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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: macklin123

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PowerPoint Presentation: Daniel Assouline Daniel Assouline Has An Open Mind PowerPoint Presentation: Right leadership is essential, if an organization is to succeed and increase the shareholders’ wealth. Daniel Assouline the co-founder of Montreal-based UpClick , is a leader who has been providing excellent leadership and guidance to his organization. In the following section, we shall look at some important qualities and traits that make for a highly successful leadership. PowerPoint Presentation: This is one of the most important skills that a leader must possess to be successful. A leader must have a vision and a strong sense of purpose. This, however, will count for little, if they do not have the requisite communication skills to communicate that vision to their employees. Achievement of the overall objective and mission of the organization as well the fulfillment of vision requires unified team effort. If the team does not believe in your vision or your leadership abilities, the chances of putting forward their best effort are negligible. A half-hearted approach of the employees is not going to achieve anything worthwhile in a highly complex and competitive business environment. They need to put in their best effort all the time to ensure that the organization remains relevant in the marketplace. Effective Communication Skill PowerPoint Presentation: Leaders as such need to have the communication skills that will allow them to communicate their ideas and visions in a way that will appeal to the emotions and aspirations of the employees. It has been found that leaders who are good communicators are invariably good listeners. They listen carefully to what others have to say and are astute in their observations. Good leaders are adept at sensing the mood, attitude, behavior, and concerns of their target audience and are exceptionally good at tailoring the message to appeal to the people for whom the message is intended. All in all, the whole process of communication boils down to what is being said and how effective it is in addressing the needs and concerns of the people. Daniel Assouline , the co-founder of e-commerce solution provider UpClick , is a leader with excellent communication skills. He knows how to develop meaningful relationships with his employees through his personal and engaging communication skills. PowerPoint Presentation: This is another major important quality without which a leader cannot make a mark. Trust is at the core of respecting any leader. People simply will not open up to you, if they lack faith and trust in you. People will always be willing to give their best for their leader, if they know that he is honest and trustworthy. On the other hand, leaders with poor character and integrity are never going to get the desired response from their followers. People may follow your instructions out of fear rather than any genuine affection for you. Demanded loyalty and trust rarely works in the modern business world. Good Leaders are Trustworthy PowerPoint Presentation: Employees look up to leaders for guidance and support and vendors rely on them for continued business and clients for uninterrupted delivery of products or services. It is important that you show them your work and commitment that they are always going to get the best from you. Right acting and thinking, coupled with compassion and concern, has made Daniel Assouline a highly trusted leader. His employees know that their interest is foremost in their leader’s mind. They have faith in his capabilities and his decision making. This is important, as a highly competitive business environment demands a leader who can take and make quick and correct decisions. The trust that Daniel enjoys enables him to take quick decisions and implement them without any delay. Great Leaders have an Open Mind : Great Leaders have an Open Mind In a fast changing and dynamic business environment, a leader with a rigid attitude and a closed mind has negligible chances of success. It is rightly said that we stare too long at the closing door to spot the door that has just opened. Rigidness is the single most important factor that deprives us of taking advantage of new opportunities and exceptional leaders understand it well. Truly big leaders have very small egos and they have the ability to take criticism as well as contrasting opinions in their stride. Dissenting opinions and opposing positions fail to get on their nerves. Rather than persuading others to change their mind, they delve deeper to find out what is exactly on their mind. PowerPoint Presentation: Truly able leaders with high degree of self-worth and self-esteem are not the slightest bit afaid or disturbed by opposing or dissented views. They are people who have an open mind and are highly receptive to others opinions and views.  They do not throw their weight around and are always willing to learn about what others have to say about a particular way of doing things. They are continuous learners who are always willing to learn from others. Daniel Assouline is a leader with an open mind who is genuinely interested and passionate about learning new things. He respects the views and opinions of his workers and is always willing to discuss with them their ideas.

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