DanceBEAT Records was established in Sweden during 1989 by John Franci

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Information about DanceBEAT Records was established in Sweden during 1989 by John Franci

Published on November 17, 2019

Author: Sabbir01742


slide 1: DanceBEAT Records was established in Sweden during 1989 by John Francis and Christina Preinfalk. Its scope was to represent African and Caribbean artists musicians and producers in Scandinavia for management concert tours studio productions distribution and music publishing. In essence the delivery of World Music in Sweden Norway Denmark Finland. For more than ten years DanceBEAT Records was the prime mover for African and Caribbean artists and bands performing and selling their music in Scandinavia. Artists represented during those years were: BUNNY WAILER THE WAILERS RITA MARLEY GREGORY ISAACS ASWAD ARROW SPARROW LORD NELSON MANU DIBANGO YOUSSOU N’ DO UR MORY KANTE TOURE KUNDA OSIBISA THIONE SECK IFAN BONDI LUTHER ALISON and others. By the late 1990’ s the development of digital technology meant “A NEW ERA FOR AFRO- CARIBBEAN M USI C” had arrived. After a few years of cross-border marketing sales and promotions between the continents DanceBEAT Records was established on St Kitts around 2005.  Development of a platform to exclusively distribute and sell Afro-Caribbean music via the internet was the main focus. The search for digital mobile platforms with Streaming Media Apps and other digital development technologies began during 2008.  The growing number of musical titles and videos from various islands of the Caribbean and the African continent coming to the world market. Coupled with the massive growth of entertainment events on both sides of the Atlantic the time has never been better to invest in the music culture of Africa and the Caribbean. The Intervention for DanceBEAT Records is to take full advantage of current technology and develop opportunities for Afro-Caribbean music and entertainment on the world markets. Distribution of Afro-Caribbean Music Video Film Entertainment Online and Mobile via a comprehensive digital platform. The company has developed and its CariOLA brand to market music and video via its own streaming platform. DanceBEAT Records have secured music productions from Africa and the Caribbean that is now marketed and distributed via a wide range of online music stores and digital distribution networks worldwide. Justification of the intervention Since 2008 DanceBEAT Records have worked toward the development of digital platform. Technical assistance was provided by OECS/EDU to do research and expand export network primarily in Europe during 2008 – 2010: WOMEX MIDEM Streaming Europe Amsterdam Dance Event and Technical Financial Assistance in 2013. slide 2: DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION OF AFRO-CARIBBEAN MUSIC PLATFORM WAS FORMED 2010 The breakthrough came through for Caribbeandownloads: 1. WOMEX 2009-11 2. Caribbean Export Agency  Break Point: April – July 2012  London Olympics August 2012  Caribbean Creativity Comes to Europe – UK France Germany July 2012 3. World Bank  Pitch IT - All Caribbean technology entrepreneur competition  DanceBEAT Records was the only OECS based company in the 10 finalists- Placed 4 th in the pe o pl e ’ s choice.- Info/DEV: final 10  TODAY THE NEW BRAND IS: A CariOLA video streaming website: B Digital distribution China Africa Caribbean and Rest of the World. Streaming African and Caribbean content Carnivals Local Concerts Events information. Weekly music video charts Playlists and Mixtape. Extensive social media network through Facebook Instagram LinkedIn and Twitter others. Highly developed email contact base of Afro-Caribbean media entertainment businesses and stakeholders. The expected benefits of the intervention/activity 1. Consolidation of 10 years groundwork network and infrastructural building for artists musician promoters producers and labels. 2. The monetisation of African and Caribbean music cultural heritage. 3. Exportation of African and Caribbean music content worldwide. Outputs Upon full implementation DanceBEAT Records with and CariOLA brand will be able to position Afro-Caribbean entertainment culture on the forefront and cutting edge of the digital world with all the tools necessary to compete market promote and repatriate revenues from sales and royalties to stakeholders of African Caribbean entertainment. As well as creating employment for persons entering the growing regional creative and internet technology industries. slide 3: The future is bright as African based music and its culture goes full circle after 400 years influencing every continent in the world. With a new generation and fast-emerging technology African music about to dominate pop music and dance cultures all over the world for the next millennium. DanceBEAT Records will be part of that flow. COMPANY STRUCTURE DanceBEAT RECORDS Music Production Distribution Publishing Caribbeandownloads/CariOLA – Digital distribution of Afro – Caribbean video audio content events live streaming or on demand MANAGEMENT PROFILE OUR TEAM: John Francis St Kitts – Founder/CEO Manish Khandelwal India – Programmer Developer Andre Fritz Germany – Design/Video: Cudjoe Joseph Ghana – Content Manager/AR Christina Preinfalk Sweden – Translations/Administration. CONTACT US DanceBEAT Records PO Box 2544 Basseterre St Kitts Nevis West Indies mob: +1 869 665 7647 e-mail: slide 4: COMPANY STRUCTURE

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