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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: mohanaparna87

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Project on brand audit to determine brand awareness and resonance of the brand with customers thereby suggesting a way forward


ABOUT B`LUE • • Danone Narang beverages, a JV between Paris-listed €17 billion group- Danone (World`s largest fresh dairy company by volumes) and Mumbai based Narang Group. Test-marketed in Pune POINT OF PARITY  Refreshing drink  Thirst quenching  Flavor drink     POINT OF DIFFERENCE Vitamin and mineral content Water based drink No preservative or colorant. Body, mind and mood boosting • • • POSITIONING Restores Body, mind and mood, anytime anywhere. Customised specifically for the Indian market new category line in between an energy drink and a soft beverage. PSYCHOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS • Young, up coming individuals. • People who work hard, get stressed out. • People who want to get rejuvenated after work. TARGETING Targeted at NEW GENERATION always on the move to keep them at their optimal best, anytime, anywhere

PRODUCT Delicious water based drink Apple and Guava flavours Contains natural-identical aroma, vitamins and minerals Its stimulating fruit flavours and aroma awaken the mind and uplift the mood Does not contain any caffeine, colour, preservatives or carbonation PROMOTION Launched this drink Pune by making people decode meaning of “BMM” Take iPod as gift 80% of the city Pune was busy decoding the meaning Its first commercial launched on TV. Normal bus shelter, 25 feet bottle displayed on a hoarding, malls etc PRICE 500ml pet bottle priced at Rs 30 Priced relatively higher than other drinks in the market PLACE During launch, given as free samples. Will be retailed through 200,000 outlets in all the major cities in the next six to 12 months


CUSTOMER BASED BRAND EQUITY PYRAMID Building a strong brand involves a series of steps as part of a “branding ladder” RESONANCE JUDGEMENT FEELINGS PERFORMANCE IMAGERY SALIENCE RESONANCE Behavioral loyalty and Sense of community IMAGERY User profiles, Purchase & usage situations, Personality & values, History, heritage, & experiences SALIENCE Depth of brand awareness Ease of recognition & recall Breadth of brand awareness Purchase consideration Consumption consideration JUDGEMENT Brand quality, Brand credibility, Brand Relevance, Brand superiority FEELINGS Warmth, Fun, Excitement, Security Social approval, Self-respect PERFORMANCE Reliability, durability, serviceability, efficiency, style and design

A HEALTH CHECK ON THE BASIS OF CBBE Depth of brand awareness Breadth of brand awareness I think Blue is far more nutritious and healthy than many other soft drinks I think Blue is exciting and rejuvenating FEELING I think Blue lacks taste and flavor What does BMM mean for you? Rejuvenation, Nothing great, Mainly Mood, youth, thirst, Bod y Mass, Advertising gimmick, body mind mood, energy, refreshm ent, Cool Drink etc SALIENCE PERFORMANCE IMAGERY

I think Blue is catering to new segment Blue was quite innovative in its launching I think blue is easily availability Blue is high priced I think it is competent enough I think blue is for youth I think blue created a buzz JUDGEMENT

BRAND PERSONALITY • Brand Personality is a set of human characteristics associated with a brand. • Personality is how the brand behaves. • Gender, age, socio-economic class, psychographic, emotional characteristics. • Is both distinctive and enduring. • Refers to the outcome of all the consumer’s experiences with the brand. • In other words, the brand’s personality is the weighted average of previous impressions. • In consumer’s mind, these impressions merge to form an overall concept of what to expect from brand.

B’lue PERSONALITY • Blue is portrayed as healthy, active and youthful brand. • From a commoners perspective: • What do you think of when you think about blue’s brand personality? • I think working male/female, 16-45, young in attitude/hip, cheerful, forward looking (socially and environmentally conscious), active and higher middle class. BRAND POSITIONING AND NAME BLUE FRESHNESS BODY LOVE & AFFECTION MIND SOPHISTICATION MOOD SENSITIVITY

B’lue PERSONALITY Slogans / Punchlines • • They also reflect Brand personality. Blue shows quality, sincerity, trust, sophistication and concern. Flavours : • They also reflect Brand personality. – Apple : health, love, youth, beauty and happiness.It also encourages action, motion, courage and passion. – Guava : beauty, antioxidant, fine, gritty, fresh, sentiment trust, sincerity, environmentally conscious active, cheerful, freshness,youthful healthy, beauty love and affection, sessitivity, concern B'lue sophistication

Factor considered by people while choosing a soft drink Factor 1: Taste, Ingredients and Functional benefits (BENEFIT) Factor 2: ADVERTISING Factor 3: COLOR Preferred flavor in soft drinks

HOW MUCH IS THE BRAND NAME ACCEPTED 95% •Consumers like the brand name (95%), easy to remember, recognizable, familiar and unique. 93% Li k e i t C lassy 88% 84% U p m a rk e t Re m e m be r 77% 77% O ri g i n a l Un iq u e Bottle HOW IS THE PACKAGING PERCEIVED 93% 88% 86% 86% 81% 72% •Bottle is highly recognizable (93%) 70% 33% •Strong associations as unique, different, original and stylish. •Represent a strong POD Recognisable Unique Original Stylish Different Upscale Innovative Old Fashioned

HIGH QUALITY BUT PERCEIVED AS EXPENSIVE B’lue 30/Glucon D 22/(Average from 8 stores) •Blue is perceived as significantly higher quality, yet is perceived as greater value for the price. The prices are not as different as people think!


FINDINGS Around 33% respondents didn’t know about the brand at all. More than 50% respondents BMM didn’t evoke anything – need to change the campaign 36 % of respondents prefer it due to added minerals and ability to boost mind & body . Carbonated colas are the biggest competitors at 50%+ strength followed by fruit drinks at around 33% RECOMMENDATIONS Come out with small tetra packs (200ml) , ( this way both brand equity and margins are taken care of)  Have a celebrity endorser to give the brand a boost (to affect the psyche of the masses)  Increase brand availability (availability = sales)  Aggressive offline and online campaigns (direct interaction with customers = brand awareness) (Google results doesn’t show B’LUE..!!!) Visibility in clubs/pubs to target the right audience Come up with new flavors like peach, mango, lemon etc

RECOMMENDATIONS (CONTD.)  Good social media presence with 30k+ people but not very effective (start some contests to engage users, make the facebook page participative, ask them to upload their BMM moment pics and tag them to their profiles, best pic gets a hamper and we get visibility)  Spread slogans like “every morning B’lue”  Sponsor some events like BQC and ROADIES to promote among youth. Go for second level of association.


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