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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: DanifPradana

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Danif Pradana's Content Writing Portfolio

WRITING PORTFOLIO DANIF PRADANA Phone: 081218608386 Email: danifpradana@gmail.com

! "#$$%"#&#'!(%)*+ ! !"##$%&' Born in Jakarta Indonesia on the 22nd of December 1983. Resourceful and Multi-Skilled individual with a strong work ethic and big passion in Writing for Media, Journalism, Advertising, Marketing and other related Communication fields. Currently seeking the opportunity to expand his career in a bigger and challenging company. ()"*$+,-.' • "/01234056'78'+29:/7;7<6='!6>/26'?"+!@' 2008 Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Media Arts & Production) • ,.!($%*AB'"+!='!6>/26' 2006 Diploma of Communication (CD(%,(.*(!' • E7F4)G',/>7/240H' Copywriter & Marketing Content Writer September 2013 – February 2014 Responsible for executing the company's marketing and communication strategy through content writing which include feature articles, newsletter, press-releases, sales pages, project proposal, email templates for sales & customer supports, web banner, landing page contents, infographics, direct mail, media brief, seo copywriting, sms copywriting, speech pointers, etc. • IJ040K97J'?D+K')LH'#040'!LM424@' Copywriter & Editor July 2013 – September 2013 Responsible to produce the overall contents of the startup’s website from scratch including coBranding, Tagline, Business Profile, as well as writing daily news and articles related to business and investment and editing business contents rom various Startup companies. • N322;H/923' Creative Officer & Production Assistant March 2009 – June 2013 I spend the first 4 years in my career freelancing (in a contract basis) as a Creative Officer & Production Assistant in various Broadcast and Production Companies such as MNC TV, FremantleMedia, INDOSIAR, SCTV. Responsible for writing and developing creative contents for various TV Programs such as Reality Show, Variety Show, Sketch Comedy, Late Night Talk Show, Live Music Programs, etc. O"$P,N,*$+,-.!' • • • • • • • • • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (both in English and Indonesian) Confident public speaker (both in English and Indonesian) Able to present ideas and vision through well-structured content writing Strong understanding in Media, Journalism, Advertising, Marketing and other Communication fields A social media savy and effectively use social media as nowadays effective tools of sharing information Capable to stay organized even pressure circumstance Computer literate (PC & Macintosh) Basic skills and Graphic Design, Photography, and Videography Not afraid to think out of the box

' +%$,.,.Q!' • • Certificate in “Journalism Training 2003 – Sarana Memperluas Pola Pikir Mahasiswa Tentang Dunia Pers”, 16 – 19 September 2003, facilitated by DIAMMA – Univ Prof. Dr Moestopo, OPINI, LAWAN! – Univ Nasional and BETATRON – ISTN, supported by Media Indonesia and Indonesia Power. Certificate of Completion in “PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING SERIES” for PROJECT PLANNING & CONTROL, 23 – 24 September 2013, facilitated by ADW Consulting & jobsDB Indonesia. D(%!-.$P',.N-%#$+,-.' • • • • • • Full Name: Danif Pradana P.D.O.B: Jakarta, 22 December 1983 Nationality: Indonesia Language: Indonesia (Native), English (Excellent), French (Passive) Religion: Islam Married Status: Divorced (with 2 years old son)

News Release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`-(1I(%3& 2%($/,(.F#2& & %/$%(%& G,9:13.,9& "%/& J1H.KL& #/#& :%3#& F%"#(:%/& .,H%I%#& )4J4"& :13#$3,/& "%/& :,2,"49#%/& :,2%"%& :%)49%& 34"%M& :F4.4./N%& 3%F%.#.)%& N%/I& 3%.#F& "#& H%/I:4& :49#%F& 3%424/& H%(4& 3,/%3%$:%/& .$4"#/N%M& ",/I%/& $4J4%/& 4/$4:& 3,34"%F:%/& 3,(,:%&3,/"%2%$:%/& #/O1(3%.#& 3,/I,/%#& H,%.#.)%M& 91)1/I%/& 3%I%/IM& 91)1/I%/& :,(J%M& "%/& 3,3H,(#:%/& & 2,94%/I& "%9%3& 3,/I#:4$#& H,(%I%3& .,3#/%(& 3%(:,$#/I& %$%424/&#/O1&9%#//N%&N%/I&H,(F4H4/I%/&",/I%/&"4/#%&:,(J%;a& & Y,H%I%#&21($%9&2,/+%(#&:,(J%&/131(&.%$4&"#&G%/%F&!#(M&J1H.KL&3,3#9#:#&9,H#F&"%(#&QW&(#H4&91)1/I%/& N%/I& $,(.,"#%& .,$#%2& F%(#/N%& "%/& 9,H#F& "%(#& Q& J4$%& "%$%& 2,/+%(#& :,(J%M& .,($%& W?b& "%$%& 2,(4.%F%%/& H,.%(;& `K,/I%/& H,(H%I%#& 9%$%(& H,9%:%/I& "%/& .,I%9%& :(,"#H#9#$%./N%M& G,9:13.,9& H,(F%(%2& :,(J%.%3%& ",/I%/& J1H.KL& #/#& J4I%& %:%/& 3,/J%"#& ,#6$ #;<#--#,+$ #;(#*.#,<#& H%I#& 2,9%/II%/& :%3#M& $,(4$%3%& "#:%9%/I%/&3%F%.#.)%&"%/&%943/#;a&cJ%(&K,((#+:&3,/%3H%F:%/;&& & Y,9%3%&#/#&2%(%&O(,.F&I(%"4%$,.&H%/N%:&N%/I&3,9%:4:%/&2,/+%(#%/&:,(J%&9,)%$&X1H&]%#(&:1/S,/.#1/%9M& Y,(#/I& $,(J%"#& 3,(,:%& F%(4.& "%$%/I& 2%I#V2%I#& .,:%9#& :,& 91:%.#& J1HO%#(M& H,(",.%:V",.%:%/& ",/I%/& (#H4%/&2,/+%(#&:,(J%&9%#/&"%/&H,(:,J%(%/&",/I%/&)%:$4&N%/I&.,32#$M&$%:&J%(%/I&249%&3,(,:%&"#24/I4$& H#%N%M&2%"%F%9&H,943&$,/$4&"#$,(#3%&H,:,(J%;& && `G,:F/191I#&N%/I&.4"%F&.,3%:#/&3%J4&.,($%&%:.,.&#/$,(/,$&N%/I&.,3%:#/&H%#:&.,F%(4./N%&3,3H4%$& 2%(%&](,.F&^(%"4%$,.&349%#&3,/#/II%9:%/&J1H&O%#(&N%/I&:1/S,/.#1/%9M&:%(,/%&2%.$#/N%&9,H#F&/N%3%/M&

%3%/& "%/& $#"%:& "#24/I4$& H#%N%a& G%3H%F& !(#%"#& !/%N%M& 3%/%I#/I& K#(,+$1(& J1H.KL& '/"1/,.#%& 2%"%& %+%(%&2,94/+4(%/&:,3%(#/;&& & & Y,9%/J4$/N%M& 4/$4:& 9,H#F& 3,3,(#%F:%/& 2(1I(%3& #/#M& G,9:13.,9& H,(.%3%& J1H.KL& J4I%& %:%/& 3,9%:.%/%:%/& 2(1I(%3& )//-.,#& N%#$4& & *)&5'")6& ",/I%/& :1/.,2& +&-:'")6$ N%/I& "#& H%94$& ",/I%/& F#H4(%/& (#/I%/& N%/I& 3,/I%/I:%$& $,3%& `=)4,1$ %*)/#'.),&-'a& "#& C& :1$%& H,.%(& "#& '/"1/,.#%M& N%#$4& X%H1",$%H,:M& L%/"4/IM& d1IN%:%($%& "%/& Y4(%H%N%;& `Y,31I%& ",/I%/& %"%/N%& *)&5'")6& N%/I& 3,/N%3H%/I#& H,H,(%2%& :%324.& "%/& $,32%$& :%)49%& 34"%& H,(:43249& 9%#//N%& "#& C& :1$%& H,.%(& $,(.,H4$M& :%3#& "%2%$& .,+%(%& 9%/I.4/I& 3,/.1.#%9#.%.#:%/& $,/$%/I& 2(1I(%3& (&''()*+& #/#& "%/& 3,3H,(#:%/& :,.,32%$%/& :,2%"%& 2%(%& 3%F%.#.)%& 4/$4:& 3,/"%O$%(& .,($%& 3,9#F%$& 9%/I.4/I& 91)1/I%/&N%/I&$,(.,"#%&>.&$),-.,#Ma&4/I:%2&K,((#+:&:,34"#%/;& & & LLL! ! ),23/2M!),:;1<7,:!NIIIJ3,:;1<7,:J01<O! G,9:13.,9& %"%9%F& 12,(%$1(& .,949%(& $,(H,.%(& "#& '/"1/,.#%& "%/& /131(& >& $,(H,.%(& "#& "4/#%& ",/I%/& J439%F& 2,9%/II%/& 3,/+%2%#& A?W& J4$%;& c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c/$4:&3,9%N%/#&:,H4$4F%/&2,9%/II%/M&G,9:13.,9&3,/II,9%(&+%99&+,/$,(&?C&J%3&"%/&CAD& 24.%$&9%N%/%/&^(%-!e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

Media Brief MEDIA BRIEF – ADRIAN CHNG INTERVIEW Overview jobsDB is Asia’s largest portal with substantial positions across China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. We are Asia’s preferred destination for job seekers and with a team of 1,000 talented individuals; we have a strong local presence in every country we’re in. jobsDB Group CEO Asia, Adrian Chng will be speaking to Fortune Magazine to highlight jobsDB’s growth in Indonesia: The Ambition: • To establish jobsDB Indonesia as the preferred platform for job seekers and employers to match the right job to the right talent. • To establish jobsDB Indonesia as the sole reliable access for online job seeking, not on other job boards. • To impress upon job seekers through an insight that conventional job fair is no longer efficient compare to the wider accessibility of online job seeking. Key Message MESSAGE 1 jobsDB is the fastest growing online job portal in Indonesia and is finely posed to capitalize on the increased online and mobile presence of Indonesian job seekers – over 3 million visitors to online job portals monthly. MESSAGE 2 jobsDB believed that as a big country, Indonesia has strong potential resources for skillful job seekers to increase Indonesia’s economic growth. Therefore, it is important that every job seeker get their equal opportunities in pursuing their career. MESSAGE 3 jobsDB is committed to improve the use of technology to educate Indonesian people that online job seeking provides more accessibility into various career opportunities compare to conventional job fair. KEY PERFORMANCE FIGURES We have experienced a very positive grow from both job seekers and employers side of business. JobsDB Indonesia website has shown a tremendous increase in its

total number visits with over 3 million of visitors per month as well as 35 thousands of employment opportunities available every day. Moreover, about 98% of our jobseekers do not visit conventional job fair which shown their reliability on our website with more than 48 million minutes of time spent on site. & Adrian Chng Chief Executive Officer jobsDB group Adrian Chng is the Chief Executive Officer of jobsDB group and is responsible for the group’s operations in Asia. Based out of Hong Kong, Adrian has significant experience in leading business transformations and building high performances teams. A true global citizen, Adrian has lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia and also has spent time working in Europe and North America. His focus at jobsDB group is to make sure jobsDB group continues to be the leading on-line job board in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. As the leading on-line job board in each of these countries, jobsDB helps job seekers find great jobs with great companies, and help companies grow rapidly through finding great people, and thereby plays its part in helping the Asian economies continue their incredible growth. Prior to jobsDB group, Adrian held senior executive roles at BlueScope Steel including most recently as Chief Financial Officer of BlueScope Steel Asia based in Singapore. In that role, he developed its new Asian business strategy and led a comprehensive business transformation including leadership, culture and organizational structure. He led large teams of people across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China and India to improve the operating and financial performance of the business unit, resulting in a record profit for the Asian business. The Asian business reported revenues more than USD 1.0 billion, EBITDA of USD 120 million, and had approximately 4,000 employees. Adrian was also previously global head of mergers and acquisitions for the BlueScope Steel where he was heavily involved in developing its corporate strategy and also led, negotiated and completed over US$2.0 billion of acquisitions, divestments, and alliances/joint ventures for the company in North America, Asia and Australia/New Zealand. Adrian also has significant experience across a diverse range of industries including telecommunications, media & technology, natural resources, industrial manufacturing, building products, transportation, property and financial services. Adrian started his career as an investment banker with UBS and Merrill Lynch. Born in Malaysia and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Adrian now lives in Hong Kong. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, yoga and previously was a competitive chess player. He is also regular speaker at various conferences covering business and leadership issue. & & &


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Prints Excerpt: “…kami menghadirkan brandedAD dan brandedAD+ yang akan membuat iklan-iklan lowongan kerja Anda mendapatkan sorotan yang besar dari para pencari kerja.”

Excerpt: “Find Your Best Candidates With Our New Value Added Services” “Kami memiliki 3 layanan terbaru berupa Value Added Services yang akan membuat proses perekrutan perusahaan menjadi lebih mudah” & & & & & & & & &

Company Profile Konekthing, The Future of Smart Computing – Business Profile Published version available online at: http://www.2misi.com/news/konekthing-the-future-of-smart-computing For some people in general, the term “Internet of Things” might still be considered as an alienated phrase, especially for those whose simply living outside the loop of information related to internet technology. As a matter of fact, “Internet of Things” is actually something that will take such an essential role in our future. It is a vision that will revolutionize the way we interact with future’s computer. Envisioning The Future Despite various complex definitions about “Internet of Things”, the very simple way to describe it is a condition where “Things” (e.g. vehicles, house, environment, or other objects in general) will be having such an autonomous degree to communicate with human through certain devices and internet network connectivity. In other words, it is a vision where objects will be able to interact and support human’s daily life. You might firstly think that this is some kind of sci-fi literature obsession. Hence, this vision is real and several countries around the world are currently researching and developing this future technology. Surprisingly in Indonesia, there are already certain individuals who truly dedicated their times in crafting the art of this future technology in smart computing. Despite of still being under the radar, there is this company that is rigorously expanding its innovation to achieve something that they called as “the technology of the future”. It was Budiarto who founded Konekthing, a tech-company that solely concentrates on what they claimed as pervasive computing, internet of thing, and future computing. Konekthing has the vision of creating a new paradigm of computing. According to Budiarto, the future of smart computing is a concept of interaction that integrates human with “thing”, or in other words, object. He explained on how human will no longer be adjusted to computer, but on the other hand, it is the computer that will be adjusted toward human’s behavior. Budiarto claimed this as a “Smart Technology”, which is a technology revolution that will enable computer to understand human’s habit and detached the barrier between the digital and physical realm. In other words, every object around us can be transformed into a smart computing device through the integration of internet network. Smart Computing Technology As a concrete example, Budiarto explained on how a regular car can be transformed into smart car by using an operating system created by Konekthing. By integrating the car with the operating system, the smart car is capable to understand the driver’s habit, which includes the way the driver manage the air conditioner circulation as well as the route that the driver usually took. The operating system device will detect the driver’s habit and give recommendation regarding certain situation such as an alternative route recommendation as a result of traffic. The operating system that was integrated in the car has the capability to sense the environment. It can sense temperature as well as human movement. It also has the capability to control certain things. If the Air Conditioner in the car is too cold beyond the average setting, it automatically takes control to reduce the temperature. Besides sense and control, the operating system has also the capability to precede intelligent analysis where it allowed the operation system to process data and give respond according to the collected data. This technology seems to be too early in its era, but in fact, this is the future that Konekthing is currently pursuing. According to Budiarto, his inspiration of creating an advanced smart computing technology can already be traced back since 2008. During that time, he was researching about the trend in the future of smart computing that will become really big in the future. Through intense research, he finally discovered “Internet of Things” which later on defines the future concentration of his business. Core of Technology & Key of Knowledge Being asked about the uniqueness of his company, Budiarto explained that Konekthing is building all its operating system, software, hardware, protocol communication and protocol intelligent from scratch. It is a pure technology device that was built in house at Konekthing. Therefore, Konekthing creates its core of technology and obtains its key of knowledge to actualize the design

of the smart thing as well as the smart computing within the time period between now and the future. Konekthing currently holds the direction of the development of this technological innovation. However, funding seems to be the main concern of this company. Budiarto argues that the limited number of funds make Konekthing facing difficulty in terms of expanding its team and marketing. This condition postponed the opportunity for Konething to create a mass production of its device. Therefore, everything is based on a project deal. With such a vision of creating a mass production, the role of investor is definitely significant for Konekthing. For Budiarto, the role of investor is not simply limited for investment only. He really believes on the importance of collaboration where investor will also play a significant role in managing the company. Moreover, Konekthing will also share its intellectual property rights in smart computing together with the investors. The purpose is so that Investor will open more opportunities in the market as well as providing more links to various investors. Thankfully, as this is still considered as a new technology, Budiarto claimed that they are not really worry with competitors. The Next "Dream Tech" Company As Konekthing has already established some impressive portfolios of smart devices as well as other systems in which has been widely used by several companies, it is undoubtedly that the company will have a greater chance to become the next “Dream Tech” Company and expected to grow bigger in the future. Share this Business Profile by Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Jewelry Business “The Beadz” Crafts Handmade Treasures Published version available online at: http://www.2misi.com/news/jewelry-business-the-beadz-crafts-handmade-treasures It all started with the purest form of love, which is then translated into a deep and meaningful passion that undergo within such a humble act that creates treasurable beauty. That is how we describe Usye Chusnul Hasanah, the founder of The Beadz, Indonesia’s exquisite jewelry business with its never ending passion in evoking every woman’s dream for beauty, strength, and comfort. A Creative Platform Founded in 2008, The Beadz is considered as one of Indonesia’s prominent and multi-range jewelry business that is not only covering beads jewelry wholesale supplies and design but also in jewelry hand crafting workshop. According to Usye, one of the sole purposes of this jewelry business is to provide a creative platform for beads and jewelry lover to share their passion together. Located in Pondok Indah, Jakarta, The Beadz has successfully attracted beads and jewelry lover through its high quality jewelry crafting design that not only showcase such an immerse creativity but also a deep artistic insight which is shown through its portfolio catalogues. Impressive Exhibition Portfolios As confirmed by Usye, The Beadz has been promoted by the Ministry of Cooperatives & Small & Medium Enterprises into various jewelry exhibitions. Those exhibition marks the existence of this middle growth jewelry business into a more prosperous future that not only increase its presence within the industry, but also the opportunity to showcase its jewelry design overseas. Since 2008, The Beadz has already participated in countless of national and international jewelry exhibition due to the positive response of their works. Some of the most prestigious overseas exhibition that they ever attend was India-ASEAN Business Fair (IABF) “New Dheli” in March 2011, Taipe Home & Lifestyle Exhibition in June 2012, Hongkong Gift & Premium Exhibition in April 2013, and recently Kobe International Jewelry Exhibition in May 2013. Those are only few examples of exhibition that The Beadz participated. One page of paper is probably not enough to lists all of their impressive exhibition portfolios. The Do-It Yourself Work Ethic Despite all of those achievements, The Beadz has however one simple mission. Usye points out that one important aspect that she really wants to pursue in this jewelry business is to make the art of handmade jewelry become more popular within the Indonesian society. She emphasizes the essence of “Do It Yourself” attitude in which by having a strong determination, you will be able to do everything creatively by yourself. Usye also argues that jewelry manufacturing with machines detached the joy of handcrafting experiences. She believes that there are certain things that you cannot passionately achieve with machines. Moreover, the values of handmade jewelry are much higher and the society gives more appreciation towards it. It is for this reason that Usye initiate a jewelry hand crafting workshop in order to share her passion in designing beads and jewelry to other people. Through an affordable workshop fees, this jewelry business provide an advanced training in jewelry technique that gives you the depth understanding of the art of jewelry crafting, not only from a creative side but also from an artistic point of view. The workshop is open for everyone, from hobbyist who simply enjoy crafting beads and jewelry in their spare time, or even for someone who is really interested to the professional side. Therefore, The Beadz provides a certificate for its student to show their qualification in case they wanted to work in similar type of company or even starting their own beads and jewelry business.This shows Usye humble nature that she is kindly willing to share her knowledge in jewelry crafting and let her former students to possibly start their own jewelry business.

Competitors Trigger Creativity Being asked about her business competitors, Usye respectfully respond that she never considered those similar businesses as competitors. As a matter of fact, as some of those competitors are her former students, she considered it as trigger for her to become more innovative in finding new ideas. We might be surprised that Usye Chusnul Hasanah actual formal education is in Soil Science and Agriculture. Hence, after her graduation, she cannot deny the fact that her passion in arts grows bigger inside of her. She then started painting in various medium. It was in Brunei Darussalam where she found her first love in beads. But it was not until she moves to Singapore where she attends a jewelry workshop and discovers the true passion in designing her own beads and jewelry. As she found her true passion, she decided to enroll in several course of Jewelry Design in Singapore. These are the core genesis of The Beadz, a jewelry business that will keep on growing and become a role model in the industry. Share this Business Profile by Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

News Article Online Fashion Startup Remodeled Wholesale Buying – Business News Published version available online at: http://www.2misi.com/news/online-fashion-startup-remodeled-wholesale-buying Leading online fashion startup JOOR has redefined the concept of wholesale fashion buying. By building their own technology of cloud-based computing wholesale, this fashion startup really took fashion business into a whole new level by taking the advantages of nowadays internet consumerism into a promising online marketplace for fashion. This fashion startup seems to understand the current trend behavior of online business that has been significantly increased from the past few years. Therefore, they are targeting tablet devices such as Ipad as one of their core technology of wholesale buying in which has successfully created a smooth and innovative marketplace for fashion. Innovation Born From Frustration It was Mona Bijoor, founder & CEO of JOOR, who initiate such an innovative approach of a new wholesale fashion buying. The core vision of this fashion startup can be traced back from her early days of frustration while she was working in several fashion house and retails such as Ann Taylor, Destination Maternity, Elie Tahari, then Chanel. Despite of the vast portfolio of working in various big fashion retails, Mona often find herself in such a frustration and disappointment while dealing with the whole labyrinth of phone calls, faxes and paper-sheet process in getting back-up as the store is running out of stocks. Learning from this stressful experience, Mona is firmly motivated to eliminate all the complexity of the retail process and brainstorm to find a more accessible solution for this problem. By investing all of her knowledge from her previous experience while working with several global retailers, Mona took a leap of faith by founding her first fashion startup, JOOR in 2010 with its prime office based in New York. She truly believed that with the ability to spot opportunity, her fashion startup will definitely refashion the wholesale fashion buying. The use of online marketplace has definitely changed the way we deal with the wholesale buying. The platform that is currently available is through iPad app as well as JOOR’s official website. Through this easy-to-use technology platform, not only they are creating a faster and easier process of transaction, but they are also improving the business experience in which brands and retailers have much more access and control in data analytics performance as well as driving their incremental revenue. Brands can easily create a profile page to showcase their materials while Retailers can provide pages of information regarding their clients and inventory. Global Expansion JOOR’s effort to pioneer a whole new system of wholesale buying is satisfying. In 2013, JOOR has so far executed more than $350 million in transaction and is expected to grow bigger in the next following years. Moreover, this startup fashion also attracts more than 580 brands and designers and generates 30,000 buyers for setup fees, which also includes some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. As becoming more successful, JOOR is confident enough to open a new office in Milan, Italy. It is also been informed that another office in Sydney, Australia will soon to be open. JOOR’s big list of clients has includedDiane Von Furstenberg,Philip Lim,Alexander McQueen, Rag & Bone, and Thakoon. At this moment, JOOR’s platform only focus on women’s apparel and menswear, although there is also be the possibility in exploring footwear and accessories near in the future. Share this news by Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Blogging (Personal Interest) & ANIMUS AND THE SCIENCE OF GENETIC MEMORY “You’re inside the Animus. It’s a projector which renders genetic memories in three dimensions.” !Warren Vidic to Desmond Miles. As Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is expected to be released this October, let’s take a step back to revisit the core essential concept that become the vital element of the Assassin’s Creed universe, The Animus. When UBISOFT Assassin’s Creed first came out in 2007, we’ve never expected such a ferocious twist in the science of genetic memory and DNA. We further assumed Assassin’s Creed as a periodic stealth-action based videogame in which the storyline stands on its own timeline. Hence, the franchise evokes a much deeper concept. The first Assassin’s Creed cinematic trailer clearly shows something unusual. From the very first frame of the trailer, we’ve seen the infamous visual computer-glitches as if we are witnessing the whole event from a modern high-tech device (The Animus). Yet, the whole concept of memory synchronization is finally revealed when we first started the game through the introduction of The Animus. The Animus is described as a machine that creates a virtual reality experience that help to rediscover the memory of a previous ancestor through our DNA. The machine allows us to read a certain individual genetic memory and render the whole memory events of our ancestor into an external three-dimensional screen projection. The Animus plays a crucial role in the Assassin’s Creed universe since it really help the franchise to explore a rich storyline, especially those dealing with historical events plots that occurs in the past. What is interesting from this fictional technology is the fact that it did not only help to explore various interesting storylines, but also expand the fascinating concept of science that is really worth to discuss.

DNA becomes the most important element that trigger the Animus functionality. DNA allows The Animus to analyze certain people genetic memory and uncover important information about their ancestor’s memory. In a scientific term, a DNA is a molecule located in the nuclei of cells and considered as one of the building blocks of the body. It is a complex chemical that carries a certain genetic information. In other words, DNA carries the inheritance of eye color, hair color, stature, body density as well as other personal traits. In relation to the Assassin’s Creed universe, DNA become a sort of time-travel devices where protagonist Desmond Miles is able to explore his ancestor’s past life and experienced the whole events as if he was present at that time. The whole inheritance of DNA traits allows Desmond to synchronize with its ancestor memory. With the exact genetic memory, as well as similar physical inheritance (Desmond, Altair, and Ezio have scars on their lips) the virtual reality experience will become fully synchronize as it happens exactly like the original event. Meanwhile, Genentic Memory tells another side of story. From a biological context, genetic memory can be related to the concept of evolution in which represent the state of an adaptive changes in every species. For thousand of years, species on the earth have been adapting to their environment which either shown through physical change or behavioral change. From a psychological context, genetic memory is a memory that was inherited through the absence of sensory experience. In other words, is a collective unconsciousness that we inherit from our ancestor from the moment we were born. It is an automated memory plantation based on similar event that was experience by our ancestors which is then embedded into a genetic code that created patterns of traits that we simultaneously respond in a similar way. What the Animus seems to do is actually break the pattern of a genetic code and unveil specific genetic memory from a certain individual. The collective unconsciousness that is widely abstract are now being rendered into a visual form which allows us to see what our ancestors see during that specific time. In fact, research who focus on reconstructing images through brain activity has become the main research of Berkeley researchers who is interested in the concept of communicating with a patient in a coma. In that relation, Desmond has been put in the Animus in an unconscious state, where his brain activity become the main tools of communication. What it is projected in the screen is actually the respond from the brain’s recognition. By exploring the genetic memory from the DNA, the brain is being triggered to perceive or recognize images under its unconscious state. Thus, the Animus is able to project the brain’s recognition state and see the whole memory event as if it happened in front of you. These elements of genetic memory and DNA unveils the assassin’s journey over thousand of years. And that is what become the sole purpose of the Animus within the Assassin’s Creed universe. A technology that open our collective unconscious that has been deeply buried in our DNA. Perhaps this technology will one day become a practical reality.

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