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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: davidsantos

Source: slideshare.net

DRUMMING STRUMMING First you take four steps then you take more steps Make a square on the floor Hop to your left Hop to your right Turn around slowly now Listen to the drums and look around People are dancing All over town Hear that drumming Guitar strumming Dance to your right and dance to your left Up, down, right, left Your hands, your head Dance to your right And dance to your left Wave and clap your hands Everyone clap your hands.

A PICNIC Big, red apples and peas A picnic under the trees Big, red apples and peas A picnic under the trees. Come, have a picnic with me Big, red apples and peas Come, have a picnic with me Picnic, picnic, please

I LIKE / I DON'T LIKE I like playing chess I like eating peas I don't like swimming I don't like cheese I like taking photos I like basketball I don't like tennis But dancing? But dancing? But dancing? I love dancing!

HEY, BULLY! There's a bully walking the halls And he thinks he's 10 feet tall He talks so tough He looks so cool He thinks he rules the school He's got words that cut like a knife He thinks might is stronger than right But just because you're strong It doesn't mean you're right Just because you're mad it doesn't mean you fight Now we've got something to say Hey bully walk away from negative words and negative ways Hey bully get a clue Try to put yourself in our shoes We're so tired of you You're just a bully bully, bully bully, bully

WE DON'T LIKE IT What a world I just don't get it People on the street and they can't get bread People steal people lie people hurt, people cry Under a bridge freezing cold People with kids but no home Violence, poverty, hunger, greed Give me your money I won't say "please" We've got so much can't we share? Why's it so hard to be fair? Maybe we should be mad When things are so very sad. Too many look the other way I don't like it so I say so we say come on come on! Change has got to come one day I don't like it so I say CHORUS We don't we don't like it-no! People hurting crying-no! We don't we don't like it-no! We don't like the things we see We don't we don't like it-no! People stealing, lying-no! We don't we don't like it-no! We don't like it change has got to come. I don't like it I don't like it I don't like it I don't like it Come on, come on CHORUS Rome wasn't build in one day Brick by brick that's the way Step by step, bit by bit Change won't come in one minute It takes work, it takes time It takes will, here is mine Change the world bit by bit Don't just whine If you don't like it Don't just whine If you don't like it Come on, come on! CHORUS

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? What do you want to do? Sing? Or swim in the pool? What do you want to do? Go biking or horse riding? I want to walk in the woods I want to drive in my car I want to swim in the sea Come with me

JUMP AND RUN Raise one arm in the air Raise two arms in the air and wave Wave your arms Wave your arms Wave your arms Nod your head side to side Nod your head side to side and turn Turn around Turn around Turn around and Jump, jump, jump Everyone jump Let's all jump Run, run, run Everyone run Let's all run Faster and faster Everybody walk Walk, walk

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