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Published on October 17, 2014

Author: AgileRenee

Source: slideshare.net


Presented at Scrum Australia 2014 in Sydney on the 22nd of October, this presentation focuses on Daily Scrums that are being heavily command and controlled and seeks to provide solutions to both resolving Darth Vader like behaviour but also having a really effective scrum that is not a progress report.

For more details of the game referred to within (scrumheads) see: http://tastycupcakes.org/2014/07/scrumheads-the-daily-scrum-game/

1. A long time ago, in an office far, far away…

2. The basics 1.Keep to 10 minutes, 15 max 2.You stand up to keep it brief 3.Don’t wait until the Daily Scrum to move cards 4.Don’t check your phone or laptops whilst the Daily Scrum is on

3. Directions

4. Scrumheads 1.Form into groups of 10 2.Eight of you will be participating within the Daily Scrum 3.Each of the eight people will have a behaviour card – do not show your behaviour to others in the room, act your behaviour within the Daily Scrum 4.Scrum Master must make themselves known to the group 5.One will be making observations for the retrospective 6.One will be drawing the interaction heat map 7.The board is a mock of what you could be working on. As this is a game make up as you go along the work that you are doing

5. interaction Heat Map David Colls 2013 via Agile Board Hacks JD FRANK bob DAve SuE Trish Mike Jen

6. Directions

7. Retrospective

8. Darth vader Style Daily Scrum JD FRANK bob DAve SuE Trish Mike Jen

9. DiRECTivelessNESS 1.As a TALKING team member keep eye contact broadly across the whole team 2.As a LISTENING team member look at the work as it sits on the Visual Management Board 3.As a Scrum Master if eye contact is regularly made by the TALKING team member: 1.Look at your shoes (break eye contact) 2.Talk to the team member afterwards 3.Make origami cranes throughout the Scrum 4.Re-iterate to address the team within the Scrum 5.(Drastic) turn to face away from them 4.As a Scrum Master, let the sequence/order of talking naturally move on

10. Talkative trish And then, there was this time, at band camp… Oh god! We are going to be here all day! 1.Who’s responsibility is it to offline conversations? 2.What sort of conversations should be offlined? 3.When is the right moment to offline?

11. Carefree bob Who’s responsibility is it to ensure that everyone answers the three questions?

12. Some fun is good. Too much joking around through can be destructive. Have a quite conversation with the joker if it persists.

13. MuMBLER Sue Who’s responsibility is it to ensure that everyone can hear the answers to the three questions? “I can’t hear you”

14. Superhero dave Legendary achiever, sometimes a stealer of all credit, Dave could be your superstar, but like everyone else limiting his work in progress is still critical.

15. Casual mike What on Alderaan is Casual Mike working on?!? Is he even part of the team?

16. DiRECTivelessNESS TAKE 2 5.As a TALKING team member, if you refer to work that isn’t on the wall then pick up a post-it note and pen and write it yourself 6.As a TALKING team member, if the work is in the wrong position on the wall, move it yourself 7.As a Scrum Master, your team are not your personal guard of stormtroopers.

17. The opportunity to collaborate, share and support each other in the delivery of valuable outcomes.

18. Reshaping your daily scrum 1.How many days has the owner of this card been on it? 2.Should I be giving them a hand on it? 3.How will their work impact mine? Are there any dependencies? 4.If this flows down to me will I have any potential risks or issues associated with it? 5.Will my work impact this card? 6.Can I potentially learn from something they are doing? 7.Can something I’ve done in the past be useful so that they can learn from it or re-use it?

19. Have a plan Write down before the Daily Scrum your responses to the three questions

20. Walk the wall Backlog In Dev In SIT In QA Ready for SIT In design / analysis Ready for Dev Ready for QA

21. Scrum master checklist Are they answering the three questions? Are they touching the card? If not why not? Is there no card on the wall that represents their work? Did they mention a blocker? Is the blocker visualised with a clear owner? How long have they been working on this card for? Have they talked longer than 1 minute? Can everyone hear them? Do they have too much work in progress? Is there a risk that delivery expectations won’t be met?

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