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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: Inferno23

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The Depths of Hell By Ashley Miller

Dante’s Inferno (The Game)  The game was made in 2010  Developed by Visceral Games  Published by Electronic Arts  Available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PSP.  This game is interesting because  It is a hack and slash adventure game through the depths of Hell  Dante is rescuing his beloved Beatrice from Lucifer  You can choose to absolve or punish famous sinners for their sins either resulting in Dante becoming Holy or Unholy  Use a combination and variation of moves to defeat the defenders of Hell

Plot of the Game  Dante gets stabbed in the back by an Assassin and Death appears to him. He had been told his sins were absolved but Death deems him condemned. He then does not accept his fate and he destroys death and takes his scythe. He then leaves the Crusades and stiches a red cross on his chest. Dante comes back to Florence from the Third Crusade and finds his fiancé Beatrice dead. She is taken to Hell because Dante broke his promise to her. He vowed to forsake all pleasures of the flesh until he returned from the Crusade. Beatrice wagered her soul to Lucifer that Dante would be faithful. As a result of his broken promise she is taken to Hell by Lucifer. Dante goes to a chapel where he blesses the cross that Beatrice gave him when they promised to be true to each other. The earth opens up and Dante goes to the gates of Hell.

 At the gate he meets Virgil who agrees to lead him on his journey through the Nine Circles of Hell. He does this as Beatrice said she would put in a good word for him in Heaven because of his willingness to guide Dante. They travel to the first circle of Hell where the unbaptized reside. Dante destroys King Minos because he denied them passage further into Hell. When he enters the second circle, the Lustful, he defeats a giant Queen Cleopatra and the has to fight her lover Mark Antony. In the third circle, Gluttony, he fights Cerberus, the great worm. In the fourth circle, Greed, he defeats the greatly altered soul of his father, Alighiero, who’s supposed to kill his son for a thousand years without torment and a large amount of gold. In the fifth circle, Anger, Phlegyas attacks Dante. Dante then is able to take control of Phlegyas and breaks down the walls to the City of Dis. That takes them into the sixth circle, Heresy.

 He enters the seventh circle, Violence, where he sees his mother who committed suicide, whom he had thought died of illness. He continues on and encounters his soon to be brother-in-law Francesco whom he proceeds to defeat. He then absolves Francesco and goes into the eighth circle, Fraud. He goes through the ten stages of Malebolge. Each stage shows all the fraudsters in histroy. At the gate of the ninth circle Dante realizes he has sinned and says that “his place is in Hell and Beatrice’s is in Heaven” he lays her cross on the ground and sets her free. He is then told that his redemption is near. Dante is set free by all the souls he collected. He imprisons Lucifer in the ice before going to Purgatory, where he sees Beatrice waiting for him in Heaven. The game ends with Dante at Mount Purgatory and he takes off the cross from his chest and it turns to dust before then reforming as a serpent that slips away and you hear Lucifer’s laughter. Which infers that he will make an entrance into heaven and get revenge.

Influences of the Book  Virgil is Dante’s guide through the nine circles of Hell.  Some of the characters in the book are also appear in the circles of Hell in the game.  Pontius Pilot  Orpheus  Camilla  Caesar  Emporer Frederick II  Some of the guardians of the circles are the same  Charon  Cerebrus

Importance of Differences  Possibly the most important differences in the game from the book is that Beatrice goes to Hell instead of Heaven like in the book. Also, Dante is a warrior in the game as opposed to a poet like in the book. I think these differences are major as they help make the game what it is! It makes for more of an interesting plot as Dante is traveling through Hell defeating enemies so he can save his beloved. No one would want to play a game that just has a poet wandering through Hell and eventually reaching the other side. So these differences are major as they make the game really interesting!

How Inferno Has Been Transformed  He transforms from a person walking around in the poem to a warrior in the video game. Which makes the video game playable for entertainment purposes. With the video game culture of today, more people would want to play an action-packed game as opposed to playing a fairly boring game with a poet wandering through nine circles of Hell.

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