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Information about dangerous latex

Published on February 13, 2008

Author: Dante

Source: authorstream.com

Dangerous Waste Designation of Latex Paint:  Dangerous Waste Designation of Latex Paint 2003 Northwest Hazardous Waste Conference June 2, 2003 Robert Rieck Drowning in Paint?:  Drowning in Paint? Drowning in Paint?:  Drowning in Paint? In 2001, three million lbs. of latex collected in Washington State-20% of total HHW. In 2002 King County Wastemobile collected 245 tons - 27% of total HHW. In 2002 City of Seattle – 287 tons collected. 38% reused and 62% recycled (cement kiln). Paint Recycling Questions:  Paint Recycling Questions Is MSW landfilling a good option? Is it a good idea to give paint away? Sampling paint for dangerous waste constituents? If so, what are those constituents? What’s in latex Paint?:  What’s in latex Paint? Solvents: keeps paint fluid Water, glycols Binders: resins, emulsion polymers Pigments: add color, gloss, durability Iron oxide, titanium dioxide etc. “Other” additives: biocides, thickeners, anti-foaming agents What’s in Paint? (cont.):  What’s in Paint? (cont.) Paint prior to 1978-may contain lead. Paint prior to 1992-may contain mercury added as a biocide. Current formulations vary considerably. Highly dependent on type and application. Paint manufacturers avoid ingredients that may cause hazardous waste status. Paint Sampling Studies :  Paint Sampling Studies City of Seattle-1989 Pilot paint recycling and disposal study Sorted out obvious hazardous (mercury and lead) and non-recyclable (dried and “sour”) paint. Non recyclable portion tested non-hazardous as federal or state waste. King County Results for 2001 Recyclable paint not hazardous Non-recyclable portion-hazardous for HOC’s and mercury. Paint Sampling Studies (cont.):  Paint Sampling Studies (cont.) King County results in early 2003 Reusable paint DW for mercury only. (0.2 mg/L) Non-recyclable paint not DW for mercury, but DW for (HOCs). (6,500 ppm) Expectation – mercury levels should decrease over time. Portland Metro Paint Recycling Non-recyclable paint solidified and landfilled. Low mercury and halogen levels. Reusable paint product-Mercury avg. 23 ppm and Lead level 25 ppm or less. Is it Dangerous Waste?:  Is it Dangerous Waste? 1995 – Cal Poly paint sampling project. 70 ppm mercury and 11ppm benzene. Hazardous by CA. standards. 1997 - Natl. Paint Assoc. study shows – new latex not hazardous. 2002 - EPA chooses not to list manufacturing paint wastes as hazardous. Is it a Dangerous Waste? (Cont.):  Is it a Dangerous Waste? (Cont.) Can new latex be a RCRA listed or characteristic waste? Not usually. Could be a state criteria toxic waste-WT02. Exterior high gloss (2-Butoxyethonol) Int/ext. acrylic gloss enamel (methy ether diethylene glycol, texonol) What’s in the can?:  What’s in the can? Contamination Factors:  Contamination Factors Contamination Factors:  Contamination Factors Homeowner adding bad stuff to cans: Paint stripper, brake fluid, used oil, pesticides Old cans of mercury or lead paint. Oil based paint mixed in. Cans of industrial type paint e.g. marine paint. Good sorting protocol needed. HOW DO YOU GET TO HERE?:  HOW DO YOU GET TO HERE? Recommendations :  Recommendations Concentrate on good sorting protocol. Weed out bad paint Sample non-recyclable paint for mercury, lead and HOC’s. Educate homeowners about necessity to keep paint uncontaminated. Sell, give away, Landfill, TSD, cement kiln- You Decide!

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