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Published on February 14, 2008

Author: Petronilla

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Slide 2: Highway and Motor Carrier Division Intermodal Programs Office Overview of Highway and Motor Carrier Security Programs and Initiatives Intermodal Programs Office Organization Chart: 3 Intermodal Programs Office Organization Chart Highway Operational Landscape : 4 Highway Operational Landscape Highway Infrastructure Infrastructure owned by states, cities, and private entities 46,717 miles of Interstate highway 114,700 miles of other National Highway System roads 3,801,849 miles of local roads 582,000 bridges over 20 feet of span 350 tunnels over 100 meters in length 89 million commercial trucks 136 million automobiles. Slide 5: 5 Highway Operational Landscape Drivers licenses issued by states Commercial Drivers License (CDLs)/Federal guidelines Cargo 1.2 million privately owned intra/interstate motor carriers Provide private and for-hire operations 15.5 million trucks that operate in the U.S. 50,000 new motor carriers annually Approximately 3 million licensed Hazmat drivers. Highway Operational Landscape : 6 Highway Operational Landscape Motor Coach Industry 3,700 privately owned intra/interstate motorcoach companies (charter, tour, scheduled) 40,000 buses 775 million passengers transported annually. School Bus Industry 500,000 school buses transport 25 million students daily Two-thirds of the buses are run by the public (school districts) Approximately 1/3rd of the buses are privately owned. Slide 7: 7 Highway Operational Landscape EXAMPLES OF HIGHWAY PARTNERS Slide 8: 8 Voluntary/instructive review Highway and Motor Carrier Programs FY05 Focus Corporate Security Review (CSR) What is it? Set of 77 questions Review and validation of company’s or state’s security plan “Walk the Plan” Conducted on site— bridge, tunnel, ops center, Co. HQ Slide 9: 9 Answer Congressional/oversight questions Baseline— To establish national security Gap analysis— ID facility/system vulnerabilities and mitigation Comparative analysis— Provide data for comparison within a mode or mode vs. mode Trend analysis— ID movement in baseline. Highway and Motor Carrier Programs FY05 Focus CSRs: Why are they performed? Expand domain awareness of existing security measures Facility/system security posture to determine how prepared they are to protect critical assets Slide 10: 10 Highway and Motor Carrier Programs FY05 Focus The team can share best practices to assist the owners and operators Consolidating best practices and disseminating to the rest of the industry CSRs: Who performs them? Team of 2 to 3 TSA Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Corporate and state officials/employees interviewed Partners include: Federal Highway Administration Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration State Homeland Security Advisors. Slide 11: 11 Company/state advised before the review Review date and agenda agreed upon Questions/protocols sent in advance Advised of take-aways Security plan List of critical assets Protected SSI designation (49 CFR Part 1520) Standard Operating Procedures in place Data being captured and management reports produced. Highway and Motor Carrier Programs FY05 Focus CSRs: What is the process? Slide 12: 12 Highway and Motor Carrier Programs FY05 Focus CSRs: What is the status? 22 states (DOTs), 2 motorcoach, 1 school bus company conducted 75 intermodal CSRs conducted (pipeline, transit, rail) CSR intermodal database Positive feedback from stakeholders with continuous communication Focus prioritization, risk- based Threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences. CSRs: What is the future? Slide 13: 13 Slide 14: 14 National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 (Driver Licensing) Concern— Theft of identity Concern— Lack of standardization of breeder documents DOT lead: directed to work with TSA and the Social Security Administration Ensure veracity of base drivers license Used as basis for CDL Used as a universal identification; springboard for other documents. Highway Infrastructure Initiatives Slide 15: 15 Highway Watch (HWW) Program HWW is a national security program that allows highway professionals to help protect America’s roadways by sharing intelligence with TSA. HWW targets approximately 400,000 participants Highway Infrastructure Initiatives Truck drivers (affiliated and independent) Bus drivers School transportation members Roadside enforcement members Highway maintenance crews Bridge/tunnel toll-takers Other highway-related occupations. Slide 16: 16 Highway Watch Congressional funding— $20 million FY03, $22 million FY04, $5 million FY05 American Trucking Association— principal contractor and trainer Call center (24/7/365) located in London, KY Highway Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) located— TSA Transportation Security Operations Center (TSOC) in Herndon. VA. Highway Infrastructure Initiatives Motor Carrier Cargo Initiatives: 17 Motor Carrier Cargo Initiatives Truck Tracking Pilot Project (Published RFPs Jan. 05) Identify, test, and evaluate technologically different tracking solutions (50 states) commercially available Prototype centralized truck tracking center Non-proprietary universal interface between tracking systems and a tracking center Feasibility of utilizing a universal interface between a truck tracking center and a government intelligence operations center Independent evaluation of tracking center, interface, and feasibility study. Motor Carrier Cargo Initiatives: 18 Motor Carrier Cargo Initiatives Interagency Tracking Working Group DOT-led effort to coordinate tracking efforts across Federal agencies Department of Defense Department of Energy Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Consumer Truck Rentals Facilitating government and industry efforts to enhance truck rental security. Slide 19: 19 Reviewing explosive trace detection technology for possible uses in the bus industry Bus security grants FY03 $20 million, FY04 $10 million, FY05 $10 million Cooperative effort with ODP, FMCSA— criteria/awards Operation Secure Transport Motor Carrier Passenger Initiatives ABA/UMA train-the-trainer course, CDs Security awareness to drivers (FY03 funding) Develop “model security plan” (FY04 funding). Slide 20: 20 Motor Carrier Passenger Initiatives School Bus Workshop Train-the-trainer course, CDs TSA HQ prototype and five regional venues (assoc. conferences) ID suspicious behavior, weapons Continue to publish security awareness material Tip cards Brochures Developing posters. Highway and Motor Carrier Program Office Points of Contact: 21 Highway and Motor Carrier Program Office Points of Contact Stephen Sprague, Branch Chief Development and Special Programs Office: (571) 227-1468 Email: steve.sprague@dhs.gov Robby Moss, Branch Chief Motor Carrier Cargo Branch Office: (571) 227-2164 Email: robby.moss@dhs.gov Jeanmarie Poole, Branch Chief Motor Carrier Passenger Branch Office: (571) 227-1723 Email: jeanmarie.poole@dhs.gov Dan Hartman, Director Highway and Motor Carrier Program Office Office: (571) 227-1500 Email: dan.hartman@dhs.gov Mark Gerade, Deputy Director Highway and Motor Carrier Program Office Office: (571) 227-1461 Email: mark.gerade@dhs.gov Phil Forjan, Branch Chief Highway Infrastructure Office: (571) 227-1467 Email: phil.forjan@dhs.gov

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