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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Jolene

Source: authorstream.com

My Internship at South Mill Veterinary Clinic Dana Guerrieri:  My Internship at South Mill Veterinary Clinic Dana Guerrieri Meet the staff::  Meet the staff: There are many staff members at South Mill Pet Care Center. The doctors are: Dr. David Royer, Dr. Robert Reynolds, and Dr. Valerie Thorn-Baltes. They were originally all large animal veterinarians. Debbie (receptionist) and Kelly (vet assistant) were who I worked with most. History of South Mill:  History of South Mill South Mill Veterinary Clinic was established in 1989. South Mill’s mission is to fulfill the needs of their clients by providing the best quality health services through a pleasant, professional staff offering friendly individual attention. This facility also provides grooming and boarding services, and has a second office in the neighboring town called Doctors Park Veterinary Clinic, where I mostly worked. Daily Responsibilities:  Daily Responsibilities I arrived every day at 7:45 AM. Upon arrival we took care of hospitalized patients. Cages were cleaned, medications were given, and patients received food and water if allowed. Daily Responsibilities cont.:  Daily Responsibilities cont. After hospitalized patients were taken care of, we prepared for surgery. Surgery patients were given an anesthetic injection, and a breathing tube was placed in order to inhale gas during the surgery. Next, the fur was shaved at the surgery site. Then patients were carried to surgery table and scrubbed with three different solutions. Daily responsibilities cont.:  Daily responsibilities cont. Next I provided assistance during surgery. Monitored heart rate. Monitored respiration. Retrieved instruments and other materials needed for doctor. After surgery, I monitored the patient to make sure they woke up from anesthetic properly. Daily Responsibilities cont.:  Daily Responsibilities cont. Some of the surgeries that we perform daily include: Routine spaying and neutering, lump removals, feline declaws, and canine dewclaw removal. Dental cleaning and tooth extractions are preformed usually in combination with an above surgery. Also, complicated surgeries such as cruciate ligament repairs are preformed as needed. Daily Responsibilities cont.:  Daily Responsibilities cont. At South Mill, surgery is reserved from 8:00-10:00 AM. Morning office hours are from 10:00AM through 12:00PM. Lunch is between noon and 2:00, then afternoon office hours are from 2:00-5:00PM. During office hours, I preformed many tasks. During Office Hours::  During Office Hours: Upon arrival at the clinic, pets are placed in an examination room with their owner. It was my job to go into each room to obtain the patients weight and temperature. Also, any problems or special requests (such as nail trims) are recorded on their chart. During Office Hours::  During Office Hours: If special requests are made, the patient is brought to the back exam room away from their owner where everything is preformed. Common requests include blood draws for heartworm tests, feline leukemia tests, pre surgical bloodwork, and as a diagnostic tool in patients with specific problems. During Office Hours::  During Office Hours: Owners often complain that their pet is scooting. This problem can be relieved by expressing the patients anal glands. This can be preformed internally or externally. Office Hours::  Office Hours: Another complaint is that pets shake their head and scratch their ears constantly. This can be caused from an infection so cleaning the pet’s ears and obtaining a sample to prepare a slide is important. Office Hours::  Office Hours: Most commonly, animals come in for yearly vaccinations. Our clinic is trying to separate the vaccines out as much as possible, so it is common for patients to come back in a few days to receive the remainder of their vaccines. For technician appointments like these, I was able to give the vaccination because the doctor did not need to examine the pet. Office Hours::  Office Hours: I also preformed duties such as cleaning wounds and hotspots. And often administered lactated ringers (fluids) to dehydrated and sick pets. Office Hours::  Office Hours: Often, the doctor would prescribe medication for a pet. It was my responsibility to get the medication ready and promptly make a label for it. Lab Work:  Lab Work During my internship I improved on my laboratory skills. I was able to prepare and read fecal slides to check for intestinal parasites. Lab Work:  Lab Work Often, we send out bloodwork to a laboratory. I prepared the paper work as well as the blood tubes with the proper information for sending. It is important to know which tubes are required for individual tests because some require whole blood while some require serum. Lab Work::  Lab Work: Often I would perform a urinalysis on urine samples brought in by clients. Though I was not completely comfortable reading the sediment that I prepared on the microscope slide, I was able to check the specific gravity and read the dip stick. I also prepared and read ear slides to see what kind of infection, yeast or bacterial, was there. Lab Work::  Lab Work: We had an x-ray machine and processor at our clinic. I often assisted with taking x-rays, and developed the films. Over Lunchtime::  Over Lunchtime: Often, over lunch, I would get prescriptions ready, as well as finish washing the surgery packs from the morning. Surgery animals are often walked outside and given water at this time. Also, this is a time to restock supplies like syringes or medications that may have been used up. Lunchtime::  Lunchtime: Also, in my spare time, I was able to create bulletin boards for the exam rooms and the front lobby. This was always very fun. Reception Work::  Reception Work: Another responsibility was reception work. During lunch, I took phone calls, made appointments, and got files ready for daily appointments. Also, I checked out clients, and took payments for services and prescriptions. End of the Day Tasks:  End of the Day Tasks Office hours are repeated from 2:00 PM until closing at 5:00 PM. At the end of the day, x-rays are filed, and machines are checked to make sure they are shut off. Also, any bloodwork being sent out is put in the pickup box. In Conclusion::  In Conclusion: At this internship, I have gained many skills and a great amount of knowledge. The doctors and staff were very willing to teach me how to do anything as well as explain procedures and treatments. All the staff is very friendly, and we often socialize outside of work. The relationships built between us provided a great working environment allowing us to work together as a team. When I am done with vet school, I know I will have a place to return to establish my career, which I would gladly accept. Any Questions???:  Any Questions???

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