by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger Transform-Think/dp/0544002695 • “For Dummies” Books

Read! • An Introduction to Data Science, by Jeffrey Stanton • Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis

General Resource Lists/Training • Syracuse University Library Guide on Data Science • ALA ACRL “Keeping Up With Big Data” page • Data Information Literacy at Purdue wiki • MOOCs

Policy/Best Practices • Council For Big Data, Ethics and Society • Research Data Management Principles, Practices, and Prospects – CLIR

Policy/Best Practices • Rebuilding the Mosaic • GovLab • Terminology issues

Keep Current Newsletters • Data Science Weekly • Data Science Central • R-Bloggers

Keep Current Blogs • Hilary Mason • Mathbabe • Bits Blog in NY Times • No Free Hunch • What’s the Big Data


Big, Open Data Sources

Google Data Explorer

Amazon Web Services

Scale Unlimited

Database Structure/Data Analysis • R • Hive/Hadoop • PostgreSQL • Project Bamboo Dirt • Mlcomp

Visualization tools



Big ML


Google Fusion Tables



Just Plain Cool!



My Magic Plus

Information is Beautiful

Facebook’s Data Science Page

Google Trends

Flowing Data


One Final Note: Professional Development SLA Data Caucus initiative! IASSIST ASIS&T LinkedIN Groups see:

Contact Me Elaine Lasda Bergman @ElaineLibrarian on Twitter

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