Danmarks læringsfestival 2014 - The teacher role in the blended classroom

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Information about Danmarks læringsfestival 2014 - The teacher role in the blended classroom

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: fahlvik

Source: slideshare.net

Morten Fahlvik Educational Reseracher twitter.com/Fahlvik The teacher role in the blended classroom … or when 1 + 1 is bigger than 2

Agenda Part 1: Blended learning Part 2: The Unified classroom / Blended Classroom Part 3: Working with reading comprehension

Blended learning “Blended learning is both simple and complex. At its simplest, blended learning is the thoughtful integration of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences. “ Kanuka, Heater og Garrison, Randy D. (2004) «Blended learning: Uncovering its transformative potential in higher education», University of Calgary

When 1 + 1 is bigger than 2 Physical classroom Online classroom

Teaching in the physical classroom

The online classroom

What are the best qualities of the physical classroom? What are the best qualities of the online classroom?

Tangent classrooms

Disconnected classrooms

Overlapping classrooms

The unified classroom

Meet Sid BBC – The Classroom Experiment

How can teaching in the unified classroom help Sid?

Dylan Wiliam: Involve more students …. and give students time to think and reflect

Dylan Wiliam Formative assessment & Assessment for learning

John Hattie

What can happen if these concepts are blended together?

”Reading is the skill” Doug Lemov

Non-fiction Text: The Ice Age Goals: • Be able to explain how glaciers shaped the landscape • Recognize and know the physical traces of the Ice Age • Be able to calculate the ice thickness • Be able to place the ice age on a timeline • Develop individual reading strategies • Motivate students to read the text several times • Increase insight into own reading comprehension

Whole class Small Group Individual students Teacher ask a question to students Students work with question at home and post their answers / thoughts in online discussion Teacher pick up answers in class Students discuss in groups Students present in class The teaching design

Aligned with Concept Oriented Reading Instruction Reading Comprehension Science Inquiry Motivation Reading and Science Integration Student Writing CORI is a program designed by John Guthrie and Allan Wigfield

Words: Shape and content Writing and Sound Receptive and productive dimension

Pre-knowledge The pupils collaborated on a page to gather information about what they knew before the unit started.

Pupil made page with polls and facts

Online discussion Question: Why did the ice start to melt by the coast?

Searching for new words

Collecting words for a word cloud http://www.wordle.net/

Word cloud Quite visible which words that need attention.

Creating crosswords NB! The pupils created the crosswords. It is a hard task. What is the question / clue if the answer is glacier?

Every student made a crossword

Solving one of the crosswords in class

What we * know * want to learn * have learned (Donna Ogle 1986) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KWL_table

Know - Want to learn - Learned


Reading comprehension in the unified classroom • A community of learners was established • More students were activated • The silent students got a voice into the class discussions • The students were better prepared for class discussions • The teacher gathered evidence of learning

What should the teachers in your school / school district do? How can you or the teachers in your school / school district utilise the unified classroom?

Great teachers Davis Guggenheim – Waiting for superman http://vimeo.com/15132511


Morten Fahlvik Education Research Manager www.twitter.com/fahlvik Morten.Fahlvik@itslearning.com

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